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Overview - Best-selling author and TV infomercial star Harry Lorayne reveals his positive methods of developing a photographic memory, guiding readers to increase their memory tenfold and learn to recall anything, anytime, anywhere. I want to show you now, that you can start, immediately, to remember as you've never remembered before. Before going into the actual memorizing, I must explain that your trained memory will be based almost entirely on mental pictures or images. The first thing you have to do is to get a picture of the first item, "carpet," in your mind. I cannot stress, too much, the necessity of actually seeing this picture in your mind's eye, and making the mental image as ridiculous as possible. You realize, of course, that we are always associating the previous object to the present object.
Nowa€”"fish" and "chair"a€”see the gigantic fish sitting on a chair, or a large fish being used as a chair. Chair and Windowa€”See yourself sitting on a pane of glass (which gives you a pain) instead of a chair. Window and Telephonea€”See yourself answering the phone, but when you put it to your ear, it's not a phone you're holding, but a window. Telephone and Cigarettea€”You're smoking a telephone instead of a cigarette; or you're holding a large cigarette to your ear and talking into it instead of a telephone. Cigarette and Naila€”You're smoking a nail; or hammering a lit cigarette into the wall instead of a nail.
Nail and Typewritera€”You're hammering a gigantic nail right through a typewriter, or all the keys on your typewriter are nails and they're pricking your fingertips as you type-Typewriter and Shoea€”See yourself wearing typewriters instead of shoes, or you're typing with your shoes.
Plate and Donuta€”"See" yourself biting into a donut, but it cracks in your mouth for it's a plate. Donut and Automobilea€”You can "see" a large donut driving an automobile; or, see yourself driving a gigantic donut instead of a car.
Automobile and Coffee Pota€”A large coffee pot is driving a car, or you're driving a gigantic coffee pot instead of a car.
Coffee Pot and Bricka€”See yourself pouring steaming coffee from a brick instead of a coffee pot, or "see" bricks pouring from the spout of a coffee pot instead of coffee. I realize, of course, that we have all been brought up to think logically, and here I am, telling you to make illogical or ridiculous pictures.
Try to get one or more of the above into your pictures, and with a little practice you'll find that a ridiculous association for any two items will come to mind instantly. In later chapters you will learn some practical applications of the Link systema€”how it can help you to recall your daily schedule or errands, and how you can use it to help you remember speeches.
Of course, you can use the Link immediately to help you remember shopping lists, or to show off for your friends. The most impressive part of it, is that if your friend asks you to call off the items two or three hours later, you will be able to do it! When IBM, Google, Mellanox, NVIDIA and Tyan founded OpenPOWER Foundation three years ago, the initiative was supported by only two server manufacturers: Google, which builds servers for itself, and Tyan.
Last week IBM disclosed plans to expand the lineup of its Power LC servers that are based on the POWER8 microprocessors as well as Linux operating system. Wistron, which is another major Taiwan-based server ODM, is working with NVIDIA, IBM and Mellanox on a prototype of a 2-way IBM POWER8-based machine with four Tesla P100 accelerators aimed at HPC applications which we told you about last week. Speaking of E4, it naturally offers what it co-developed with Wistron: the E5 OP205 2-way 2U server with support for CAPI accelerators for various industries that require high-performance computing. Another noteworthy company, which is designing two POWER8-based servers, is China-based Inspur.
Undisclosed partners from OpenPOWER Foundation also helped Beijing Neu Cloud Oriental System Technology to develop the NL2200 2-way server that supports IBM POWER8 chips with up to 12 cores, up to 1 TB of memory, two GPU-based compute accelerators, two hard drives, a PCIe-based SSD as well as a 100 Gbps Infiniband adapter.
One more Chinese server maker, which demonstrated its products at OpenPOWER’s Summit last week, was Zoom Server. While three server makers from China is not a lot, keep in mind that OpenPOWER Foundation is only several years old and the vast majority of datacenter owners are not familiar with IBM’s POWER8 processors.
For example, Penguin Computing offers the Magna 2001 for software development, the Magna 1015 (1-way IBM POWER8) for Open Rack infrastructure and virtualization workloads as well as the Magna 2002 (2-way IBM POWER8, NVIDIA Tesla K80 or M40 accelerator) for accelerated computing and machine learning applications. It is also noteworthy that Google and Rackspace are already working on server architecture specification based on the upcoming IBM POWER9 microprocessors, which may indicate that the two companies are interested in the chip as well as the next-gen POWER servers. The Zaius server will be compatible with proposed Open Rack 48V and will be 1.25U in height. According to Google, many of its cloud services, including Gmail, are already processed by systems featuring IBM’s Power8 processors. A long-term commitment from companies like Google and Rackspace is not something to underestimate.
Traxxas Link is also a handy tool for finding the hobby shop or Traxxas retailer closest to you and pinpointing them on a map. Visit Supermicro at SC 2015 in Austin, TX, November 16th through the 19th at the Austin Convention Center, Booth #1518.
Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. I don't believe that anyone with an untrained memory can possibly remember twenty unassociated items, in sequence, after hearing or seeing them only once.

These mental pictures will be easily recalled if they are made as ridiculous as you can possibly make them. You are not, however, to stop and think for fifteen minutes to find the most illogical association; the first ridiculous one that comes to mind is usually the best to use. Since we have just used, "bed"; this is the previous, or the thing we already know and remember.
Or, you might see your window as a large telephone dial, and you have to lift the dial to look out the window.
Or, you might see yourself picking up the phone and a million cigarettes fly out of the mouthpiece and hit you in the face. If you have actually "seen" these mental pictures in your mind's eye, you will have no trouble remembering the twenty items in sequence, from "carpet" to "brick." Of course, it takes many times the length of time to explain this than to simply do it.
Unfortunately, it is the violent and embarrassing things that we all remember; much more so than the pleasant things. In my sample association between telephone and cigarette, I told you that you might see millions of cigarettes flying out of the mouthpiece, and hitting you in the face.
The objects to be remembered are actually linked one to the other, forming a chain, and that is why I call this the Link method of remembering.
If you want to try this as a memory stunt, have your friend call off a list of objects; have him write them down so that he can check you. Just think of the last item, that will recall the next to last item, and so on down, or rather, up the line. Compare your score now, with the score you had before you read this chapter on the Link method. In particular, the company intends to add Open Compute Project-compliant systems for big data analytics to the Power Systems LC portfolio, which will be important for the company as well as Open Compute Project in general. Another machine that Supermicro is working on is a 1U server featuring two IBM POWER8 processors, 512 GB of DDR4 memory, and either one NVIDIA Tesla K80 or two Alpha-Data KU3 CAPI adapters, as well as four hot-swap drive bays.
Adding Supermicro, one of the world’s largest producers of x86 servers, to the list of POWER8 suppliers is an important step for IBM.
Inventec, a major Taiwan-based ODM that sells, inter alia, servers to such companies as Dell and Lenovo, is also working on an OpenPOWER project. Such machine could be used for HPC and other applications and its development just shows that some China-based companies are investing into OpenPOWER. Therefore, the fact that Inspur and smaller companies are building POWER8-based systems could show potential and viable performance offered by such servers, but not that they are gaining market share just yet. The machine will not come online until the POWER9 CPUs are officially released by IBM in the roadmaps, but Google is already sharing some of its details. Apparently, the company finds performance of these CPUs competitive and IBM’s microprocessor roadmap promising, which is why it is co-developing POWER9-based server with Rackspace. It shows that two major users of servers plan to continue adopting IBM POWER-supporting software and hardware, thus, helping to create an alternative for Intel’s Xeon platform (which is important for the market in general). It doesnt say anything about the number of cores in that server, except that it is unknown.
As someone who is not really in the target market but care about technology and thinks competition in the industry is healthy, it's great to hear about these products and plans. The antenna and servo wires route neatly through a special watertight seal, and a custom blue O-ring seals the receiver box to protect the receiver from water. Even though you don't believe it either, you will accomplish just that if you read and study this chapter. Here are the twenty items that you will be able to memorize in sequence in a surprisingly short time. I've told you that your trained memory will consist mostly of ridiculous mental images, so let's make ridiculous mental images of the above twenty items! Don't just see the word, "carpet," but actually, for a second, see either any carpet, or, a carpet that is in your own home and is therefore familiar to you.
I'll give you two or more ways in which you might form your pictures with each pair of the twenty items. You could see yourself sticking your hand through a window pane in order to pick up the phone. Shoe and Microphonea€”You're wearing microphones instead of shoes, or, you're broadcasting into a large shoe. Each mental association must be seen for just the smallest fraction of a second, before going on to the next one. If you've ever been acutely embarrassed, or been in an accident, no matter how many years ago, you don't need a trained memory to remember it vividly. If you saw the cigarettes lit and burning your face, you'd have both action and exaggeration in your picture.
The entire Link method boils down to this:a€”Associate the first item to the second, the second to the third, third to the fourth, and so on. If when you try this you find that you are having trouble recalling the first item, I suggest that you associate that item to the person that's testing you. Moreover, major server producers, including Inventec, Supermicro, Wistron and some others are developing POWER8-based servers under the OpenPOWER initiative. In addition, Supermicro will develop two servers that will be sold under IBM’s Power LC brand.

Still, at present, it does not look like Supermicro plans to sell POWER8-based servers under its own brand directly.
The platform will be based on one IBM POWER8 CPU with NV-Link as well as two NVIDIA Tesla P100 compute accelerators. The first product, available today, is Wistron Polaris (co-developed with E4 Computer Engineering), a 2-way 2U system featuring IBM POWER8 CPUs with CAPI support.
The manufacturer is working on 1-way and 2-way 4U machines for new data center and big data applications. In the long term, this could help increase market share of IBM’s POWER8 platforms in datacenters. The Zaius will be based on two IBM POWER9 processors (with an unknown amount of cores) and will feature 32 DDR4 DIMM slots (which helps to double the amount of memory vs.
The receiver can be removed for service and aftermarket receivers can be installed without losing the sealing properties of the box. I have already told you that in order to remember anything, it must be associated in some way to something you already know or remember. You are to pick the one that you think is most ridiculous, or one that you've thought of yourself, and use that one association only. Microphone and Pena€”You're writing with a microphone instead of a pen, or you're broadcasting and talking into a giant pen. However, after doing it for just a little while, the first picture that comes to mind will be a ridiculous or illogical one. You still squirm a bit whenever you think of that embarrassing incident that happened years ago, and you probably can still describe in detail the facts of your accident.
For example, if "carpet" were the first item, you could "see" your friend rolled up in your carpet. The machine will also feature 16 DDR4 DIMMs (thanks to IBM’s Centaur memory buffer chip) and will thus support a lot of memory (at least, for a 1-way system). Not a lot of information is known about Inspur’s 2-way IBM POWER8 4U server, except the fact that it will support up to 2 TB of DDR3 memory (using 64 DIMMs). You are going to do that right now, and the items themselves will serve as the things you already remember. So you might picture yourself sleeping in a large bottle instead of a bed, or you might see yourself taking a snort from a bed instead of a bottle. Pen and Television seta€”You could "see" a million pens gushing out of the television screen, or pens performing on television, or there is a screen on a gigantic pen and you're (I can't resist this pun) watch-ink a television show on it. Why not try making your own list of objects and memorizing them in the way that you have just learned. Also, if on first trying this as a stunt, you do forget one of the items, ask what it is and strengthen that particular association. Inventec’s POWER8-based platform is designed primarily for high-performance computing (HPC) and it remains to be seen in what form it will actually reach the market (and whether it will reach it at all).
Later on, Wistron plans to offer its Polaris Plus, which will resemble the machine co-developed with IBM and NVIDIA: it will feature two POWER8 processors with NVLink as well as four NVIDIA Tesla accelerators featuring Pascal architecture. The thing you now already know or remember is, "paper," therefore the next step is to associate or Link, paper to the next item on the list, which is, "bottle". Television set and Platea€”Picture your television screen as one of your kitchen plates, or see yourself eating out of the television set instead of out of a plate, ora€”you're eating out of a plate, and seeing a television show in the plate while you eat. You either didn't use a ridiculous enough association, or you didn't see it in your mind, or you would not have forgotten it.
Right now, this is only a motherboard project, therefore, it could be a prototype for evaluation by customers, or a prototype for an undisclosed interested party (which is also interesting, given Inventec’s list of customers).
Finally, the company is working on the Dark King project, a 4-way 4U server with POWER8 CPUs, 128 DIMMs (and several terabytes of memory) and CAPI support.
Such compatibility will let Google and Rackspace deploy NVIDIA’s Tesla processors more broadly than today. After you've strengthened your original association, you'll be able to rattle off the items from first to last.
What is important is that the POWER9 are also expected to bring support for PCIe 4.0 next year, which means higher bandwidth for storage and various accelerators.
You will see that you will go right through all the items without missing or forgetting any of them. You might see yourself reading a gigantic bottle instead of a paper, or writing on a gigantic bottle instead of on paper.
Or, you might picture a bottle pouring paper out of its mouth instead of liquid; or a bottle made out of paper instead of glass. Take my word for the fact that if your association is a logical one, you will not remember it. Pick the association which you think is most ridiculous and see it in your mind's eye for a moment.

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