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Facebook has become an integral part of many and it is a surprise to find a person without an account these days. There are two ways to change your FB profile name after the limit has been reached - one is a workaround where you won't have to submit your ID proofs while the second is an official way set by Facebook where you need to submit an ID.
Next, click here to go to the name change area where you'll need to enter your password again.

Since it is an official method, you'll have to submit your Identity proof and request Facebook to change your name. If you've the documents (ID proofs) handy, then you can try the official method or else go with the workaround (1st method) and easily change your Facebook profile name.
Instead of the boring numbers, you can assign a custom name so that your friends can easily type in your profile address.

In case if you want to change it in the future, you can do so by navigating to the settings area.

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