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In Canada you have to call up the Canada Revenue Agency and tell them yourself before your next tax return. If you have any pets, don’t forget to call your local vet and update that information!
Dont forget if your profession requires a licensure or certification to change your name on their registry, ie: RNs, CNAs, MDs, other health professionals, etc. Agree with the previous poster on car registration and title — I neglected to this on my first trip to the DMV, so now I have to make a return trip. Also, many states require you to fill out a new voter registration form hen you change your name. Or to make it even simplier you can just keep your maiden name and not even change it (like I did) I think taking the mans last name is an outdated tradition that is stupid. I love this article, I love this blog, and all comments except yours which is completely out of whack.
Expecting a woman to go through all of this time, effort, and money to change all of those documents is ridiculous, especially when the thought of a man doing the same is barely ever considered. Your personal opinion on others changing their personal name seems more oppressive than following a silly tradition.
Don’t forget to update your frequent flyer programs so you accrue miles under the same account.
If you are planning to take your partner’s last name after you get married, follow these easy steps to ensure a smooth transition. Fortunately in today’s digital age, updating your Social Security card can be done fairly easily. We all know going to the DMV is not the most fun task, but it’s a necessary one when updating all your identification with your new last name.
Each individual person has individual items that would also need to be updated after changing your last name, such as updating your employer’s payroll, mailing addresses, utility companies, insurance, passport and more.
Once of the first things to do after getting married is to make it official by changing your name!
Wait 24 hours after going to the Social Security Office and then take the "Order" paper to one of the Drivers License places to get your new drivers license. The only thing I would add is that if you, like me, decide to hyphenate your last name, it does get a bit more complicated. I was uninsured prior to our marriage, so I gave them my new insurance card, and then when they sent the claim in they neglected to change my last name on their patient files and so we got a statement that I was a non-covered person and the claim was denied!
A friend of mine told me that if you apply for your new passport within 30 days of changing your name, you don’t have to pay for the new one, so do it quick! Remember your Airline and other tickets must match your Passport or you might be going nowhere fast!
I’m surprised so many ladies commented, including one who is getting married the second time, and not one person suggested the obvious alternative.

Also, don’t forget to change any pensions that you may be vested in from a past employer. Wondering if I will have time to do all of this since my wedding is in mid-october and I wont be getting back from my honeymoon until around all the holidays. To the commenters who said there is logic to a wife changing her name – that tradition comes from a time of female oppression and for some reason it still persists today, despite many other similar traditions being done away with. Keep your identity, and be a part of a progressive movement to end all of the oppressive traditions that put women one peg below their male counterparts.
Why did you click on a “how to change your name after marriage” (indicating the wish to take a partners surname) article if all you want to do is bash it? Go to the Social Security Administration’s website to fill out the application, include the required documents and mail it into the appropriate Social Security Office. Bring your new updated social security card along with any other forms of ID you can find and get a new driver’s license at your local DMV.
Accessing bank accounts without proper identification is a huge hassle, and having your assets frozen because you have mismatched names would be highly inconvenient.
For Louisville residents, if you have already gotten married and have your marriage certificate on hand, you can take that to the Social Security office and change your name, and 24 hours later you can take that to the place where you get your Drivers License.
This is the case with Jason Sadler – a man who is selling the rights to his last name for an entire year! Some of these state that the name: cannot include symbols, numbers or spaces, and should be limited to 30 characters.
It’s time to change your last name, there are so many important documents with your name on it that will need altering. Some states in the US don’t allow you to hyphenate your name upon marriage without hiring a lawyer and actually going to court and paying for the name change (Missouri, for instance). So, if you have had your passport for more than one year when you get married you have to pay the full cost of a new one. My hubby dislikes it and people look at me oddly when I give out my name and its different than my hubby’s. If you are so concerned with your family having the same last name, here’s a crazy thought, have your husband change his name! This is an INFORMATION article, to be used at the readers discretion… We are all very aware oppression vs. I WANT to carry my husbands name- for reasons you obviously would argue with so I won’t waste my time. Go through the list and update each one until you are confident that you have updated them all. We guide you through how to change your last name so you can start your new life as a married woman. If you take the form with you to fill out later, just remember that it has to be typed and you have to sign it in front of a notary public.

The story says his mother got divorced and he doesn’t want to be associated with the name Sadler anymore as it’s not his biological or his mom’s name. Make sure you have your Marriage Certificate before trying to make any leeway with any of the steps below. If leaving the country for your honeymoon I HIGHLY recommend doing all the nasty name change business after you return. Request for them to update your account information and provide new checks, debit cards and credit cards.
Most of the cases it’s a matter of parents who choose horrible personal names for their kids.
The idea is for a company to pay him to change his name according to their brand and become a living billboard throughout the year 2013.
One really important factor before changing your identification (drivers license or passport) is to make sure you wait until after your honeymoon or preplanned trips before changing these docs. Here are the additional steps you have to go through: Go to the Hall of Justice at 6th and Jefferson Street Downtown Louisville, go to the 3rd Floor, to room #3001.
I recently heard this story about parents who named their black and white twins Salt and Pepper.
The bidding started on November 1st at 0$ and is going to end on December 12th at 11:59pm EST. If you change it before your trip, the name on the official travel document and your identification won’t match. The way I got around it was to get my social security card first, since that has to do with the federal government, and then the local dmv had to accept the hyphenated name on my ssc and change it on my driver’s license without the added costs. Since you’re so outspoken about your own decision, you should know your comment is the only one negative here. These weird names often cause trouble and embarrassment as the case with the 9-year-old girl from New Zealand whose name was Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. The name changing involves new driving license, but also updating the name across all media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ etc. The nice thing about this is that Jason will donate 105 of the profit from the sale of his name to Cheerful Givers – an organization which deals with giving birthday presents to less fortunate children. However, the more people travel and the easier access to information is, such names may become embarrassing in other languages and therefore needed to be changed if they get too popular.

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