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When writing a business letter, keep your letter simple and focused, so the purpose of your letter is clear.Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph. Send to KindleAs a corporate executive, I learned how being different can undermine engagement.
Because I was different from the others at the top, I got asked to participate in “diversity” programs. The team designing the diversity training was, as is usually the case, diverse.  Surrounded by people distinguished in one or more ways from the white male heterosexual norm, the light bulb went off. I didn’t know the term “inclusive culture” then, but I do now—and that’s what I’m committed to creating! Enter your email address to subscribe to Caroline's blog about diversity in the workplace and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Is your leadership style more masculine or feminine?  Receive a FREE "Masculine-Feminine Continuum Profile" when you sign up for the DifferenceWORKS monthly newsletter.
Receive a FREE "Masculine-Feminine Continuum Profile" to determine where you lie on the spectrum when you sign up for the DifferenceWORKS monthly newsletter about gender diveristy. Your privacy means everything to us, we promise to keep your information secure and private. Body Brilliance Coaching is the culmination of over a decade of education, research and personal and professional experience. Ia€™m a health-nut through and through, and a hard-core believer in the phrase a€?anything is possiblea€™. I finished my first marathon with great success and was instantly ready to do the next one. After college, I moved to Hilton Head South Carolina to intern at the Hilton Head Health Institute. After my gig with Camp La Jolla, I started Grad School at San Diego State and would be receiving a Dual Mastera€™s degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Being the stubborn person I am, and firmly believing that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and you can always become the person you know you are meant to be, I did research and learned as much as I could so that I could fix myself, and eventually help others fix themselves too. It breaks my heart to look back and see all of those years, the best years, when life should be a€?easya€™ and care-free, were spent searching endlessly for answers and relief.
Body Brilliance Coaching is the culmination of over a decade of education, research and personal and professional experience.A  It is a mind-changing, life-changing, body-changing method that spills all the secrets you need to drop the pounds, stomp your cravings, and step into that body youa€™ve always known you could have.
LFK refers to "'Language + Font Encoding + Keyboard Layout' combination", wherever it appears in this page. Whenever Azhagi+ starts, in the opening screen, you can see a listing of the various LFKs in which you can type using Azhagi+.
An LFK of "Hindi + Unicode + PhoneticTransliteration" means that you can type in Hindi (Language) in Unicode (Font encoding) in Phonetic mode (Keyboard layout). Similarly, an LFK of "Tamil + Unicode + TamilNet99" means that you can type in Tamil (Language) in Unicode (Font encoding) in TamilNet99 mode (Keyboard layout).
Please do not feel overwhelmed by seeing the instructions below (starting with the 'Modify key mappings' section), even before reading them or even without reading them fully. Before you start reading the following instructions (which I wrote long back), please note that starting with Azhagi+ 10.25, I have given you, the user, full control in organising your XMLs. Azhagi+ now holds a separate directory "azXMLs" wherein you can(should) store all your self-created XMLs. And, if you decided later to remove any of the XML files you stored in the "azXMLs" directory, Azhagi+ will automatically take them out of it's system.

Start Azhagi+ and in the opening window of Azhagi+, click on 'Settings->Preferences' menu item. Using 'Windows Explorer', navigate to the 'data' folder in the directory in which you have installed Azhagi+. In Azhagi+, in 'Settings->OTHER LANGUAGES', ensure that "Use my own keyboard layout" box is kept ticked. Say, you want to delete the key mapping you just now added following the abovementioned procedure for 'Add key mappings'. Say, your name is 'Balaji' and you want to get '??????' whenever you type 'balaji' and not '????'. To begin with, make your modifications one by one to see how the changes get reflected while you type. As long as you do not disturb the structure of your '.xml' file, you can keep making any number of modifications to it. The facility to create an entirely new LFK ('Language + Font + Keyboard Layout' combination) has been available in Azhagi+ since January 2012 itself. To start with, kindly go through the procedure for modifying key mappings, as explained here. If you have grasped (not difficult, as such) the procedure for modifying key mappings, you would have realised by now that by modifying the key mappings "as much as you want" - to fully suit your own requirements and preferences, you can "have your own new keyboard layout" ready to a T. As a general rule, my suggestion to you will be to make a copy of any suitable file you choose - either from the 'data' folder or from the 'azXMLs' folder (for e.g. In 'Settings->OTHER LANGUAGES', ensure that "Use my own keyboard layout" box is kept ticked. Start typing and you can see that action takes place according to the data in the XML file (AzhagiPlus-Tamil-Unicode-TypewriterNew.xml) you created.
You can evaluate your own performance or that of your kids or students at any time by simply looking at charts.Typing Tutor tracks your progress, and allows you to view your results at any time. Being the first woman at the C-level of a well-known public company, I knew my gender made me “different,” but I didn’t focus on it.
As a senior sponsor of our women’s group, I took on the mission of creating support among aspiring and talented women and became involved in designing “diversity training.” It was in this role that I began to understand how being “different” can affect engagement. When one is putting energy on observing what the norms of an established group are and making sure one’s own behavior isn’t too far “out of line,” one can’t operate as naturally or as well. If we could tap that energy and put it back onto quality work, wouldn’t people do better work?  Wouldn’t people feel greater loyalty to the company? My book, workshops and speeches are designed to show leaders how to create inclusive cultures—and why it’s smart business to do so.
In fact, one can have an LFK (carrying mathematical symbols) as 'Maths+English+Symbols' too. Otherwise, just read the following and decide for yourself whether you can attempt doing it. Basanna from Bangalore, aged more than 80 years) have been able to successfully change the key mappings and type using Azhagi+ with their own customised mappings. Perhaps you always type 'aa' to get ? and never use 'A' at all and hence you feel that the unused 'A' can be used to get ? hereafter. For our example, the file for us to focus is "Aplus-Devanagari-Unicode-PhoneticTransliteration.xml". Though Azhagi+ can process those lines even if they are not commented, your browsers cannot process those lines if they are not commented and will throw errors if your .xml file is viewed in them.

So, I have no idea how fast Azhagi+ will be if the .xml file is overloaded with 1000s of user-defined customisations.
So, as an alternative, you can follow a procedure similar to the one I have outlined here so that by pressing Ctrl+1, you can start typing in TamilNet99 mode with the mappings changed (ofcourse, by yourself) according to your specific needs while at the same time the 'Aplus-Tamil-Unicode-Tamilnet99.xml' file remains intact without any changes. So, there should be EXACTLY only three parts after 'AzhagiPlus' with three hyphens separating them. Here, you can always download the latest versions of Rapid Typing Tutor, directly from the development team.We do not sell RapidTyping, it really is free. Energy that could be going into creativity and quality is being spent on “fitting in.” I began to see how much my own difference had cost me in terms of focus and energy. I understood that in order to redirect that energy, we needed to create a culture where people felt heard and valued for their own ways. Otherwise, 'Language' does not mean one should strictly specify a language's name only as part of 'Language'. It all depends on how the user wants to readily idenitfy his needs with an LFK or how he wants to quickly remember and recall an LFK. I have put this aforesaid 'very simple task' as various steps below (that too classified under various sections as 'modify', 'add', 'delete', etc.) only for your better understanding. I can interact with you directly and can take you step-by-step on how to easily create the XML file. I have created all the .xml files in 'Unicode' (not UTF-8) encoding and they should always remain in that encoding only. So, if you want Azhagi+ to not to process a particular line containing mappings, you have to delete that line entirely.
If it opens without any errors in your favorite browser (say, Google Chrome), then all is fine. In case you do make 1000s of customisations and Azhagi+ still typed fast enough, kindly let me know the same by emailing me.
Gitarta Bordoloi (from Assam) changed the key mappings successfully and he now types Assamese using Azhagi+ with his own customised mappings.
I can do the same for creating the small text file related to effecting 'Tamil phonetic transliteration in ANY Tamil font'.
This will ensure that all newly created XML files exist in 'azXMLs' folder and the files in the 'data' folder remain untouched.
Mr.Koteshwar (from Secunderabad) felt an urgent need for modifying the key mappings and creating his own keyboard layout - which he could accomplish easily, with the help of Azhagi+. There are lot of updated information (overriding some [not all] of the instructions below) which I can share with you which can help you accomplish your task in an easier and faster manner. In other words, if you indeed introduce your intended customisation, then whenever you type 'kalam', you will always get '????' only and not '???'. You can find both the 'data' folder and 'azXMLs' folder under the directory in which you have installed Azhagi+. If you feel the definite need to change the key mappings, please do go ahead and give a try.
As such, it is just a simple task of opening a file and typing out the necessary modifications.

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