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In this tutorial you will learn how you can make your own personal search engine with a custom name as logo. Hey, that is something interesting in itself, I have never even think that Google will allow to change the name on behalf of it.Thanks for cool Tip. The step by step process is already given in the very first post of this thread along with images. If you have more than one page, you may need to visit the page with the name that you want to change.

When I try to change the b in Dawb Marie to Dawn Marie, it tells me invalid name, quotes are not allowed. While signed in to google plus next to my blank profile icon, I see my old username and under it it displays my email address.
Now you see a pop-up window.This is the authority point where you change your name in Google Contacts and Google Plus Profile.
But as the warning message says, don’t use this trick to frequently to change your name, as this is limited by Google.

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