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I was recently researching the ability to expand a home wireless network without having to spend excessively for a commercial grade solution. The actual access point hardware itself is inexpensive and easily purchase thru Amazon’s web site. Our home wireless router is currently provided by AT&T Uverse with the ever popular 3800HGV-B device. Since the 3800HGV’s wireless was no longer connecting with our son’s wireless Xbox 360, regardless of the reset, it seemed a good opportunity to try the WiFi system in our environment. A DHCP-enabled network (for AP to obtain an IP as well as for the wireless clients after the deployment). The UniFi Quick Start Guide indicated that now was the time to insert the CD provided with the Access Point and install the controller software on my computer.
The current Java runtime was already installed on my computer, so a very brief progress bar flashed across my screen and then it was finished.
It took several minutes for the initial controller screen to appear, without any kind of notification that it was indeed working. After first checking the Access Point making sure the Ethernet cables were all connected properly I then headed over the the UniFi Support Forums.
I followed the instructions on the forum thread and found the installation log file created on my computer. I followed the instructions in the thread on opening the Windows firewall for 4 different ports required by the software.
I read further into the sticky thread and found the download link for the PC version of the software. The previous version of the software must first be manually removed using the Programs and Features option in the Windows 7 Control Panel.
This second time thru the controller software configuration steps resulted in a much better outcome – the access point was immediately discovered.
I then entered a name and password for administration access to the controller management software. The only task left to do was have my son enter the new SSID and wireless security password into his Xbox 360 network settings.

The only mistake was not downloading the current version of the controller software from UbiQUiTi’s website first. As one of the first TM Streamyx customers way back in 2001, ten years is a long time to wait for decent broadband. Since I wasn’t around when the completed the installation, they managed to hoodwink my parents into believing that all the PCs are already connected. Enable Firewall, including blocking scan, DOS attacks, service filters, the whole enchilada….
It looks like I’ve to be around and end up doing a fair bit of work if (when TM decides to upgrade the Sungei Way exchange) I subscribe to Unifi and their installers come to my home. The thought of being able to expand a home wireless network at will, even to areas outside of the home (e.g.
While much of their product line is geared toward small business, their UniFi WiFi System is made for homes and small businesses.
Unfortunately, it’s been giving us problems the last couple of months requiring it to be restarted a couple times a day. For our home network, the DHCP-enabled device would continue to be the 3800HGV router provided by Uverse. The AP had already arrived from Amazon, and the management station computer would simply be my own desktop computer running Windows 7 64 bit. Don’t get me wrong, the guys did a decent job and were quite clean but I think the first thing Telekom Malaysia should have done is not to assume each household has a single PC.
As my parents didn’t know how to run any network testing, all they did was try to load some websites. Not liking what I found, I turned off the ADSL connection and immediately two PCs lost internet connectivity. We design and manufacture disruptive technology platforms for emerging markets that drive profitable business models and enable ubiquitous connectivity.
The controller runs minimized on your desktop (there is an option to run it as a Windows Service instead).
I then found a “Sticky Thread” on the UniFi forum with the current version of their software.

It obtained its IP address from the 3800HGV router seamlessly and had a strong wireless connection. Too bad UbiQUiTi does not have a check for this in their software startup before doing anything else. A follow up article will detail using the UniFi WiFi Controller Software screens, along with adding a wireless inkjet printer. Secondly, the installers should not assume the cable drop is next to the phone table and next to the TV set. Since our long term plan is to switch back to cable (AT&T Uverse does not offer a cable-card option) I decided it was time to begin replacement of the Uverse gateway equipment. Instead, it uses a device called a PoE Adapter which provides the needed power over the data network cable. The button labeled “Launch a Browser to Manage Wireless Network” gives clear indication of the next step.
Since the software was running on our own computer there was no problem, but this message may be a bit intimidating to some users. At the very least they could provide a message with a link to the latest version of their software. So here goes the installer bitching about my complicated setup… see below and trying to charge my mom RM12 per meter run of CAT5 cable. My mom tested printing from her PC (in the guest room) though so she thought everything worked. CAT5 cable run in my parent’s home, measured from the switch is about 85 feet (26m) to the TV area, 75 feet (23m) to the guest room, 65 feet (20m) to Rooms 1 and 2.

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