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I spend most of my time in meetings, studying, crafting ideas, creating products, praying or on the internet. Taking over the whole world often proves elusive and everyone who has tried to take over the world at some point in history has failed miserably.
What is more practicable and what we need to strive towards is to take over our immediate environments…to transform them by taking responsibility for our immediate circles of influence. One of the most frustrating things to do is trying to change those around you without first of all changing yourself. Mighty flames are products of tiny sparks .The strongest chain consists of different links. Helen Keller said “I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty and job to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. We may not all have the opportunity to exert royal influence from Buckingham Palace or exercise political power from Capitol Hill.
If you make little changes in your life and I do the same in mine, sooner than we could possibly imagine, we will have global change. You can reach some places I may never reach and I will reach some places you may never have the opportunity of reaching, so we must make a positive difference everywhere we go and be sure our collective efforts will yield great results. These changes will affect the thoughts you entertain, the words you speak, the dreams you dream, the goals you set, the visions you nurse, the purpose you pursue, the course you champion. We are covering the TEN cardinal areas you need to master to become a MUCH BETTER YOU and consequently a WORLD-CHANGER. I’m also delighted to let you know that we have the FINEST TEAM of FACILITATORS- Exceptionally brilliant people who are producing admirable results and are willing to teach the principles that are working for them with REAL LIFE EXAMPLES and PERSONAL STORIES. Good words you’ve written here Dami in understanding how we make a problem so big we let it overwhelm us, and consequently refuse to take action. This is really inspiring and I like the style of writing employed here Dami, yes we have to start at the micro level before thinking of the macro aspect of social transformation. But where is this Dream Academy going to take place and what are the logistics set in motion?
I really appreciate this reminder of what I am to engage and occupy myself with while I await the desired transformation in every sphere of my life.
As much as world change may be about politics or economics, at its heart it is a creative proposition.
These two great organizations and others – including Ketchum– are developing an online ‘library’ of case studies to serve as a repository of effective public education campaigns addressing pro-social issues, as well as a brief “how-to” guide for organizations planning to create or needing to elicit support for initiating such efforts. Over time, we hope to catalyze an active global community of social change agents, enhancing the website with live events, compelling content and original research and analysis. The site will be in active development from late 2012 through mid-2013, with a focus on adding content and involving as many interested parties as possible.
Share content.  We’re looking for good examples of any pro-social campaign that is non-commercial, non-political and that does not advocate for any particular legislation.
Tell us what you know.  Please share experience, knowledge and ideas for developing the site further.
Spread the word.  Help us engage your employees and partners through your internal and external channels.
As a Senior Partner, CEO of Ketchum’s European operations and Chairman of the London office, David Gallagher brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, both as a client and as a senior agency adviser, to some of the world’s leading brands and companies. It speaks volumes about the confidence a business has in its people when it takes a step forward in a moment everyone else is retreating.
As Seen In… PRSA Measurement and evaluation have become pressing issues for the PR profession. Welcome to Ketchum's blog portal, where we capture the opinions and insights of our employees on a variety of communications topics. Using computer programs and mathematical formulas, Richard Conn Henry, an astrophysicist in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and Steve H. Under the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar, for instance, if Christmas fell on a Sunday in 2012 (and it would), it would also fall on a Sunday in 2013, 2014 and beyond.
Among the practical advantages would be the convenience afforded by birthdays and holidays (as well as work holidays) falling on the same day of the week every year. According to Hanke and Henry, their calendar is an improvement on the dozens of rival reform calendars proffered by individuals and institutions over the last century. Henry posits that his team's version is far more convenient, sensible and easier to use than the current Gregorian calendar, which has been in place for four centuries – ever since 1582, when Pope Gregory altered a calendar that was instituted in 46 BC by Julius Caesar.
In an effort to bring Caesar's calendar in synch with the seasons, the pope's team removed 11 days from the calendar in October, so that Oct. Hanke and Henry deal with those extra "pieces" of days by dropping leap years entirely in favor of an extra week added at the end of December every five or six years.
In addition to advocating the adoption of this new calendar, Hanke and Henry encourage the abolition of world time zones and the adoption of "Universal Time" (formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time) in order to synchronize dates and times worldwide, streamlining international business. Calendar Reform is the final act of history, and the first step toward Earth Regeneration in the cradle of galactic culture. The topic of calendars and calendar reform is not a popular one for the simple reason that the calendar in use functions as a dogma and, therefore, there appears little reason to question it. While the lunar calendars in use by different world cultures are in no way solar calendars, or a measure of the Earth’s solar orbit, the Gregorian calendar in use today is an approximation of a solar calendar.
It must be unequivocally understood that an irregular standard of measure has a profound effect on the mind, especially an irregular standard of measure of time. There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there. If you had the power to fix any problem and change the world, what would you choose to fix and why?
As you can imagine, there were a lot of caring people with something of value to contribute. Of course you would, we all would, because such things offend our deepest sense of right and wrong. Is there some root cause or common denominator that fuels the majority of these problems and injustices? If you look closely at most of the problems that create pain and suffering on the world scene, I think that you will discover that greed plays a prominent role. It should be noted that greed is fueled by a misguided attempt to fill certain basic human needs. What are those basic human needs that can’t be satisfied by wealth, power, or material possessions? If greed is at the heart of the problem, then what is the solution and what can we do about it? A guided journey of self discovery can put us in touch with our true nature and core values.

Each of us can change the world by choosing to live, and use our resources, in a way that counteracts the influence of greed and selfishness.
We can choose to use our resources to support the growth of companies and businesses that take a responsible approach toward this planet and the people on it.
It’s a bold statement, but one which Scott Anthony, Managing Principal at innovation consulting firm, Innosight, was not shy to make during a recent keynote address at the Creative Innovation Conference.
In this time period, there were numerous history-making innovations that can be traced to single people whom Anthony calls Lone Inventors. Sure enough, they likely relied on others to help them along, but the magic of their innovations were decidedly their own, and this is manifested in how history credits them as such. With the heralding of Ford’s assembly lines, the industrial revolution gave way to the beginning of large corporations. These innovations were characterized by their large budgets, aggressive production targets, and scales of distribution that were much wider than ever before. As corporations grew in size and in number, there also grew a general sense of disenchantment with the growing bureaucracy. The result was that individuals started rebelling against corporations in order to band with other like-minded people, bootstrap their way before raising funds from willing investors, and push their own ideas to innovative reality.
The increased global penetration rate of the Internet, the availability of low-cost (and oftentimes free) resources and tools for business building, the spread of inexpensive tutorials and educational platforms (Khan Academy, MOOCs), and the popularity of the Lean Startup movement and coding campaigns, have all coalesced to lead to a lowering of the barriers to entry for first-time business founders. But the paradox is that with increased entrepreneurship, it is harder to capture value and customers’ attention. Is it possible then to lead the charge for innovation and social change from large business that already exist?
Established corporations already have the resources to go after new markets and territories. Established businesses tend to have a more credible (or, at the very least, more known) brands, which can grant them access into places and partnerships that new startups cannot attain. And, indeed, a number of large organizations have started to infuse their unique capabilities with the agility and wider-perspective thinking of aspiring innovators from the growing entrepreneurial scene. That’s why Coca Cola has created its Accelerator Program to incubate and mentor entrepreneurs to scaled success, by sharing in on the risks and rewards. Policymakers: Recognize and embrace the growing entrepreneurship movement, but also understand that scaled problems require scaled solutions. Wendy Kopp, Founder and CEO of Teach for America, exploded 3 myths about changing the world in her inspiring address to the Boston University graduating class of 2013. It seems when we are young we have a desire to impact a lot of people; to change the face of the planet is it were. As I continued to work on grooming this yard, I began to think of how interrelated our helping others turns into them impacting the world further. Tags: calling, Change the world, Invest in people, Loving Others, Marriage, Service Begins at Home, Service. A set of twins both were called into the ministry and they invited me to sing at their church. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In my early teenage years, this desire intensified and I started reading scores of books, watching dozens of videos on personal development, corporate change, leadership, emotional healing and the likes.
As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my insights somewhat and decided to change only my country.
We will not all serve as the UN Secretary General or give out millions of dollars annually. They will affect the company you keep, the suggestions you proffer, the flames you fan, the principles you practice, the doctrine you teach, the philosophies you propagate. I can’t believe a simple cartoon I’ve watched and even sung along over the years held so much inspiration! We’re using the working title “Creative For Good” as we want to capture the most innovative and engaging thinkers in the marketing services industry, but the actual site’s name may change before its debut.
An always-inspirational event, this year’s presentations, speakers and content were particularly motivating as a more global pool of voices shared their passionate perspectives on topics ranging from female entrepreneurship to the portrayal of women on advertising. Whether this is due increasing client demand or internal motivation, demonstrating tangible value of PR efforts has never been more important.
Hanke, an applied economist in the Whiting School of Engineering, have created a new calendar in which each new 12-month period is identical to the one which came before, and remains that way from one year to the next in perpetuity. In addition, under the new calendar, the rhyme "30 days hath September, April, June and November," would no longer apply, because September would have 31 days, as would March, June and December. But the economic benefits are even more profound, according to Hanke, an expert in international economics, including monetary policy. It is nothing less than to formulate and propose with distinct and concrete steps a reform of the current world standard of daily time keeping, the twelve-month Gregorian calendar, replacing it instead with a perpetual calendar of thirteen months of 28 days each. To change the calendar now is to change the course of history and to revolutionize altogether the future of civilization on Earth. We say approximation because on the one hand, while the Gregorian calendar accounts for the 365-day solar cycle, inclusive of an extra day every four years, its standard of measure is irregular and corresponds to no natural cycle whatsoever. This is because time is a mentally perceived phenomenon unlike space which is perceived through the senses. The truth is, the vast majority of our fellow human beings are also troubled by these kinds of injustices and wish they could find a way to do something about them.
Wherever you see unnecessary pain and suffering you will also find at least one group of people who care enough to try to right the wrong.
Greed is defined as an intense or extreme selfish desire for wealth, power, or material possessions.
They are core needs like happiness, contentment, fulfillment, gratification, and satisfaction.
For starters, we need to dispel the illusion that external sources have the ability to satisfy our most basic human needs.
If we align our lives according to those values, our passions and response patterns will fortify those values and we will behave in a way that feels harmonious with our true nature. In the world of business, money talks and the collective voice of the masses is what decides who succeeds and who doesn’t.
Before we can make that happen though, we need to raise the bar on what we expect from ourselves.
Innovations started being mass produced and distributed, with more people than ever benefiting from them. Processes seemed to be getting more complex, less risks were taken, and ideas were being trounced.
There still remains an enormously high percentage of venture-backed failures. Founding a startup is easy, but starting a business remains extremely difficult.

Other organizations that are injecting themselves with more entrepreneurial vigor in order to stay ahead of the curve and solve more pressing problems are The New York Times, Syngenta, IBM, Telus Corporation, and Medtronic.
The term was first coined by business writer Dan Coughlin to describe individuals within organizations that have honed their leadership skills and objectives to a point that drives significant positive impact. Yep, I do believe that corporate experience really gives a great level of perspective for young professionals.
This is a place where we'll share articles and stories we find interesting, relevant, inspirational and informative. Through our pouring our lives into a few people around us, we may ultimately impact thousands. I had never been to a black baptist church before and was surprised at the way they worship compared to my church. We may not all be able to control the pressing issues of racial conflicts, terrorism, tribalism, inflation, rape, murder, population explosion and teenage pregnancy but there’s something each of us can do. They will influence the insights you gain, the information you gather, the assets you acquire, the wealth you amass, the empires you build, the teams you lead, the organizations you head, the standards you set, the life you lead, the destiny you fulfill and ultimately, the legacy you leave.
It’s about ideas that are imagined, communicated and delivered in ways that move individuals, communities and whole societies to stop, start or change the way they think and act.
This step is taken with the utmost seriousness of intention and a recognition of the profound and wide-ranging implications which such a reform promises. In making these sweeping but accurate statements we would be remiss if we did not present a brief history of modern calendar reform so that we may be able to better grasp the subtleties and far-reaching implications of such reform. People who live in mostly non-Western societies function with what is called a lunar calendar, as well as the more recent Gregorian calendar.
We all recognize that there are plenty of things going on in this world that cause unnecessary pain and suffering.
When someone cultivates this desire to an extreme, they tend to abandon their concern for the welfare of others.
No matter how much wealth, power, or material possessions might be acquired through greedy pursuits, they will never be able to fill the void.
The ridiculous illusion that any of these core essentials can be filled by selfish or greedy pursuits has plagued mankind throughout history. Things like happiness, contentment, fulfillment, gratification, and satisfaction are an inside job. Once we step up and take responsibility for our own actions and attitudes, we need to interact with the world in a way that supports those brave individuals and companies who also conduct themselves in a responsible way. These include sliced bread (Continental), laundry detergent (Proctor & Gamble), film (Kodak), computers (IBM) and more. I also think new graduates NEED to work in a large company to understand what it takes and just learn the general gist of working in an organization. While it’s exciting to see that more and more new grads are realizing that there exists a viable career path in entrepreneurship, I am concerned that a lot of them would write off corporations as the Bad Guy without any experience in them. For others, disillusionment sets in and they begin to feel that the world is broken beyond repair. Little did they know that they were teaching a man who would reach millions one day with his own preaching.
Right from that point, it sends out waves in all directions for several meters till they reach the banks.
To replace the current calendar with an entirely different standard of measure is to undertake a fundamental change that reaches to the foundations of everything we now call civilization. We must also understand that the timing of this calendar reform is of a vital nature and presents an evolutionary opportunity for humanity which it cannot afford to lose. I asked this question because I was curious to know which issues were of greatest concern to those I interact with.
This is also the key to how you can become part of the solution rather than a contributor to the problem.
This will have a direct influence on everyone we interact with and will encourage them to embrace a higher standard. While its true that some do impact the world across time zones and hemispheres, most never will.
Then, there are those who understand the weight of their significance and are embracing their calling. Alexander Flemming, who discovered Penicillin, had grade school teachers that impacted him. I sang at Oakley for eight years, never realizing that several of the young men became Christians because of the messages they were hearing at work through m$y songs.
It is precisely because of the profound changes it augurs that this calendar reform is also undertaken as an act of bringing about universal peace on Earth. Though we speak of the Arab, Hebrew, or Chinese lunar calendars, for example, it should be kept in mind that there is only one moon and hence all lunar calendars are actually the same measure. If the standard of measure of time that we use is irregular, then we must contemplate deeply and understand what this does to our mind over centuries of prolonged use. We all know that the odds of our doing something to make a global impact is dismal, but as Christians, we are called nonetheless to change the world. As I was slaughtering weeds like Paul Bunyen felled trees, I thought to myself, “My mom is mowing the grass too.” The fact that she kept my kids allowed me to help someone that needed it. The problem comes when we ditch our calling to influence those around us and break a piece of the chain. The lunar calendars in use measure the synodic cycle of the moon, from new moon to new moon. Yet, for many, the older we get the desire to see the world change around us still resides within, but the sheer scope of our desire seems overwhelming.
We might also think if the millions of children who do wonderful things with their lives only because they had loving parents that poured their lives into them, or perhaps the Christians that travel to foreign lands after sitting under their preacher for years.
Twelve of these synodic lunations take 354 days, 11 days short of the solar orbit of the Earth.
Would I invent a new form of therapy that would benefit thousands suffering with mental or emotional woes?
My mom helped me, so I could help someone else, and in doing that, her service was to Christ. The sidereal cycle of the moon, the measure of the moon from the same place it appears in the sky, is only 27 and one half days.

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