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The compass in the right corner shows you the actual cardinal direction in which your view goes at the moment. Change your Mind is een set van drie dvd's die mensen zullen inspireren om anders om te gaan met wat en hoe ze denken. Set off our decorative ceramic tile in its own stylish stained wooden frame -- the perfect way to complete a decorative gift or keepsake. Android N keeps spilling more and more of its secrets, and we're still trying to go through all the new features added in this latest and sweetest preview of Android. Unlike the Font size setting, this affects all elements on your screen, not just text, which makes it very useful in different circumstances: for developers who want to test their apps on different display resolutions but only have one device in hand, for users who want a more dense layout on their screens, and for those with poor eyesight or weak muscle function who might need bigger and more accessible elements. Also worth mentioning is that the "adb shell wm density" command has been fixed in N and it no longer works wonkily and capriciously. I was goigng to write that the N preview looks more like a custom ROM than a stock one :D Hope the features stay for the final release.
Never did i say that people stop hating ads, but people might tend to NOT root, and by that NOT block ads, because it's a hassle, you can't update easily, some apps don't work, and close to everything you want (except ad blocking) is available in stock android anyway. So the other point being made was that if they get rid of enough reasons to root, people may not feel like the one remaining reason (ad blocking) is really all that worth the effort. Maybe, but while rooting will be necessary to avoid ads, I'll still rooting my phone, no matter how many other not related root features Google gives me by Stock. I mean, would you accept ads because install an Ad Blocker it's the only one reason you have to root? Could be, but then again I like to believe that Google is simply doing it for the greater good.
Or *gasp* they're trying to give useful rooted features to everyone instead of just those who root. How do I subscribe to ONLY 'N Feature Spotlight' & not to the whole Android Police via Pushbullet? Probably worth mentioning DPI settings in build.prop are now sort of overridden by the this new scaling feature.

This has always been bothering me, changing the font doesn't do much so setting up phones for my parents or older people has always produced an unsatisfying experience. Tried it and it doesn't change the size of anything on my home screen and it jacks up the spacing on the status bar up top.
With the "Favorite tools" you can add the tools from ASAP Utilities that you use most frequently and assign your own shortcuts to them. Practical 'real world' examples on our blog that show you how this tool can help you in Excel.
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However that's not all: you can also use the symbol to navigate yourself through the HD-shot. One feature that any developer will applaud and many users will love is the ability to manually fake a specific DPI on your phone, making it think it's got a larger screen with smaller and tighter elements or a smaller one with bigger and more interspersed items. The Android developers page calls this option "Screen Zoom" and cites 320dp as the "width of a Nexus 4, a common medium sized phone," and explains what developers need to do to make their apps compatible with this new feature and function well under the different settings. Alan said that you can still use that to set a specific arbitrary density and it will show up in the Display size setting as Custom.
But this is only one new feature in a laundry list of stuff they've been adding that people used to have to root for.
I use ad blockers on my computer, but they're not enough of a drive for me to bother rooting my phone anymore.
Give useful features to Android without root is necessary, but isn't about trying to stop Ad Blockers. Maybe not other phones, but that's a different story and root has always been a pain with most OEMs.

I've been using my phone without root for more than 6 months, and can't say I'm missing it that much.
I jumped the gun and flashed the developer image, and really don't feel like wiping data just to enable OTA.
If you mess with build.prop DPI settings the results will be different for the scaling app. Weirdly it's not bothering me enough to even remember it as an issue that needs to be addressed. I set both the DPI scaling and the font size to maximum, just to see how messed up it would look and now my keyboard font (for both swiftkey and google keyboard) is a little too big.
That was previously possible with third-party apps when rooted or with adb on non-rooted devices, but it's now a native and easy to switch feature.
The settings black out and return when you try changing one of them, but once that's done, you'll be set on a new screen resolution. The most important thing is to make sure the app works on 320dp and that all dimensions should be specified in dp and not px pixel units. If they take the need for other functions away because it's available in stock android, maybe people stop rooting and ad blocking.
Anyways, you can use Adguard to block ads without root and people still rooting their devices.
So the point is that, overall, they're heavily reducing or removing most people's reasons for rooting.

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