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Once the vehicle has been jacked up, and secured, the first thing to do is remove the oil cap ontop of the engine. Now remove the oil drain bolt from the oil pan on the engine, and let the oil drain into a oil catch pan like in this photo above. Bring us a copy of any Valvoline Instant Oil Change ® or Jiffy Lube® coupon and we will beat it by $5 *!!! We offer full service oil changes, which includes a thorough inspection of other important fluids in your vehicle, and other vital functions that are imperative for auto health.
Why worry about making appointment at the dealer for the first free service they promise you? At Jiffy Lube we understand the busy lives women leave.  That is why we cater special attention to providing an excellent service in a timely manner.  Whether you stop by Jiffy Lube on your lunch break, on the way to soccer practice or on the way to pick up the kids from school, we will provide you with an excellent service!  Print the coupon above and save 15% ON YOUR NEXT VISIT!

If you just purchased a new vehicle, print out this coupon and we'll give you your first oil change for FREE!
DO NOT over tighten the bolt, as this will result in stripping out the threads inside the oil pan. Slightly lube the new oil filter with oil on the gasket, then tighten the new oil filter by hand ONLY. Bring in your new car with under 4,000 miles on it and we will provide your first oil change absolutely free. Make sure not to under tighten the bolt as this will result in the drain plug leaking, and or falling off, and loosing all the oil in the engine, and causing total and complete engine failure, which will result in destroying the engine. Check the engine oil atleast once a week unless the vehicle has high milage, then it should be checked alteast twice a week.

Too loose of an oil filter will cause oil to leak out of the engine completly destroying the engine. Once the level is full, start the engine, let it run 20 seconds, then shut the engine off, wait 2 minutes, then check the oil level once again.
The last thing to do is look under the engine, check the drain plug, and oil filter to make sure the new oil is not leaking.

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