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When if comes to setting a homepage in your browser, it’s really based on personal preference. There are a lot of search sites that allow you to customize your homepage such as iGoogle, MSN, and Yahoo. Unfortunately, a lot of free software tries to change you default homepage as well, like in this example when installing Windows Live Essentials.
I think I downloaded it off of lifehacker a year or so back, but every browser I routinely use is set to open it as default. I used to use about:blank as my default page, but setting the homepage to an actual web URL has let me know when I am properly connected to the Internet or if my VPN is giving issues.
I just have to say that nobody using SRWare Iron (not to say Chrome) would EVER set their homepage to MSN. I try to keep up on current technology, and this is the best place that I have found that allows me to pick and choose from hundreds of feeds about things that interest me. I hate Internet Explorer assuming what web page you want in a new window, MUST be the last web page you accessed. I keep Bing as my default homepage usually, though I sometimes switch to the Chrome New Tab page for quick webapp access. IGoogle with How To Geek as one of the options along with weather, stocks, sports, news and comics.

I have an instance of ScrewTurn Wiki set up on my local machine, and I use it for a home page. A custom web page running on an internal server with these CSS links that fill in the center of the page below a scroogle search bar. I’m considering creating my own locally-hosted dashboard page however, and setting everything to open that.
I have tried others, but I hate waiting for a page when I just want the Web Browser for somethig else. I added all my most visited sites on the list and i open whichever i want to at each startup . I have Woot set as my homepage at home and the state agency’s website set as my homepage at work.
Firefox always starts slow for me, so since I’ve got to wait for FF to appear, it may as well get some useful stuff. DID YOU KNOW?Thanks to the particularly bitter winter of 1794-1795, French cavalry were able to charge across the Zuiderzee (a shallow bay in the North Sea) and capture Dutch ships frozen in place; it is the only capture of ships by horsemen in recorded military history. In this Micro Module we will explain how you can customize your homepage in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Make sure to avoid this by not rushing through software install wizards, and carefully opt out of such options. Really, if it were up to me, I’d never close my browser, but it needs to happen every now and then. I like it becase I get all my rss feeds in one place, plus a twitter app, weather, sports scores, and stocks.

It aggregates headlines from many websites of your choosing and can add others if you wish and presents it in one page. This helps me to make sure my websites are still up and running and also reminds me to write articles for my blog. If you have not found this site, you should take a look at it and at least bookmark it for future interest.
I use it both for a portal to create links for my frequently visited web pages, and for recording important information I need to keep available. Plus, I hate how the new Google logo and search bar look, got a feeling its made to look nice only on a Mac.
On my main page I have Google Reader, Top Stories, Google Financial Portfolio and then the rest of it below those (including the new Packman for when I really want to be distracted).
I learned a while ago that this Java based sudoku board didn’t like internet explorer, so now I play every other day or so just from opening FF.
Note that they’re *cached images*, not the pages themselves, so the homepage opens instantaneously.
I could likely do the same thing with any rss aggregator but have always liked Daily Rotation.
Not surprisingly in a small office or corporation you will see a lot of workstations set to MSN or the company SharePoint site.

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