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I really feel for the many people I hear from who spent most of their childhoods not having a voice and feeling scared, who are now adults who are still trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into this world. These experiences that are dismissed as being part of being in a family deeply impacts people, affecting their interpersonal relationships, their self-image, their assertiveness skills, and their habits of thinking and behaviour.
The problem with being dismissive of childhood experiences that have left their mark on us, is that we can be left with the wrong associations and actually not be fully aware of how they’re weaving their way into our interactions.
I hear from so many people who are in abusive relationships that mirror aspects of their own upbringing whether it was being abused or witnessing abuse. The one thing I won’t tolerate is my experiences being dismissed by me, never mind anyone else. Bless you, Nat, for understanding and expressing so eloquently the inner conflict that so many of us with similar experiences continue to struggle with. There is no happily ever after in these scenarios but I will take a damn sight happier over damn miserable any day. It was a process over years AFTER becoming initially enlightened that I needed to put myself first always not just hope for it to be given to me one day. A happy life really doesn’t happen outside of you in exterior things and people – it comes from inside of you, if that makes any sense?
It has been a life long struggle to differentiate myself from my family and I see them rarely, but my mother keeps calling and sometimes it’s ok, I do assert myself with her and hate that I even have to exert that kind of energy, but learned that this is my challenge in this life. My biggest upset is that I have not been able to create my own family, so in a sense don’t feel I have truly moved beyond the family of origin.
However, I find that even if you do ignore your family, life brings other people to replace your family members that you have issues with. Right now I am trying to really catch myself when I am acting from imprinting instead of my true self. Time to look at the map you are using and try a different route, whatever, you are using the same route.
I have stopped taking anything off my family, along with seeing them – I provide myself with everything I need, and have no need to feel grateful or ungrateful to people who put me through hell whilst giving others everything.
Thank you so much for your advice, it is some of the best advice on moving forward without actually moving that I have received. So in some ways the final act of self-trust and wholeness is to see someone’s ass-canoe-ery (i made that up just now) and just walk away (mentally or for real).
I found it really shocking to realize how important it was to take all my own reactions seriously – when all I had ever done was dismiss and criticize them my entire life. Especially, bad reactions to people having put them on a pedestal – even if they did something clearly bad to me!! So powerful Noquay …why should we let people treat us like nothing , just because we had an unfair start.
Crap really because I feel perfectly happy as the relationship is now and would have been happier much earlier in my life, like you, had I come to the conclusion I was banging my head against a complete brick wall where my family are concerned.

Noquay, I think their justifying their own incapacity and failure to be a human being by YOUR past is total BS.
Also, when stripped off the emotional pain these statements trigger in us (and we do feel unworthy at times), this reasoning does not stand to logic. However, I do understand the difficulty of telling potential partners about our childhoods becasue they do judge. The articles in the Change my Life series are:Since I'm right, you must be wrong!Why argue? All our products are fully guaranteed, these time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. It can have lifelong impacts because the way in which we judge ourselves as children becomes our reasoning habit that we keep using into adulthood until we become more conscious, aware, and present.
They feel conflicted about exiting from these relationships because they love their parents (and there’s nothing wrong with that incidentally) but to acknowledge that their current relationship is unhealthy is seen as being disloyal to their parents, especially because the whole family is often colluding in whitewashing or even flat out denying the past. We not only try to right the wrongs of the past but we hinder our progression in the present because by lacking awareness and compassion for the original thinking behind these habits, we end up self-sabotaging while trying to spare us from what we think is a bigger future pain. To dismiss experiences for which you still have an emotional charge is to dismiss parts of you that are crying out to be acknowledged and healed.
Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way. For example, my mother would never buy a Xmas tree because she said it was too heavy to carry and too messy to clean after.
This is not only in terms of significant others, but this also stands for the powerful elite in society too. I swear to God, I went down this road just today and when I asked just a few very logical questions about how I was responsible for his incapacity and his cheating – he brought up the exactly same phrases Suki typed above ( ‘you always bring up only the bad stuff, what about the good stuff’, ‘i’ve heard this before’, ‘you’re nagging’, ‘cant you see i have work to do and you’re going on and on about…’ ) all in one conversation. Yet this morning when you woke up, you looked in the mirror, saw that your hair was a mess, and changed it back to the way you usually have it. Then investing in your own home will decrease your disposable income in the short term, yet gives you more to spend later.
Stop reacting, learn why resistance doesn't work, discover the truth of how to overcome your self sabotage and change your life. To acknowledge that certain things that have been happening are wrong or certainly not right for us, causes us to feel in a bind, because to step away from those patterns is to cause us to feel disloyal to the original people connected to those patterns. We may be trying to fight one or both of our parents corners and not realising that we’re actually giving up our life in the process. Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you. I have found this does not allow you to feel in process your emotions to make you a healthy well-adjusted adult.
And I operated on this assumption myself, I was living alone, and I still did not buy a real Xmas tree.

So would this change make your life worse or better?If you like feeling physically good, then you need a fit toned body. I spent a significant part of my life being The Good Girl Who Doesn’t Make People Feel Bad By Remembering. The sad thing is I realized I have had this choice all along but chose not to take it through fear of worse and the unknown.
I first had to cry my eyes out over the loss and spend some time on the couch being a potato but when it ended – I did all the things you mentioned. Later, as I discovered more, I understood why my various parents were the way they were and could forgive on a limited basis. As they say, "If you don't know where you're going, then any road will do!"Why write them down? But getting fit can be a tough job, your body feels uncomfortable when you start working out. The trouble with remaining loyal to a pattern that isn’t working though, is that it keeps us stuck and that can prove to be dangerous. Apparently, I wasone those infants whose mother never bonded with me, left me filthy in the crib all day. Again short-term pain gives long-term gain.You know many ways to get fit, perhaps join the gym and go regularly.
But since everyone else has had different experiences in life to you, the meaning they add is different to yours.The big mistake is assuming that because your judgment gives you your personalized meaning, then it should mean the same to everyone else. But it doesn't - the cause of many an argument.To change your life, the effort takes personal power. There’s chunks of my life that are so hazy because of the deep stress of trying to forget the more painful parts.
Good riddance, it makes room in my life for kind, compassionate, and emotionally healthy people! My question to you all is how does one deal with being judged as somehow damaged due to ones upbringing. Some men, when caught in the wrong, like cheating, used my past as an excuse or think my past means I am willing to tolerate less than behavior. Growing in a pretty strict environment I have a big list of things that were prohibited to me and that I later prohibited myself to have.
But these take time, I am working on them with my therapist and by reading BR on a weekly basis.
Uncovering some of those tiny things and doing them, giving them to myself, has been a therapy in itself.

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