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We have two problem machines running Windows 7 SP1, logging into our domain running 2008 R2. If we reset their passwords on the domain controller, checking that they have to change the password at the next logon, they can log on, get the message that they must change their password, and instead of going to the password change screen, are sent back to the standard logon screen.
We can get them on by resetting the password on the domain controller and deselecting the must change password at next logon, but that will only hold us until the next password expiration. Does anyone have any ideas to hack Windows 7 password (click to know more )of our computer? Answer:  The easiest and most straightforward way to hack Windows 7 password is to use a password reset disk. Before we begin, you need to prepare an empty CD and make a password hacking Live CD on another computer you have full access to. Windows 7 Password Recovery – How to Recover Forgotten or Lost Windows 7 Computer Password? If you are having a difficult time reading things on the screen or would like larger or smaller icons, adjusting the screen resolution and icon settings is a great way to personalize the Windows desktop.
On the new menu, play around with the menu bar below and adjust to what looks the best on your monitor.
You can also change the themes and displayed background settings by going to Personalize on the same view menu (right clicking on an open space in the desktop background) and choosing through a few themes which rotate pictures and scenery.
Trust by Million Users - Instantly reset password for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Vista in a quick and simple way, without data loss and leaking out private information.
Type over the current values in both text fields to reset and change to a new router password, and make sure to avoid typos (otherwise, you will get an error message when you try to save the new password). As soon as you click, your web browser will show the password-change confirmation screen for your router, which will say something like "Settings are successful. Password expiration allows you to set a maximum password age in days (42 by default) of a user account before it expires and they must change their password. NOTE: This is what a user will see at log on when the maximum password age is reached and they are required to change their password. B) You will now need to change the maximum and minimum password age of this user account for what you would like. NOTE: If password never expires is grayed out, then this means that this user account as reached it's set maximum password age.
NOTE: Substitute username in the command below with the actual user account name that you want to disable password expiration for.
FOR EXAMPLE: I would type in this command exactly for a user account named Brink, and press enter.
NOTE: Substitute username in the command below with the actual user account name that you want to enable password expiration for.
B) You can now change the maximum and minimum password age of each user account for what you would like. I'm admin in both my laptops and all the fixes online I tried including these here would just end with the command prompt or pc telling me not available or something similar to the effect that the fix didn't work.

The only problem though is that was only a notification you turned off, and not actual password expiration. So the fact that it was asking me to change password means there was a password and if I don't do anything I won't be able to log into windows 7? Whatever that answer to the above is all the fixes I tried including yours failed, I would assume it is because I don't have admin rights but I do as far as I know.
While logged in to an administrator account, I would double check to make sure that password expiration was disabled for each user account using the method in the tutorial on the first page. The problem with this option is that you have to create the reset disk before the password is lost. Place the Live CD you’ve created in the CD drive of your computer with a password you want to hack. The boot procedure may take one or two minutes, and the Ainorsfoft Windows Password Recovery program will start.
From the main window of Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery program, you could see the Windows SAM registry file and user accounts inside the SAM file.
Choose the user account whose password you want to hack, and then click on the Reset Password button. You can then log in to the computer without being asked to enter Windows login password, as you successfully hack admin password Windows 7 and replaced the forgotten password with an empty password.
A good logon password is the first line of defense against those who want to gain access to your computer to get any important data. Obviously, this is a less than ideal setup, and you should change the router password as soon as possible. This is the universal IP address for Linksys routers - a numerical network address, just like websites use behind the scenes. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. In the left pane, click on Users, then double click on the name of the user account that you want to enable or disable password expiration for.
To Enable Password Expiration for this User AccountA) Uncheck the password never expires box, then click on OK. To Disable Password Expiration for this User AccountA) Check the password never expires box, then click on OK.
You will need to either change the maximum password age to more days so that it has not expired yet, or change the password for the user account in Windows 7 or Windows 8. To Disable Password Expiration for a User AccountA) In the elevated command prompt, type the command below, press Enter, and go to step 7 below.
To Disable Password Expiration for All User Accounts on PCA) In the elevated command prompt, type the command below, press Enter, and go to step 7 below.
To Enable Password Expiration for a User AccountA) In the elevated command prompt, type the command below, press Enter, and go to step 7 below.

To Enable Password Expiration for All User Accounts on PCA) In the elevated command prompt, type the command below, press Enter, and go to step 7 below.
I see in the thread pics professional users are seeing this notification before the desktop loads up, for me on windows 7 home the message would pop up in a small box at the lower right corner right after 7 was mostly or fully loaded up after restart or power up.
If password expiration wasn't disabled for your user account, then the password would still expire in those X many days. Being this is a used laptop someone could of created a password but the only user accounts are mine as admin and a guest account that has not been activated. So the fact that none of the other fixes worked could that mean I don't actually have a admin account even though when I go to control panel-users accounts it says my user account is admin?
When their passwords expire, the users of these two machines get the message that they have to change their passwords when they log in. Once the download is complete, unzip the download file and you’ll find the CD ISO image. Altering a windows 7 pasword on a regular basis is necessary. Here is how to easily change logon password in Windows 7 1.
And security conscious users will also want to reset and change their routers' passwords on a regular basis.
Always use best judgment when changing Windows 7 password and other credentials or security settings on your computer, laptop, or PC.
We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. I have 7 Home Premium on a newer laptop I bought used, have been using w8 on my main laptop for a good 6 months with no password and have yet to get a similar notification. With the third-party software – Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery, you are allowed to create a Live CD which can be used to boot your locked computer and hack admin password windows 7 in no time. Information on change your Windows 7 password is provided "as is", without warranties of any kind. And the only options in my admin account are to create a password not edit or change one so that tells me there is no active password. This will take you to your User Account windows if you already have a password, click “ Change your password” , Or you need to create a password for that account. 5. If you do not have a password for that account, just type the new password and confirm.  Then the password has been altered. If you have created a Windows 7 password reset disk when creating the password that would be better, just use the disk to reset the password. If everything failed, get a blank CD or just a USB Flash Drive.
Login any available Computer and download the famous program Windows Password Key, burn the ISO image file to your CD or USB, Then insert the disk to your computer to reset the password to blank.

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