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Buy local, from locally owned (and perhaps family run) businesses that put quality service at the fore of their offerings. Be sure you go to the Real Tech for Real People Facebook page, Like the page, and share us with your friends.
We posted this recommendation, and review, of Google’s Chromebooks on the Real Tech for Real People page on Facebook.
One thing we learned over this holiday weekend is that these actually make great workhorses. Have you ever had that one picture that you really wanted, but the camera shook, or moved, when you pressed the trigger?
It turns out that Adobe has some truly magical features built into their latest Photoshop CS14. If you have some precious photos that you just wish you had stood a tad more still when taking, this may be just the tool for you!
I will be interested to see how many people (the pro-Obamacare community) get up in arms over this decision. In a conversation over on my cousin’s Facebook wall, I was pointing out that the rate of accidents (And fatalities) per million miles traveled has been steadily declining over the past 20 years or so. Note:  The decline occurred concurrent with the increase in texting overall, and almost certainly an increase in texting while driving as well.
PROCESS MANAGEMENT:I just returned from a cross-country trip helping my son move to Colorado Springs. Please, read, and share your thoughts with me here, or on the site, and most importantly–share the article as well! Please, take a minute, go read the article, and take another couple of minutes and let me know your thoughts. Many say that PA needs to follow the lead of other Natural Gas producing states, and have a severance tax on natural gas. I have said all along–I support emulating those states, so long as we emulate their full tax picture. This article in the Wall Street Journal is quite interesting, highlighting people now living in empty office buildings in London. Unlike the Steelers-Ravens game this one may well have shaped the final outcome of the game.
So here’s my beef–what are the penalties associated with the officials making a mistake? The reality SHOULD be, the whole nation pays, not Washington, because the whole nation sends money for Washington to spend.
WE are paying–and we all deserve to know the impacts, and true costs, as well as benefits, of the decisions for which we pay.

Perhaps you have seen the Prudential advertisement that shows people placing dots on a chart showing the oldest person they know. According to the Social Security Administration (the agency with the best data, I would think) the average life expectancy for men is 83 and for women is 85. People listening over the internet to the scanners often (always?) don’t understand the nature of what is shared, and repeat it as fact. BOTTOM LINE: Professionals, with extensive training in their fields, who have developed an intuition born through repetition and education, remain the best suited for dealing with their disciplines and ultimately making a difference. Do you wonder how the government manipulates words to make us “feel” certain ways, with the intention of manipulating the population as well? I have to admit, in a discussion with my Brother (Christian Brady) about terrorism I was sticking to the long standing definition of terrorism that defines it based on the intent to create fear in the populace.
In reading this it is small wonder that people are unable to draw distinctions between Guerrilla warfare and terrorists. We need, as a nation, to step back and evaluate how not only the media, but our own government has been controlling the message, and through that message controlling our responses.
Yup, you read that right–you can learn a bit about Photoshop layers in a 5 minute video tutorial, from Puppets. Here’s a humorous and lighthearted 5-minute video titled, “Fafa’s Photoshop Tutorial.” Created by the comedy series Glove and Boots, it’s a short and sweet introduction to using layers in Photoshop… taught by puppets. Several weeks ago, during spring break, my son and I decided to go to Chic-fil-A for lunch. Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy.
Why “risk” getting a job when it means I will have to work more hours for the same money? They want to believe that they have autonomy and that they can be independent rather than dependent. And that these opportunities must not be hindered, fettered, or obstructed by government programs.
One can be upset that the law was written the way it was, or that states chose to not participate. With a noteable exception: In 2011 the decline slowed significantly and in 2012 the number went up.
Whether it is Churches that are only used on Sundays, or Football Stadiums that see huge crowds only 7 days a year.
The head coach for the Steelers was in the way of play, with one foot on the field, and thus he is facing penalties including a (possibly 6 figure) fine and possible loss of a draft pick. In this case, the chains were moved, the down boxes were changed to read first down, and the ‘Skins behaved accordingly.

This is true regardless of whether it is a police officer, a neurosurgeon, or even a pancreatic cancer researcher.
That is the definition that most people think but I have been quite surprised (!=) to learn that the FBI and the State Department have adopted a far broader definition. The owners see you at the stores, in the streets, at school events, and (sadly less often these days) in Church.
You may believe that government programs have worked, and that people on these programs are better off.
Sure, film CAN have much finer grain and thus resolution, but with the 24MP cameras (and more) out now, do you REALLY notice? But if one gets upset at the court, for interpreting the law then we have a more serious, fundamental, and perhaps fatal flaw in our society. I decided to lead off with an article about Google Glass and the implications of wearable technologies on Supply Chain Operations. THEN, the officials back-tracked, set everything to 4th down, and shook up the Redskins on the field.
We are currently spending $220B on interest each year, with that number projected to go t o $1T (Yes, TRILLION) by 2020.
Shipping Information:ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, We will only ship these via USPS, so Please make sure your address is a USPS address.
They know they directly answer to their customers–customers that they come to know as loyal.
By the way, one response was that we have declining fatalities due to increased safety hardware such as air bags and seatbelts (and I will add anti-lock brakes.)   I would accept that, except we also see a decline in the number of accidents, and reported in the second link above. Go read the article, and let me know your thoughts on the future of wearable–and what you think I should include in my next article. Decisions made today not only impact our immediate paychecks, but those we hope to earn, and those our children earn, and our children’s children.
I almost always travel with my tablet, and it means there is one more thing to keep charged, AND that I can either forget at home, or forget on the road. In fact, in their rush to share information with their colleagues, WHO UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF THE NEWS SHARED, they may share wrong, or later to be found wrong, information. I can appreciate that, and I know that it is possible to look at complex data sets and reach different conclusions.
Sadly, each state really is different with different dynamics, different political and social pressures and needs.

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