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Are you teaching kids–by word and deed–that they are more than their physical presentation? By the time kids are four and five years old, it is not unusual for them to start making comments about their own or others’ bodies. When kids make negative comments, such as, “I have a big belly” or “That person is so fat,” there is a tendency among parents to ignore this, hush it or say it is not true. When your child is faced with a problem in any capacity having to do with body image, you are on a road together to support the child. If you as a parent, have in the past, or are presently struggling with body image issues, one of the most important and profound things you can do is to admit these challenges—and acknowledge how this may affect the way you speak to your kids.You need to ask your child, “Do I say things that annoy you about the way you eat or how you look? For better or for worse, all of the adults in your child’s life, including teachers, can affect his or her self-esteem. Children must never be allowed to tease others about their looks or make comments about another child’s appearance. The Girl and Boy World will inevitably attempt to convince your children that they must conform to a specific way of looking and acting.
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Satya is the second of the moral rules or yamas described by the sage Patanjali in his yoga sutras. If we think in one way, speak in a different way and act in another way, what would we become?
To practice satya all we need to do is to make sure that our thoughts, speech and actions reflect the truth and have them coordinated and focused in the same direction. Since satya is part of the yamas, the self-restraints or "don'ts" from the yoga sutras the actual interpretation is "not-lying". When we tell lies our words are not in line with our thoughts or with our actions, we then create fears and become insecure because we are unable to assume responsibility for our actions or because we are unable to confront the truth about ourselves, about others or about external events.
Whenever we say that we will do something in the future but when the time comes we find excuses to not do it we actually weaken our will power, we loose our self confidence and others loose their trust in our words. Practice satya by making the best efforts to do that which you said you will do, even if you've said it quietly and only to yourself. By developing the habit of committing to our words we create in us the conviction that whatever we decide to do we will certainly accomplish and if for some reason we are unable to accomplish what we wanted to achieve, even though we've made our best efforts, then we will know that life has better plans for us, new doors will be opened, new opportunities will be given to us or a new path will appear on our way. Make sure that your actions reflect whatever values, believes or moral principles you have in your life.
Satya is also honesty and honesty starts by being honest with ourselves, by being true to ourselves.
To put this in practice we need to ask ourselves if we are really doing what we love doing or if we are doing only what others expect us to do. I'm not saying that you need to quit your job and leave everything behind to do what you love to do, although I've been fortunate enough to be able to take that path. The fact is that sometimes, for one reason or another, people don't express the truth about the real motive of their behavior. If you want to know more about listening to the voice of your heart then I recommend you to read this inspiring blog post written by my dear friend Lakshya-ji: "The Light Within You". Practicing satya means to be authentic, to remove all our masks and express ourselves as who we really are.
A higher understanding of satya or truthfulness is to constantly be aware of our true nature and of our inner potential, remembering that we are not just the body, nor the mind or the senses but the unlimited Soul, there is truly a Divine power within ourselves. To put satya or truthfulness in practice the yogis remind us that ahimsa or non-violence comes before satya. So telling the truth or being authentic doesn't mean that we need to ignore the feelings of those around us. There are no right answers here, you'll need to use your own discrimination when confronted with a similar situation, the important thing to remember is to be truthful but at the same time be loving. It's important to keep in mind that satya needs to be practiced even in the smallest of details like arriving to an appointment or an event at the time that we said we will be there, even if it is just meeting friends in a bar (yes, I can still go to a bar). You might think that this is an exaggeration but I believe that consciously or unconsciously our thoughts always become part of our reality, what we need to keep in mind is that our thoughts are ruled by the believes stored in our unconscious mind so to ensure that whatever we say comes to realization, including our dreams, we need to align our believes with our words and with our actions. We can certainly manifest all our dreams, the problem is that not only our dreams become true but so do our fears. If you have a dream that you want to accomplish but deep within you think "I don't deserve it", "that's impossible for me", "I don't have the talent" and so on, well that's exactly what you will manifest in your life, 100% guaranteed! So whenever you say that you will do something your first task should be to examine your fears, examine your beliefs and make sure that they don't create obstacles but rather support the dreams that you want to achieve. I also have experience treating Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Addictions, and also provide Career Counseling.
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This online course is designed and made very well done, of course a lot of valuable video materials and content that are really communicative. One of the babies first ventured out into the sunshine on exhibit with the others at only three weeks old. Parents should educate their children in age-appropriate ways about withstanding the pressures of the Girl and Boy World, and developing a healthy body image. For example, when you are watching TV, listening to the music your kids like, or talking about their friends and the people they gravitate towards, use it as an opportunity to help your children think critically about what they are learning in those moments.
They may say things, such as, “I have a big belly” or “That person is so fat.” As soon as your child starts making comments or asking questions about how people look, you must consider this an opportunity to talk about people’s differences.
The problem with this strategy is that children are still going to believe what they see—but they just won’t have the opportunity to talk about it. Even if your daughter doesn’t want to be a contestant, others will look at her as if she is. A parent’s sacred responsibility is to ask themselves difficult questions about themselves and their own behavior.
A helpful adult can pierce the notion that it is normal to feel self-loathing and that you are nothing unless you look a certain way.
Even if a parent, teacher or other adult does not have the expertise to help a child who is suffering from a problem with body image or an eating disorder, the relationship they have with the child serves as a bridge to encourage them to take the enormous risk of asking for help. While it is extremely difficult to completely protect your children from these influences, it is vital for parents to help their children develop confidence and a positive self-image.
Imagine for a moment if your words were so powerful that whatever you say with intention would come true; you could basically achieve whatever you wish, you could manifest all your dreams.
In short, to put satya into practice we just need to tell the truth and act with honesty and integrity at all times.
By not having coordination between our thoughts, speech and actions we create conflicts within ourselves, our mental energy becomes dissipated and we loose our self-confidence.
In this sense to practice satya all we need to do is not to tell lies, by not telling lies we are practicing satya. It's very disappointing to be around somebody who says believing in one thing but who acts in a totally different way.
A way to practice this is by doing what we really love to do cause what is true for us is what feels good deep inside, the wish of our hearts. The difference between a person who achieves his dreams and somebody who doesn't is that the first one knows this truth and therefore removes all fears and disbelieves aligning his deep thoughts with what he really wants and the latter instead becomes a victim of his fears manifesting exactly what he doesn't want.
How can we make our words so powerful that whatever we say or will becomes part of our reality? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and in such a way that we can really apply it to our lives!!! The article is called How do you develop confidence when you have nothing to be confident about?
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Not only that - they have gotten confident enough to attempt snagging their food right from the grown ups, as seen in the video below! The lessons are not only about how they define “beautiful,” but also about how they can be convinced that they will never physically match up – pretty enough, masculine enough – to what they are “supposed” to be.
Never ignore these issues or respond with common, yet often ineffective responses, such as, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way,” “Those people are just insecure,” or “People should see you for what you are on the inside, and if they don’t they’re not worth it.”Instead, tell your children that they are beautiful, but also allow them to talk about how and why they are feeling like they are not good enough. However, the reality is that even those girls and boys feel like they are never good enough, or they feel like they would be nothing if that facade were taken away.Many kids feel as if they never measure up.
Explain that just like people can have different skin colors, people also come in different sizes and that is just the way they are.If your child is making negative comments about his or her self at this age, you can respond with, “You have a beautiful body.

Consequently, it is left up to kids on the playground to talk about it and define how to treat people based on how they look. As a result, we must teach our girls to socialize effectively without engaging in that competition.All of us, but particularly adolescents, tend to focus on what other people think about them—and pleasing and conforming to what other people want. This means examining your beliefs about how your own self-worth is determined by your body image, and the messages that you have imparted about that to your child.This is important not only for parents who have eating issues or are struggling with their weight, but also for parents who may come across as degrading in the things they say--even if they mean well.
What’s a better way for me to talk to you about this?”And if your child sees you doing anything—small concrete things—that reflect your thoughtfulness about this, as well as your commitment to helping them and helping yourself, that is profoundly meaningful to them. It may be common, but it doesn’t mean it is right.You must allow your kids to have conversations that make you uncomfortable. This means that regardless of your game or lack thereof, most of the time you will be rejected. If you have any other tips please don't hesitate to share them in the comment section of this post. Of course we all have our faults, nobody is perfect, we just need to keep this in mind and do our best to "walk the talk".
For this we need to do some self study and find out what kind of self limiting beliefs, fears, prejudices and self judgements are stopping us from breaking ourselves free and become authentic.
Is our behavior authentic or our we suppressing ourselves because of what others might think or say? The words that we say and the way that we say them can have a big influence in the people that hears them. This is the secret to make your words so potent that whatever you say or will comes to realization. Eliminate the fear within you, because the fear will only complicate your life to achieve happiness. This video and ebook based online course is designed to teach you the principles keys to grow and increase your self-esteem and confidence, so that you can begin to improve the outlook and way of thinking in your life while achieving a higher level of self-satisfaction.
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Meerkats are highly social and live groups called mobs, which made up of as many as three family groups (up to 30 individuals total).
Sit with these uncomfortable feelings, so you can get to a place where your child feels that he or she is not weak talking about it, and that everyone has to deal with these feelings of insecurity.The very process of talking with your child goes a long way toward being able to withstand the pressures of Girl and Boy World, and toward developing healthy body image. And it is easy to get to a place of, “I’m worthless unless I fit this impossible ideal in my head.” As soon as this happens, kids are on the path to low self-esteem. And that’s even more harmful because it will probably be in the context of teasing, shame or embarrassment.
You are taking the risk to change, which is one of the most important things for your child to be able to see because it will be so much easier for them to take that same leap themselves. You'll also have the opportunity to work on your conversational skills, because I really hope your goal is not to eventually be able to approach girls willy-nilly and ask for their digits.
This course really will take you on a journey that you will enjoy being in it, you will be able to see the major problems that you experienced and how to change them, and then you can restore and boost your confidence. And what is more important than what you weigh or look like, is how you eat, eating nutritious food, and being physically active.”Also read children’s books to your kids on the topic of body image. Would you care if a random guy you didn't know decided he didn't particularily like you? This is having integrity and it's a really important practice to make your words powerful, don't underestimate it's power. The confidence has been shown to significantly reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in your life, and improve a person’s ability to think clearly in making decisions that are important in everyday life. Taylor, teaches kids to accept themselves, treat one another with compassion and embrace their uniqueness.
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