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Open Run dialog box by holding down Windows key + R keys and type in regedit, and hit Enter. If you are interested in increasing or reducing the Scrollbar width, follow the tutorial above to achieve a desired scroll-bar width that is easier for you to access in Windows 8. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Since now all ViewControllers will have same instance it will be easy to change background of the scrollBar.
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So your designer gave you a design for a web app where he planned custom scrollbars for every element of the design and now you are asking yourself how can I change scrollbar style with CSS only. The default browser scroll functionality works well in all cases so it is best to use the default scrollbar instead of javascript addons.
Using this CSS3 selectors, you can achieve a unique scrollbar style for every element of the design. Using this method you can easily adjust scrollbar style for your web application, although this only applies to webkit browsers for now, but I sure hope others will catch up with custom scrollbar styles soon as this really is a wonderful feature and can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of javascript code for similar functionality.
For detailed description of selectors and pseudo class selectors please read this wonderful blog post about Custom Scrollbars in WebKit by Chris Coyier. In Windows 8, Microsoft surprised many users by removing the classic appearance settings which were in Windows for ages.
In this tutorial, we will look how to change the scrollbar width size in Windows 8.1 without using any third party tool.
You also might be interested in how to reduce the size of thick window borders in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

What I’d really like to know is how to change the tiny show desktop button at the bottom right corner, in Windows 7 now only was the button bigger but had color and was highlighted when the mouse cursor hovered over it and also had a tiny flash flash animation when pressed. In Windows 8.1 the same show desktop button at the bottom right corner is so tiny and not only that the dam button does not even highlight when a mouse hovers over it making almost dam impossible sometimes to quickly press the button to show the desktop when multitasking with multiple Windows, programs and folders open. Customize Browser Scrollbar With Jquery - To make your blog look more attractive many ways that we can do like change the background with the favorite images or add certain effects to our blog like animation using jquery or css. So, to change the browser scrollbar, which first we do is insert Jquery Nicescroll into our template. I split the screen, with these instructions on the left, and the regedit screen on the right. In Windows 8.1, you can now set DPI (Dots per Inch) scaling to make text and other items, such as icons, fonts, and windows, to display larger or smaller for all displays or per-display. Columns display a wide variety of details about files in a folder or library in File explorer. How can I change case size in Mail app in Windows 8.1?Ctrl+mouse Wheel doesn't work for apps to change case size. There's a setting in Control Panel > display to change size of other stuff, but not case size for text in apps like Mail App. In Windows sometimes you might be facing trouble with scroll bar or you simply wish to increase the scroll bar width.
At times when the window size doesna€™t fit to the window screen, then the scrollbar comes into effect. This is a fairly common task when implementing designer’s ideas into your application. Microsoft decided to delete the user interface for all advanced appearance settings along with the classic and basic themes in Windows 8 and 8.1.

This question is very popular in emails I am receiving since the release of this controversial and polarizing OS. I have lost my scrollbar and this fix will not work for me as in my Windows 8.1 ( purchased May 6th 20150 there is no windowsMetric key.
After signing in and out a few time WindowMetric DID show up, but changing the values did not help at all. But most important is that our blog can be accessed quickly and do not have a monotonous appearance so that it remains interesting to the reader. Here is the tutorial how you can change the size or width of the scroll-bar for your user account in Windows 8 for easier access. So one way to do it is by using javascript scrollbar replacements like jScrollPane and similar scrollbar plugins which allow you to style scrollbars but are sometimes difficult to implement. For that I will give you a way how to change the browser scrollbar as we want to seem more attractive. Here is the tutorial how you can adjust the size of scrollbar in Windows 8 according to your suitability for easier access. To change the browser scrollbar we will use Jquery NiceScroll that allows us to change the scrollbar of the browser we use.

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