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Aside from having a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you will also need to install WinterBoard, the utility that we'll use to choose and apply the icon shapes. Applying Icon ShapesNow that you've installed Icon Masks, just open WinterBoard, select your shape, then Respring. Hmm, it'll be nice you can help me with getting that theme, shape, etc, like on the 2nd picture, the exact same. Light metering apps and accessories have been around for years, but color metering has remained elusive in the realm of smart phones.
Learn how to use Adobe Capture CC to capture and create inspiring color themes that can be used right away in other Adobe desktop and mobile apps. We recently showed you how to change the Windows 7 taskbar color to anything you want without any software running in the background, and now we’ve got an even easier way for you to do it with a single click. Even more importantly, it also doesn't require you to jailbreak your iPhone — a process by blue and because it's similar to my current iPhone screen. Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes a look at the longevity of the iPhone SE in the albums view will no longer change in appearance based on the color of a particular album’s art.
Each year, a group of experts at Pantone, the company best known for its exacting color-matching system of how Emerald could spruce up your personal style and home decor, and it advertised Emerald coffee mugs and iPhone cases.

Update: with the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows third-party keyboards in the App Store.
An app like Status Cleaner will attempt to match the general color or pattern behind the status bar at the If you meet those requirements, however, grab your iPhone or iPad’s Lightning cable and use it to connect your device to your Mac. MUST SEE: Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons In addition to blurring, it also lets you add patterns or manipulate colors if you want. Many people are complaining that their new iPhone 6 is slowly changing color as the dye from their jeans is rubbing off on the plastic strips found on the reverse side of the phone.
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The $35 self-adhesive decal is applied to your iPhone the same way as a screen protector, but it includes panels to cover almost every inch of the device. Times Global Partners is an initiative focused on partnering with Established and Emerging Global Digital Companies for growing their presence and business in India through growth in their Brand, audience, adoption, distribution and monetization.
Whether it's the device we choose, the case it dons, or the ringer it bellows, we like to personalize.

With over 80 shapes and variations, it'll be much tougher to be bored with your device's look. Apple's iPhone provides for many conveniences as a cell phone, but there is a decided lack of personalization that the owner can add to it. It will change the look of folder icons, it will customize icon labels, apply masks to icons, change interface colors, add custom blurs and more. And thanks to an iridescent finish, the Aurora skin has an ever-changing rainbow tint that lets you customize your iPhone's finish by just moving it about.
For that, you can use Circulus, which makes them all round, but if you don't like round icons, you can now choose pretty much any shape or variation you like with the installment of just one simple tweak, which I'll show you below. Also, the shapes are not applied to folders, although the icons in the folder are shaped.Liking your newly shaped icons?
Spruce them up further with more WinterBoard themes, and check out our other mods and tweaks for jailbroken devices.

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