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A huge number of the population living on planet Earth are on Facebook, the worlds largest social networking website.
If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, some free time, are really bored and want to have some fun, then Facebook pranks will help.
Find a close friend, copy all his profile details including his profile picture and create a new Facebook profile.
Those were some of the Facebook pranks that will make your friends laugh, go angry and sometimes even hit you. If you are a member of Facebook, you will have either seen one of your friends or you yourself would have updated your “Relationship Status” at some point. Facebook have released findings last week in conjunction with Valentines Day that suggest there may be certain interesting trends that surround these updates. They even think they can predict with pretty good accuracy when a couple are going to update their relationship status to “In Relationship”. What they have found is that in the first 3 months or 100 days before a couple updates their relationship status, Facebook sees a steady increase in the number of status updates and timeline posts shared between the two. To make the research more accurate Facebook needed to filter out those people I mentioned earlier that seem to be in and out of relationships ever 2 minutes. The fact that the status updates and wall posts decline in frequency after the relationship status is changed isn’t necessarily that surprising. Now I am not saying this is the case but could this graph mean that people in relationships are generally happier than single people? Often in Facebook, we tend to post status updates in our Facebook timeline or Facebook wall that we wouldn’t want anyone to know, things that we believe are too private to share or it is not the right time to share. With Facebook timeline, your relationship status is more like a mini poster, and you should choose whether to broadcast it to your friends or other people. Using the Facebook default settings, Facebook will alert all your FB friends using the News Feeds when your relationship status changes like from being in a relationship then you changed it into being single. What if you have already made an status update and you want to remove it in your timeline and activity log. Doing the above steps will make the Facebook relationship status hidden in your timeline and in your Facebook profile, and it will also disappear in your Facebook friend’s news feeds. Follow this guide and this will make your Facebook account more private which is perfect for private persons out there. Subscribe and get the latest tips, tricks, news, and updates delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. Wiz TechieWiztechie is your techie friend, the head admin, and editor-in-chief of this blog.

No need to change relationship status for me coz I’m happily married and besides my husband has no FB account. Ohh…this is an informative share, however what I would like to know is how to return to the old facebook style before timeline was launched.
This change I made last week is something I want the world to know about … but thanks for this.
Most people use Facebook to share things, videos, pictures etc with their friends, so it’s the perfect place to play some pranks. There are many ways to perform these pranks and it’s pretty much real like ones, except they are not real. But, keep in mind that you don’t end up insulting, disrespecting or making someone lose their temper. Change your relationship status, sexual orientation and announce something different via status update. The main thing to take care of, when using this idea, is to make sure that you’re playing with a good friend. Use their name for the new profile too, this way they and friends of theirs will be super confused. Can really use some of these to kill some time and … well, play a joke on my friends on Facebook! There are those people that seem to be changing theirs every other day from “Singe” to “In Relationship” to “It’s Complicated” and back to “Single” again. These posts will peak around 12 days before the relationship status gets changed and the couple becomes official.
To do this they measured people who had been single for 100 days before the research and who had been in a relationship for 100 days after changing their status.
For now let’s see some how-to-gallery in doing this at the same time explaining some concepts. Read below steps to see how to change your Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing. Facebook relationship status update can sometimes cause quarrel, dispute, or big news between involved parties. In here we share the latest technology news and updates, computer tips and tricks, SEO, games and gaming news, and other tech articles that aims to help you with today's technology.
These pranks can vary from, small ones like updating a funny status, to crazy ones that could even make people lose their temper at times.
These Facebook prank ideas should strictly be used for entertainment purposes, just for gags only.

For example, change your relationship status to engaged or Married, change your sexual orientation to not-straight.
Start by stalking them and liking everything they do, including their pictures, updates, comments, etc. This is a fake profile link, which means that whoever clicks on it will be taken to their own profile page. Make the whole profile look like an exact replica of your friends profile and it should yield some funny results. I live in Toronto, write about fashion, experiment with beauty, take photos with my Canon 600D, obsess over sample sales and love to share love with other creative minds on the web. The posts they do share after this point tend to be more positive expressing emotions such as “love, “nice” and “happy”. As you know, there are ways on how to make your Facebook relationship status change not viewable in public eye. This is located on the top right side of your profile page just below your Facebook cover picture.
Let us know via comments, if you’ve tried any of these pranks before or plan on doing so.
My girlfriend was in the same position and asked me to help with removing her relationship status on Facebook without people seeing. I love collaborating with bloggers as well as PR so hit me up to work together and read more about me here. Well, most of us value privacy and there are things that are better to not tell anyone as either it’s not the right time to share or digging up too private things that would cause trouble, and one of these, is the Facebook relationship status change or update. As often, auto posting this kind of status update makes instants gossips, rumors, or any opinion about yourself. So, your friend will be spammed with notifications and when he opens them, it’ll all lead to nothing.
Make sure that you remove the attachment image when posting the status or it’ll end up showing your own profile image.
For this fact, it seems better to know on how to change Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing. Well, the answer depends on you and how you perceive, but for now you’ve just learned how to change Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing.

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