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Kana Dynamic IP Updater can configure itself so that it can detect your public IP address correctly. This image shows the page to configure Kana Dynamic IP Updater so that it will detect the IP address correctly. Click Test Internet Connection.If it is configured successfully, you will see the message Success,then click Finish to close the Quick Setup. Moreover, connect your computer directly to your modem and see whether you have internet access.

After the configurations, powering cycle your network can make your network work more stable.
Back to the ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1 Untitled Document Dynamic DNS If you would like to host a server but the Internet Service Provider(ISP) only gives you a dynamic IP address, then DDNS service provider can help you with that. If you are using a DSL Modem, please ignore the article, and refer to How to install the TP-LINK Wi-Fi router to work with a DSL Modem? If there is no modem, regard your internet source as a modem, like an ethernet cable through a wall.

It matches a domain name you have purchased and a dynamically assigned IP address from your ISP, so that any users can enter the name to connect to your server instead of updating the changing IP address.
Before you configure this page, sign up an account from the DDNS service provider's website first.

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