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If you are reading this article then , you must be looking for simple steps to change or modify your Google account password. Since 2005, I have been thoroughly enjoying my role as a full-time web designer and developer. Server Android Soul brought the story of one of the service users Reddit whom a son has changed the password for the Google account without his knowledge and without the necessary knowledge of the existing access data or any other information. I demonstrate that the following lines are an attempt to induce a sensation, nor bring major innovation – they have only to draw attention to a possible problem that can meet each user devices running Android. After approval requirements for authorization follows the confirmation of the amount, possibly selecting a credit card. In the next dialog, you confirm that you have asked for a password reset by pressing the Yes and then enable password reset. You will then be asked to double enter a new password, without in any stage of having to prove that you are an authorized user account whose access details you want to change. With this password, you can be changed then of course access to all Google services, including e-mail, calendars, or just mentioned shopping applications, books, songs and movies in the Play Store. The final lesson is clear: beware closely your Android device and carefully consider whom you allow to use it. However, that process isn't just a coin toss for those who have a Merchant Account, it's an unequivocal "NO." Apparently, if you used your Google account to open a Payments Merchant account, there's no way to change your country. The "solution" is to create another Google account and start from scratch if you want one Google ID.
If you take one lesson from this, boys and girls, it's that if you want to create a Merchant account and start selling stuff on the Play Store, it's recommended that you create a separate account to do that. The other lesson (and let's just agree that you didn't hear this here) is that if you live outside of the US and you manage to somehow fool Google long enough into thinking you are in the US and letting you open a Merchant account there, you can then let go of all VPNs and turn-arounds and rest assured that it will never ever revert to another country.
Before I imported my Nexus 6P, I tried to buy it from Google Store using 2 Visa card with US address and both failed, so a friend ordered it for me then ship it, since then I don't use VPN because every time it open the US Play Store from all my phones. If your account is already linked to another country through a credit card, the VPN is of no use. Although annoying, I don't think it's the end of the world regarding US-only things (okay, so I can't get US-only things if I were to move to the US, but then I can't as a UK resident either; also I might not want to switch and lose access to UK only things). I know the welfare is good in Europe but that really is not a freebee, is it, if you have to pay 21% sales tax for life. In Korea, VAT is not imposed on raw food elements like vegetables, meat, milk, but it is imposed on electricity or gas. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but the taxes has to be paid somehow, and apparently logic doesn't matter. I had the same issue when I moved from UK to Australia, the option to change country was greyed out. Maybe if you never had a credit card from any country in your profile, you can change it freely, but if you already have one, you need a card from the new country to make the change. Also even when using my second account if I want to purchase music on it I will be able to listen either to one or the other account.
I'm locked out from region locked apps like Netflix, even if I created a second account and I'm able to purchase stuff from it I can't leave reviews as I don't have a g+ profile for my second account. It's an awful feeling when a company you admire and like it's products locks you out and imprisons you in such situation. Hey, I recommend that you complain directly to Google about this - that's the only way this problem will be solved. Can confirm, once you make a purchase or transaction in the US store it is set for life to the US store and VPNs are no longer required, from Beirut with Love. When you have a merchant account, you're also subject to lots of regulatory issues regarding taxation due to income issues. Remember: If you think something is off with any of your Google Accounts or Services, changing your password immediately should be your first step.
The first thing you’ll see, other than the Recent Activity Dashboard itself, is a highlighted link to change your password if you see something odd.
Your Recent Activity lists all your logins to Google Services in general, along with the time if it occurred the same day you’re looking at the Dashboard and the general location.
To the right of that, you’ll be able to click on anything in Your Recent Activity to get more details, such as exact time, approximate location based on the IP address, browser type and platform. Since the Recent Activity Dashboard only just launched, you won’t have too many details available, yet. This can be a powerful way to stay on top of your google account logins, especially if you notice something fishy may be happening, but can’t quite spot a pattern. By looking at the Recent Activity Dashboard, you can determine if you’ve been the only one logging into Google Services and quickly put a stop to it by changing your password on the fly.
You’ll also be able to track where those login’s are coming from which can be beneficial to know if you travel a lot, have a family who share Google Services, or might suspect something not quite as sinister is happening with your login patterns. Overall, the Google Recent Activity Dashboard is a welcome addition to Google’s other dashboards and account services.
You should also check out tips for keeping your Gmail account secure as well as how to use the Google Account Activity Dashboard to prevent any security breaches online. If you use Google Services, account security and privacy should be a top priority in this hostile Web environment.

You can turn off Last Account Activity Alerts by changing your alert preferences underneath the recent activity table. Click change, next to Show an alert for unusual activity and you’ll have the option to never show an alert for unusual activity. ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives.
Sometimes we want to download some app from Play Store but due to unavailability of that app in our country we couldn’t download it. Google uses the billing address of your default payment instrument in Google Wallet to help determine your home country for accessing the Play Store. Step 1: To manage your payment methods, first you have to sign into your Google Wallet account.
Step 3: Now, add a card to one with a billing address located inside your preferred country. Step 5: Click so that download process may start until you reach the “Accept and Buy” screen. Step 5: Now, open Google Play Store on your Android device and follow the steps given below. You should now see the Play Store that matches your default payment instrument’s billing country. Tip: You can open the Google Play Store in the browser without being logged in or with another google account.
If you are still facing any problem regarding how to change your country in Google Play Store then let us know in the comments below.
You have to have LESS than $10 in account to even let you change location and that money is frozen until you change location back. Hi I Just tried both options and I still get the app saying it’s not available in my country. I have used both methods but Google still bills me in NZ$ when I now live in the UK should be charged in ?. Start from step 4 or try using VPN to access Google Play Store and download the required app.
I tried to follow the steps of method 1, problem is I don’t have a credit card in my new country, so I cannot add a valid form of payment. Changing an account password in Google Account is a very easy and simple task ,but there are many users who don##Q##t know how to change password in Google account. The only thing you needed to achieve the goal is to have a few moments in your hand phone or tablet, using the account to shop at Play Store. It is also futile to think about the security screen unlock PIN, password or a gesture to the above procedure could not be done by anyone who finds such as phone lying on the table. Google has a small tutorial online, but judging by the number of people complaining online about not being able to get that simple process to trigger the switch, it isn't the foolproof and guaranteed method that you'd think it is.
The option to modify your Home address in Google Payments is just greyed out (like in the screenshot above). That would mean losing all of your previous purchases, all of your YouTube and browsing history, resubscribing to your services, having to reupload all of your photos and files, and more. Not only will it not make your personal account dependent on the Merchant one (we've heard many a story of Google closing some Merchant accounts and thus locking users out of their personal data), it will also leave you free to change your country later on should you want to. I was once young and foolish enough to dare Google into letting me in the forbidden land of a US account, I wandered around undetected for a few years, then one day woke up to find myself exiled back to the barren land of my Lebanese account.
I called Google and they said they're aware of the issue but will only get around to solving it if enough people call them and complain. For instance if you do the process to make money on ad rev from youtube, or set up the account to allow non-free app publishing on the play store, or create an admob account to include google ads on your domain or apps. It's a half baked solution at best but I'm sure that's what Google would tell you in this case. I relocated to US with a few pennies stuck in my CAN play store credits that prevented me from changing countries years ago. You can certainly explore the US store if you are not logged in, but if you need to make a purchase, rent a movie or set up a subscription, you must log in and the store changes to the country where your credit card belongs. Support told me it was because I had 13 pence left on the account, but I couldn't find any way to spend exactly 13 pence.
Also, my wife and kids had never spent any money on apps etc and didn't have credit cards on their account, they had zero issues changing country. I thought because of the definition of a merchant, it would just be if you sold stuff via Google's services, but in this context it doesn't seem correct. I paid for the Android Developer program but have not sold a single program (apart from one simple free app I registered for testing), yet I shall always remain as a merchant and never be allowed to change my country?
The only way to change country is to close the entire Google account and merchant account and open a new one. I have no recollection of converting my Google account to a 'merchant' account and have no desire to merchandise anything. Google takes privacy seriously and has worked tediously to ensure that user’s Google Accounts aren’t not only secure but stay private – unless you choose otherwise. While tools like the Recent Activity Dashboard are useful, if you ever think you’ve been hacked, phished or otherwise compromised, change your password first, then investigate the cause of the intrusion.

Don’t ignore your gut instinct when looking at the data presented in the Google Recent Activity Dashboard.
Keep in mind that Google would need at least a week to disable this feature, to make sure the bad guys aren’t the ones who turned off your alerts.
The content is copyrighted to TechNorms and may not be reproduced on other websites without written permission. To change your location and to access that country’s Play Store, you must have valid payment method with billing address located inside a country. Now you will see the Play Store that matches your default payment instrument’s billing country. I use to Live in Denmark and moved to australia and I am trying to install an australian specific app. I changed all my addresses in my address book, changed my phone number and all, emptied the cache and rebooted, but still I cannot download the app. A descendant wanted through in-app purchase to buy items in the game Subway Surfers, but did not know the password that must be entered before making payments in shops Play. Odds are it will work for you, but there's no knowing when or if Google's algorithms will deem you unlucky and stick to your original country.
Many daredevils like me have been caught with their hands in the US cookie jar, but many still roam free.
Exchanged around 12 emails with Google support and final reply I got is that Google engineers are working on it. I had my Google account since gmail was first introduced and created a merchant account just to test some apps.
Change country in google, then in playstore, then wherever is where you manage your credit cards.
Never realized this when buying apps but when I ordered my Nexus 5x, I was charged 21% as if I was buying it from Holland!
After several calls to support, and with me complaining loudly enough, I finally got to speak to someone who took ownership of the issue and got it fixed. Such as "Went to the US and thought that whoopdeedoo, you'll now have access to YouTube Red, Google Fi, Google Store purchases, and all those US-only apps and movie rentals and TV shows on Google Play? Google's policy is to create a new account with the destination country and move the app to that account.
We’ll show you how to use Google’s Recent Activity Dashboard to keep your Google Account secure by keeping an eye on you login details. The Recent Activity Dashboard helps users see just where they log in from, what they’re logging in from and helps them identify potential security and privacy intrusions. Therefore used the password reset options from the phone to store Play in such cases has to offer. You can't transfer the Merchant account to another Google identity to keep it alive but get rid of its lock.
If they can just switch to a Merchant account, even Google won't be able to exile them back.
They require you to specify a price on Google Play for that app in the destination country's currency. I can only guess I signed up for something on behalf of the business (which no longer exists) way back? By monitoring your Google Account activity from the Recent Activity Dashboard, you can ensure you’re the only one accessing Google.
The only limit can be that the Google Play Store sees your IP and makes country restrictions, but I am not sure if this really is the case. Then suddenly clicked the 3 bar button on top left, changed the account to a account which has a different country and credit card address, and wow, it worked!
Once a Merchant, always a Merchant." none of that includes selling, all of it includes buying.
Somehow this has permanently and irrevocably altered my Google account so now I cannot buy Google services in the US as a condemned permanent Britisher.
Staying on top of this type of activity is another way to prevent yourself from being a hacking victim on the Web.
In that case, you have an option to change your country in Google Play Store and download the app you wish to. It seems that once your account is associated with a Merchant one, the change is permanent and your home country is set for life. This is a half baked solution since i already had around 10000 mp3s uploaded in my original music account, countless playlists etc. I contacted Google and they said country specific currencies are not supported for my account and they can't do anything about it.
A new Google account is obviously not a viable option either, for the reasons others have mentioned. There doesn't seem to be anyone at Google with the power to implement remedial action over these bizarre anomalies.

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