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The Microsoft Outlook email application is one of the longest supported email clients on the market. Email programs (or client applications) are created to help computer users send and receive email on one or more email accounts.
Microsoft Outlook has been in development since the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.
If your school or work uses a Microsoft Exchange Server, you may have the need arise to change your Microsoft Exchange account’s password. Step 1 – Depress the “CTRL,” “ALT,” and “DELETE” keys simultaneously on the client computer. Step 2 – Select the “Change Password” menu button on the subsequently displayed pop-up window.
Step 3 – Input the “user name” and choose the domain for the Exchange account you want to change the password for.
Step 5 – Enter the new password in the two applicable text fields and select the “OK” menu button. Step 6 – If the new password entries match, a message stating “Your password has been changed” will be displayed on the computer.
Alternatively, in Outlook 2010 the Exchange password can be modified from the Outlook 2010 interface.
Step 1 – Launch Outlook 2010 by double clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop.
Step 3 – Choose the “Account Settings” menu option and then pick the “Account Settings” menu label. Step 6 – Make additional Exchange account settings by clicking the “More Settings” menu button.
Step 7 – Under the Outlook 2010 “Advanced” menu tab, select additional Exchange mailboxes to open or configure if you have more than one assigned to you by the Exchange administrator. Microsoft Outlook 2003 will replicate changes made to Microsoft Exchange account passwords if the task is accomplished on the same computer.
Step 1 – Open the Microsoft Outlook 2003 application by double-clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop. Step 7 – Enter the new Outlook 2003 password in the “Password” text field that is beneath the “Logon information” text field. Step 8 – Choose the “Next,” and “Finish” menu options to finish changing the Outlook 2003 password on your computer. Outlook 2007 was actually released in calendar year 2007 and was the first release of Microsoft Outlook to use HTML vice Internet Explorer rendering of HTML formatted email. Step 1 – Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2007 client application by double-clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop. Step 8 – Choose the “Close,” “Next,” and “Finish” buttons to finish changing the Outlook 2007 password.
When Microsoft Outlook 2010 was released, Microsoft included a number of new features into the software application. Step 1 – Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 by double-clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop or from the “Program Files” sub-menu. Step 4 – Select the “Exchange Account” to modify the password (by default the current Microsoft Exchange account in-use will be selected).
Step 6 – Enter the new password in the “Password” text box located beneath the “Logon Information” menu label. Outlook for Mac 2011 was the replacement for Entourage on computers running the Mac OS X operating system. Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the most current release of the popular Outlook email client by Microsoft.
Step 2 – Alternatively, if the Microsoft Outlook Start-up wizard does not start, select the “File” menu option from the “Outlook toolbar” and choose the “Add Account” menu option located above the “Account Settings” menu button. Step 3 – Depending on how the end-user has logged into the computer, Outlook 2013 may automatically fill-in the user name and email address on the “Auto Account Setup” page. Step 4 – Once the “Next” button is selected, Outlook 2013 will search to find the email server settings.

Step 5 – On successful configuration, Outlook 2013 will display a “Congratulations” text box. Step 6 – If Outlook is not able to locate the configuration information for your email account, select the “Manually configure server settings” menu option followed by selecting the “Next” menu button. Step 7 – On the “Choose Services” menu, select the “Internet E-Mail” menu option followed by clicking the “Next” menu button. Step 8 – Enter the user name to be displayed when sending email and email address in the appropriate text fields.
Step 9 – For server information, select “IMAP” or “POP3” depending on the email service type you are configuring for use with Outlook 2013. Step 10 – In the “Incoming mail server box” enter the “IMAP” or “POP” email server names.
Step 12 – In the “Logon” information box, enter the email address in the “User Name” text field.
Step 15 – Choose the “Incoming Server” menu option (either IMAP or POP3) and choose “SSL” for the incoming encryption connection type.
Step 17 – If using POP3 email, you will need to select the “Leave a copy of message on the server” check box located under the “Delivery” menu if you want all messages to be left on the email server. Step 19 – Click the “Finish” menu button on the “Congratulations” page to complete setting up the Outlook 2013 account. Step 5 – Enter the “Windows Live ID” and input the “Captcha” characters that are displayed on the screen.
Step 6 – Select one of the four available methods to reset the Windows Live password: Use my trusted PC, Customer support, send a code to my mobile phone, or email a reset link. A popular free email service that is commonly associated with Microsoft Outlook is Windows Hotmail. Step 1 – Open the computer’s Internet browser (ensuring your are connected to the Internet). Step 3 – Enter the login and password for the Hotmail account that requires the password change. Outlook Express was formerly bundled with early versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Step 1 – Launch the Outlook Express email application by double-clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop. Thanks for info, but the email password must not to be change before from Internet provider?
Considering you have Microsoft Outlook 2007 on your machine, following some simple steps will help you to change your password. You need to change your password in your outlook also in order to get it synchronized with your hosting account. You need to make the registry edit on all CAS servers, if you have more than one in your environment.
To demonstrate the feature in action, I have created a new mailbox with the option to change password at next logon. Once I enter the old & new password and click “Submit”, I get a confirmation that my password has been changed.
All materials and content available from this site are provided 'as is' without any implicit or explicit guarantee as to their suitability for use for any particular purpose. In production for more than 15 years, Microsoft engineers continue to add capabilities to the software suite to include a number of information management capabilities such as tracking tasks, Outlook Calendar, and public share folders. Over the past decade, email program producers have included the ability to manage one to many email accounts via a common interface. Note that if running Outlook on a home computer, these steps will likely not apply since home account’s commonly use a POP-3 email account in conjunction with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or via a web-based email service. Although Outlook 2003 is not the most up-to-date version of the software client, it remains in use by a number of organizations and end-users throughout the world. These included: a ribbon interface in all views of the program, improved grouping of conversations to include messages from all folders, a better “To-Do” bar, a “People Pane,” and Social Networking features. On the same window, select the “Remember password” check box to avoid having to enter the email account password every time you start Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Designed to feature improved compatibility with Outlook for Windows, Outlook 2011 is the first native version of Microsoft Outlook created for the Mac OS X operating System. If this is the first time the program has been launched, the Microsoft Outlook Start-up wizard will open. Select the “Remember password” check box if you desire Outlook to remember the account’s password. In order to change a Hotmail password, the end-user must visit the Windows Live Hotmail login page.
Although no longer supported by Microsoft, there are a large number of consumers who continue to use the program. You can select the “Remember Password” check box to have the email client “remember” the password on future uses of the program.
Then, choose the “Close on Internet Accounts” menu option to finish modification of the Outlook Express password.
You may not able to receive and send emails from your hosting account, because of the reason that you have changed your hosting account’s password. Our guide will teach you how to change your password in outlook 2010 with the help of just few clicks.
Contents here are collections of others work and is meant for Guru Corner personal & educational use only. End-users are able to purchase Microsoft Outlook to run in a stand-alone mode on a home or work computer as well as purchasing the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite of applications.
This capability saves the end-user time by not having to login to every email account to check mail across multiple services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and work or school accounts. Outlook now includes a large number of information management capabilities that are integrated with the software. Note, when the Microsoft Exchange password is changed, the end-user must next change the password on the email client or email functionality may be temporarily interrupted. A common task that arises for these users is to change the email account password on a home laptop or computer.
This will allow other computer users who have access to you account to send or receive email without permission if selected. If this is the case for you, select the “Next” menu button and on the “Email Accounts” page choose the “Next” button to being setup of Outlook 2013.
When entering the user name, ensure the fully qualified email address is used for the entry. If using the application on a network running Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook Express will require the email account password to be updated when the Exchange password is modified.
It is good to change your outlook password frequently to save your outlook data from others. Regardless of the mode of operation the program is being run, end-users will have the need to determine how to change an Outlook password.
With the improved functionality of web mail via IMAP, consumers are able to check email via web browser when away from the home computer as well.
The improvements include the ability to synchronize contacts, calendar events, tasks, and notes. But it is more important to secure your hosting account from unwanted malicious attempts like hacking and phishing which is synchronized with your outlook. In addition to Microsoft Outlook, other commonly used email programs include Pegasus Mail, IBM Lotus Notes, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Microsoft continues to produce Outlook for use on both the Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X operating systems at the time of this writing.

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