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Ablepro™ Virtual Technology for Consumers, Small Business, Corporations and Attorneys. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. Abjol Named to ICCMartha Abjol, a member of the Magistrate Counsel, has been named to the International Criminal Court. An Interview with Andrew BlearsFrank Gillibrand sits down with the leader of the Leftist Libertarians and asks him about the elections, South Kirkcaldy, Foreign Policy, and life in general.Q. Verandah Strikes at MonatToday, Foreign Secretary Hillary Verandah gave a biting speech about apparent Prime Minister Simone Monat. Monat Announces Her Government Composition Prime Minister Apparent Simone Monat has made public the list of MPs who will ascend with her to government positions. A Meeting Between Balls & BlearsAs you can see from the picture above, Prime Minister Balls on the last day of his government chose to visit Andrew Blears. Seamus selected as SpeakerAnn Seamus, the MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham for the CA, was selected this morning to become Speaker of Parliament.
Robin Mandelson Dead at 80Robin Mandelson, the MP for Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross, has died at the age of 80.
New Government Receives Low MarksThe first opinion poll taken of Simone Monat's government show her approval ratings very low for a new Prime Minister, 40%. Assassination Attempt on MonatAs most of you, our dear followers, already know, there was an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister yesterday afternoon. Balls Expected to Resign as Leader of Progressive SocialistsDavid Balls is expected to resign as leader of the Progressive Socialists soon after his return from Limbaugh Island. If his party loses the next election it will mark the first time in 18 years that The Progressive Socialist party will not retain power. Do you see your leadership as the reason for the, excuse me for being blunt, reason for the horrid election results? The speech went as follows, For eight years we, the Balls Government, have fought to reduce inequality and stop the spread of Capitalism which sought to destroy our nation.
The list, which has been highly anticipated since she was declared winner of the election yesterday morning, contains the names of the MPs who will take up the five most important positions in her ministry. Mandelson was first elected to Parliament in 1971 at the age of 41 as a member of the Centrist Alliance in a by-election. Many people are not happy with her government appointees, namely Shana Ludwigsberg as Chief Civil Servant. Rumors of his resignation started when his party lost the 2010 elections in a shocking upset. I remember a time years ago when the government didn't offer welfare and just let it citizens die in the street, I see that coming back in the new Monat government.

The Prime Minister met with the LL leader for about a hour and a half, before leaving just as quietly as he came.
She is the first woman to hold the post and the first member of the CA to hold the post in over 20 years. He has successfully defended his seat in ten general elections.Mandelson was born 4 April, 1930 to Mr. The polls also asked a question about a future election, the polls showed Monat trailing David Balls by about 5%. However, the fuel on the fire was his taking a mission to Limbaugh Island when he would have been at PMQ's. Cologner retired from party leadership in 2002, and was succeeded by David Balls in that election. I led the party to second place in 2006, with a large lead over the CA, but I believe that the rivalry between David Balls and Simone Monat is the reason for the loss in the polls. Late last night, with about 70% of the votes counted, it was a virtual tie between Monat and Prime Minister Balls. Simone Monat seeks to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer by privatising industry and creating neo-liberal policies in relation to the market, and it sickens me that this woman would be allowed into Parliament, much less the Prime Ministry.
Two huge political figures don't meet in secrecy to have tea, most a speculating that this bears ill omen for the Monat Government. This is somewhat of a bittersweet moment for the new PM because her party only has a majority of two seats should by-elections change the party controlling those two seats elections would automatically be triggered by South Kirkcaldy law. Most seem to agree that it was due to the rather low popularity rating of the Monat government and the conservative views of the CA candidate.
The picture above was taken just moments before the attack and before Monat was rushed into her car. Balls led the party to the largest landslide victory in South Kirkcaldy history in the 2006 elections, 64% of the seats in Parliament.Simone Monat of the Centrist Alliance is leading the Prime Minister in polls. The PS fought tooth and nail for eighteen years and we made each year better for all the citizens of South Kirkcaldy, specifically this year when Capitalism was finally banned by the government.
Many rumors are now floating around of a vote of no confidence, which wouldn't be hard to pass due to the hung Parliament, that would force elections.
The seat that was previously held by Robin Mandelson for 39 years is most likely a sign of ill things to come for the Monat government and the CA party.
This is all despite his continuously high approval ratings and lead in the polls over Simone Monat and the CA.Along with any talk of resignation comes talk of replacements. If these polls are accurate, which they seem to be, will you resign leadership after such a bad result?
Speculations range from coalition building, to votes of no confidence, to a vote to back one of them Speaker of Parliament.
She will succeed Martin Cowerst.In other news on this first day of Parliament, the newly elected Speaker will ask Simone Monat, on the behalf of Parliament, to form a government.

This slip in the polls also does not bear well for the by-election in Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross to replace the late Robin Mandelson. This result leaves Parliament at an even bigger impasse as it puts the new composition at: CA-31 seats, PS-30 seats, LL-9 seats. One thing is for certain: whatever was discussed will surely be unveiled in the coming weeks. So far, no one has announced their intent to run for PS leadership, though any candidate would have to get through the nomination process. In 1992 she graduated from Bethnal University, and went on to Bermondsey Law School, an impressive feat for anyone, much less one from a poverty stricken family and neighborhood. Now, it could be all that or it could have just been this:Most likely it had to do with the Monat government, though. He went on to become a barrister in Family Court after being admitted to the bar in 1956, belonging to Gray's Inn.
In 1971 a by-election was forced in Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross after the incumbent MP was killed in a automobile accident.
After four years as a barrister she was appointed by Prime Minister Balls to the Magistrate Counsel, the prestigious panel that advises the Prime Minister and Parliament on legal matters and are collectively Keepers of the Bar.
His funeral will be held on 13 July, he will be cremated afterwords.On the political side of the argument, this loss of an MP reduces the CA to a one seat majority for the time being. This seat was previously considered safe, but will be mercilessly attacked by the the PS and LL who are hoping to push the CA out of power.The by-election date, which is determined by the Speaker, will be held Sunday 11 July, 2010. Her party is popular because of her leadership and campaigning, no offense to her, but she comes of as all style and no substance.
I think we'd have to have elections very soon, because her government has a vote of no confidence. Do you think that South Kirkcaldy is a backwards country?Absolutely not, we are a WA Delegate, have a judge on the ICC and are having one of the most watched elections in the world. How do you see our education system?I believe that every child should be given equal opportunities by having the classroom geared towards specific needs. What I mean is that each child should be judged a at a certain age and sent to one of four different schools, that would each be geared towards specific children, like one for excelling children, one for kids that have trouble reading, etc.
Blears, I think you may get more votes than you think, after this article is released.Let's hope!

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