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If you continue to view staff development in this way your business will not survive the pace and demands of the contemporary global market place. Competencies refer to a set of abilities needed to fulfil the requirements of a particular role in the workplace. Staff development has to date depended on the acquisition of specific skills relating to specific work contexts.
Opic Assessment Services are expertly designed to measure a range of staff capabilities and attributes. Executive Capabilities Appraisal focuses on capturing leadership potential through psychometric assessments and interviews.
Equip front line managers with accreditation and best practice skills to coach and develop their own people. Program for managers designed to build up performance management skills and practical strategies to improve the productivity, accountability and engagement of staff.
For management and teams, this program is crucial to teach people about their own influencing style so they can clear blockages and develop action plans to improve productivity, accountability and engagement. TMS Asia Pacific CEO Andrew Chan previously told HC that a well-planned succession strategy can play a pivotal role in retaining and developing key staff. By implementing succession planning strategies and recognising in advance the employees who would be suitable for advancement, organisations will be best placed to ‘stay ahead of the game’.
A new report has indicated that 58% of Australian employees don’t believe employers have groomed them for future success, by providing additional skills training and career development opportunities. According to Paula Maidens from Recruitment Coach, employers must give careful consideration to retention strategies right from the outset of 2012 or risk losing key employees. Please contact us to discuss our range of staff assessment and development programs and which is most suited to your organisational and team needs. It has not been very long since we reported on one man's developing a bladeless wind turbine which both protects the avian population residing in its proximity, and generates significant amounts of electricity. Recent news on the topic of wind power and efficient ways of harvesting it informs us that researchers working with Siemens have managed to develop a new type of wind turbine whose design was supposedly inspired by animals that ceased to be around quite a while ago: dinosaurs.
Tree Hugger informs us that this team of scientists developed three different wind turbine blade attachments that can simply be added to an already existing structure.
This means that those who are already busy harvesting this renewable energy source need not replace their wind farms entirely in order to benefit from this new technology. The first of these attachments, known as the Dino Tail, works towards boosting the overall efficiency of the system by increasing the surface area of existing blades, and mimics the appearance of the plates found on the back of stegosauruses. Apparently, besides improving the blades' performance, this DinoTail also helps make them quieter. A second attachment, referred to as a Dino Shell, is meant to widen the blade's shape all the way to where it meets the main shaft. Taken together, these three types of attachments can help make your run-off-the-mill wind turbine about 1.5% more efficient than it used to be. Truth be told, this percentage hardly seems worth the trouble of purchasing and installing these dinosaur-inspired devices, yet things start looking up once one takes into consideration the fact that wind farms typically consist of not just one wind turbine, but many more. Such attachments are already being installed at two wind energy centers in North Dakota, so here's hoping that they will soon prove their worth and others will also decide to look into the possibility of making use of them. Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Michael Benard, assistant professor of biology at Case Western Reserve University and formerly a Michigan Fellow at the U-M Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, also found that frogs produce more eggs during winters with more rain and snow. The study of the links between climate and the timing of biological events-- such as bird migration, plant flowering or the breeding of wood frogs—is called phenology. Benard found that when wood frogs breed early, their offspring have delayed development but still metamorphose earlier in the year. The number of eggs per clutch collected from frogs that had been marked and placed in buckets of water to breed decreased by 4.3 percent, or 31 eggs. In the study, breeding date did not appear to affect tadpole survival or their size at metamorphosis.

But earlier breeding was associated with delayed tadpole development due to a counterintuitive effect of warmer winters on the temperatures that tadpoles experience. Although tadpole development was slowed, for every two days earlier that breeding took place, metamorphosis was a day earlier.
Facebook Twitter Buffer According to a research, people suffering from cold sore are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Experiments conducted by Manchester University reveal that there is a strong association between the virus that causes the condition – herpes simplex virus 1 HSV-1 and the brain disease.
Justifying the link between the two could perhaps end up in cold sore drugs being used to reduce the pace of progression of Alzheimer’s or perhaps could even result in the development of a vaccine. According to reports from the New Scientist, during tests on human brain cells, infection with the bug resulted in a striking rise in levels of amyloid, a protein deposit associated with tissue degeneration found in the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s. Another research carried out concludes that the virus is aided and supported by a rogue gene, which is known to raise the risk of Alzheimer’s. People who carry this gene along with the cold sore virus are more vulnerable to contract Alzheimer’s than those who have neither.
According to Manchester University researcher Professor Ruth Itzhaki believes a blend of the virus and genetics cause some, however not all, cases of Alzheimer’s. To feel truly fulfilled as human beings, we need to feel like we contribute to the world in a valuable way. Traditional approaches focus on teaching employees the skills they need to perform their tasks, and gradually increasing those skills as required. Capabilities refer to the capacity to realise individual and organisational goals in a sustainable way through the development of staff.
This is often achieved through generic training programs delivered with pre-determined objectives and outcomes.
This means developing the capabilities of your employees that support the philosophy and objectives of your organisation. If employees aren’t feeling valued or engaged, they may decide that the New Year is the right time to look for a new challenge or a position where their efforts will be appreciated,” Maidens told Dynamic Business. But few field studies have evaluated the extent to which breeding early affects the growth, development and survival of individuals, according to Benard, the author of a paper on the topic published online today in Global Change Biology.
He identified the broad patterns by examining and tracking important life events of more than 50,000 juvenile and hundreds of adult wood frogs over seven years and comparing the data to winter weather records. Biologists believe they breed after temperatures and precipitation reach a certain threshold over a number of days.
But the fluid between cells freezes, and the animals' heartbeat and breathing halts in subzero temperatures.
Image credit: Michael BenardBenard also found that more rain and snow appear to have a positive effect on egg production.
It turns out that although earlier breeding is triggered by warmer winters, when breeding occurs earlier, the pond water in which tadpoles develop is colder than if breeding took place in later spring. Mayer Chair in Urban and Environmental Studies and an assistant professor of biology at Case Western Reserve University. While many people just go through the motions of life, most of us need a sense of purpose to truly be happy. This outmoded approach is no longer relevant and will not provide long term growth results. Once you shift to this kind of staff development you will find staff more flexible, more satisfied and much more able to grow and change. LaSharnda Beckwith has an MBA with Distinction and a Masters of Arts in Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Development. Image credit: Michael Benard"Amphibians are one group for which it is important to understand the impacts of phenological shifts. The University of Michigan, the Michigan Society of Fellows and Case Western Reserve University provided support and funding for the research. But how do we create purpose in our lives, especially amidst the busyness of our modern world?Follow Your BlissThis sage advice from mythologist Joseph Campbell still rings true. She also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organization & Management with a specialization in Leadership.

They are declining globally, and climate change is predicted to be an increasingly important threat to amphibians in the coming years," said Benard, who began his wood frog study at six ponds in U-M's E.S. During breeding, each female lays all of her eggs in one mass, called a clutch, which makes egg counting possible. The reason is uncertain, but with climate change expected to increase rainfall in some regions, the effect could help counter potential losses associated with warming, according to Benard. If you are not exactly sure what you should be doing with your life, pay attention to what makes you happy. She takes a practical, biblical approach to define “real love” with true life examples and illustrations. Biologists there found that common wood frogs breed earlier and produce fewer eggs after warmer winters, and the tadpoles develop more slowly. George Reserve, a 1,300-acre research station in southwestern Livingston County, near Pinckney.
Pay attention to what makes you feel the most alive and gives you the feeling that you are exactly in the right place. Prior to SAGU, she worked for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service and retired as an executive in 2011. These are clues to your bliss, to your true purpose.Make Joy a PriorityLiving a life of purpose can get pushed to the wayside if we are always preoccupied with jobs, entertainment, and mundane responsibilities. She helps readers understand that love is unconditional and especially, it should never be based on physical appearance. The book shares strategies in helping readers to overcome being haters and start acting more like Jesus.
We need to make the pursuit of personal fulfillment and joy priorities our primary priorities. She identifies hateful things each person does unconsciously and teaches how to identify positive love behaviors.
Beckwith is also the CEO of Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group, a training, development and executive coaching organization and she is CEO of a non-profit organization, Professional Christian Women in Service.
When you are really connected to your purpose you may be engaged in a challenging task, but it will not feel arduous because it is aligned with your reason for being alive.Notice Where Your Excellence LiesAlong similar lines, think about your strengths, gifts, and talents. Beckwith has published two previous books, When You’re Happy With You and It’s Your Life; Own It. Being purposeful means actually doing the things that are important to you.Listen to Your FriendsSometimes we cannot see ourselves fully. They may be providing clues to your strengths, talents, and purpose.Consider What You Want People to Remember About YouAt the end of your life, will you want people to talk about how many hours you worked at your job?
While a bit morbid, thinking about how we want to be remembered can inspire us to actually make the contributions we want to offer to the world.Ask What Is Important to the WorldVery rarely are our true purpose is just about ourselves. If you are uncertain what to do with your time, think about what is needed in your community, your town, and the world. Choose one area of impact that feels important to you and fills a clear need in the world, and make a meaningful contribution in that arena.Remember Your Nine Year Old SelfAs adults our sense of purpose can get clouded by the day-to-day drudgery of life.
You might have to look long and hard at your priorities, and cut some activities out of your life, to make space for what truly matters.Humans are creatures of purpose. However distracted we might get by the details of life, we are meant to do what brings us joy and contributes to the world.
Developing purpose in your life means paying attention to what really matters to you, making it a priority, discovering your bliss, and following it. Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them.
Ron also is a believer in collaborating with many experts in their respective fields to give the MHLC audience access to their questions and answers from specialists and professionals.
Ron is committed to his own daily exercise with a combination of Yoga and weight bearing exercise.

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