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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What if I told you about one habit, one thing, one secret that could make your life better? Recently I was meditating on that verse and wondered, what if I applied that same habit to every problem and every negative emotion I encountered daily? We’re not talking about positive thinking, but a personal commitment, a positive choice.
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Your behavior is a result of your pattern of thinking, to change your behavior, or to change your direction, simply begin by changing your thinking pattern. While we cannot control all of our circumstances we can control how we think and respond to them. Once you have resolved to think right thoughts to get going in the right direction, you must recognize those thoughts that will lead you in the wrong direction or have been leading you in the wrong direction and simply refuse to think them.

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As an inspirational author and day-voted follower of Jesus, I love to paint encouragement on the hearts of others just like you.
Your mind is to your life what a control tower is to a pilot as he or she flies a plane, guiding and directing your character, your conduct and your conversations. You can choose today to think right thoughts or wrong thoughts, good thoughts or bad thoughts, it’s your choice.
If you find that there are certain negative thoughts or sinful thoughts that are a part of your pattern of thinking, while making the commitment to refusing to think about it is important, it’s not enough. Let Philippians 4:8 become the filter for all of your thoughts, because any thoughts that are contrary to what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or worthy or praise will lead you in a path away from the masterpiece God created you to be.
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It’s a choice we need to make circumspectly because the rest of your life, your life as God’s masterpiece, will be influenced by your thoughts.
Are you thinking thoughts that align with what God says about you or are you still thinking negative thoughts that perhaps were spoken to you by someone that influence you in a wrong direction?

But simply being aware of that one habit, of applying that one truth could help us win some daily battles.
I’m a working mom of an autistic son aged 16 and also a caregiver to my husband who has been suffering from dementia for three years now. Successful living is birthed in successful thinking, living in hope comes from hopeful thinking and the list goes on.
And we all know how those dailies lead up to weekly and monthly and yearly failures if we simply ignore and give in.
That way, I can drop this encouraging blog into your e-mail box weekly, as well as notify you occasionally of any new updates, new books, specials, contests or book giveaways. But you can change your perspective, how you handle difficulties, and how you approach life. He always provided everything we needed , JUST ENOUGH JUST IN TIME (the principle of JEJIT). Through all the suffering and hurting, which I have experienced, I have come to a much closer relationshop with Jesus and my heavenly father.

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