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At GroupCamp, we use Cookies to gather information that will help us provide the best possible service.
To update your Identity information, use the Preferences App by clicking on your name in the top navigation bar. Then enter your current password (this is a security measure to authenticate the user making this update). You can link a Google ID (regular Gmail address or a Google Apps for Business ID) for your GroupCamp account. Only authorized users can change users type, company or organization information of a user. To change the language (language in which applications are displayed), select a new language in the language selection menu. When you reply to a comment received by email or if you are using Tasks or Files dropbox address feature, you can use multiple email addresses as long as they have been added as additional email addresses in your Identity information. The website you are about to visit is ProGenealogists®, operated by TGN Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Ancestry.

Ancestry places great importance on the security of personal information provided by our users.
Many governments provide useful guidance on how to prevent online fraud and identity theft.
We have many safeguards in place to prevent personal information you provide, including your family research, from being lost and to prevent cyber-attacks, phishing, or other malicious activity on our sites. We use the latest technology to provide reliable access to your tree and have processes to back up all user trees on a regular basis. Names and other information about people on your family trees who are marked as living are shown only to you and others with whom you share your tree. Ancestry has several security methods in place to prevent fraud and protect payment information. We have a team of experienced analysts who are dedicated to preventing fraud on our websites and assisting members with any problems or concerns they may have. We use strong encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS) during transit of subscriptions, orders, and credit card details to protect payment information.

Visit your account portal to run MySammy Manager to view your data or install client on additional workstations.
To learn more please refer to  How can I use my Google or Google Apps ID to sign into my GroupCamp account. We will never ask you to disclose your password when we communicate with you, and you should not share it with anyone.
If you have a public tree, others (with whom you have not shared your tree) will see only the existence and gender of living people on your tree.
As a result, all online purchases from Ancestry will require this additional information to ensure that the person using the card has actual possession of it.
A strong password contains a mix of numbers, letters and symbols and is only used for this account.

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