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This is one of the latest articles I have just published on Ezine, please feel free to use and share the affirmations. If you look at any of your problem areas in your life, you’ll probably find they are rooted in faulty and limited beliefs, imbedded deeply in our subconscious mind.
These negative and dis-empowering beliefs, are the reason our life does not work as well as we would like it to; they are the barriers and blockages that stop us from reaching our full potential.
I believe these are the source of our self-sabotage, and through daily affirmations and declarations we are able to imprint in our mind a new way of thinking, new beliefs that are empowering, boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence. We are re-programming our subconscious mind through daily repetitions of these affirmations, and remember that every new belief needs time and attention to flourish.
Affirmations can be used for immediate, short-term results as well, when you want to influence and redirect the thoughts that occur in your conscious mind.
For example, in a situation where you are feeling stressed, tense or upset, you can repeat an affirmation such as, “I feel calm and relaxed.
I have put together 27 of the most powerful affirmations and declarations that I have come across, specifically to boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence. You can choose to start with the ones that fit you best, and rotate them daily or weekly, whatever is appropriate for you. If you want to learn more about How To Increase Self-Confidence and How To Succeed In Life, please visit my website and get the FREE Mini E-mail Course and Discover the 7 BEST Steps to Build Your Self Confidence …  FREE!
Dr Camelia Furlan is a Dental Surgeon, Author, Entrepreneur, Transformational Life Coach and Speaker. This entry was posted in Feminine power, Women's Wellness and tagged boost self-esteem, daily affirmations, develop self-confidence, empower. The good news, however, is that nothing is holding you back from being successful at a young age.
When children make their own age-appropriate choices, they feel more powerful and therefore more confident.
In the end, our job as parents is to raise happy children and the work starts when our children are very young. I would go to social events and exercise my super power by posing my burning questions to friends and strangers alike. Most of all, though, I would use my super power to listen to the voices that I hear in my own head, from the loud inner critic, the large ego full of opinions, and the years of social conditioning and upbringing; and I would be able to tell, without a shadow of a doubt, the lies from the truths. I grew up in Tehran, and witnessed not only the horrible 1979 Iranian revolution but also the terrible war that ensued between Iran and Iraq. Mostly, I remember the way our teachers would brainwash our small little minds and fill it with the new regime’s lies. I moved to America when I was 15 years old, and today, even though I know the difference between a lie and the beautiful truth, some days the inner critic returns and insists on the lie. The simplest and most powerful thing you can do to make that happen is believe in yourself.
There is a difference between improving the person you are to be the best that you can be—a lifetime journey that we all share—and not being enough as a human being. Yes, you deserve happiness in abundance, and the funny thing is you cannot have happiness while you hold on to the lie.
It takes reading one inspirational biography or life story to switch you out of this mindset, so pick your favorite hero and go. Then we hear success stories of those who did not let any disadvantage dictate their success, those who blatantly ignored their shadows, shunned their current circumstances and defined their new future with brilliant colors! How you define wealth is your business, just know that how you feel about it will affect your confidence. Telling yourself the truth can be the best habit you can develop, and asking questions and talking things through with yourself can be the easiest and quickest way to establish this habit. The great realization that I am not my emotions and that me ego is the creator and instigator of lies has been truly transformational. Farnoosh, I shared your article on FB and pinned it on Pinterest and printed it for myself! Be happy, love yourself, know that you deserve the best of everything, and treat yourself well!  These are the lessons I’ve learned. I was worship associate at my church January 1st (Unitarian Universalist of the Cumberland Valley, Boiling Springs, PA) and I spoke on a subject near and dear to me as a manager, trainer, salesperson, evaluator, and human being…. Thank you for this article…this may in fact save me and be one step closer to making my dreams come true ( and sharing it with everyone).

And having just come back from yoga, where at the beginning of class I am always tired and at the end I am on top of the world, I can’t agree more on that front with you :)! I really enjoyed this article, I am trying to practice everything that you covered in the article, this year has been a year of great change in my life, a life that was very dark and sad for a while, and I am still working on telling myself that I do deserve happiness that it is ok to feel happy and not to be scared of having this happy feeling, everyday I am trying to accept myself, my body for what it is , letting go of that feeling of what do people think of me if I look a certain way.. Thanks you so much for this!  I’m going to save this away to help me as I work on these things!
If you are interested in more great parenting information from Our Kids you can subscribe to our newsletter. TweetSummer camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn important life skills, such as how to get along with others, how to overcome challenges, and how to be strong leaders. Self-confidence and psychiatrist, gain self-confidence, develop self-confidence - Let go of your hang-ups!
If you feel really overwhelmed by a feeling of inferiority that you associate with a particular hang-up, go and seek medical advice.If you're convinced that your happiness would be complete without those under-eye bags, see a specialist (dermatologist or beauty therapist).
Because they are in the subconscious mind, often you are not aware that they are the source of your thoughts and actions. Not the half-truth, the white lies, or the other grey in between, but the pure, beautiful, and unadulterated truth.
I would walk around in public places, eavesdrop on conversations, and know immediately if someone is lying or being honest. I would sit in the courtrooms of the world, and know instantly if the victim is lying or telling the truth. Even though I was very small, I remember the horror, the bombings, the sirens, and the oppression. I remember that our families needed to play it safe while still helping us draw some faint distinction between those lies and the truth. Most of all, they bruise our self-esteem, crush our self-confidence, and leave us looking for it everywhere except the very place that we will find it: within ourselves. The great thing about love is its abundance—it does not run out—and you can start with the first rule of confidence, which is to love thyself. Every human being—all seven billion of us—is born with unique fingerprints and unique voices. If we had great failure in the past, we let it define our identity and severely limit our potential for any future success.
Some define it in the strength of their finances and some with the depth of their inner peace, and for some, one leads to the other. Your reward is a renewed, strong and solid sense of confidence in yourself and your amazing abilities!
After her corporate career, she started Prolific Living which she now runs with her husband. But of course I had to do some real uncomfortable work before I was able to meditate or even love myself enough to sit quietly in a room. It’s difficult sometimes though trying to help others transform into that perspective.
I didn’t mean to make you cry but if it was with a breakthrough, I am So happy to hear it! Meditation is a blessing, and even if it takes some discipline to put into practice, like you see and believe, it’s worth every bit of that effort. Part of why we blame this is just force of culture and habit – so we just have to learn to break the patterns. If I see her as a liar and her words as LIES, I can more easily push her words aside…then I am ready for truth. It takes a lot of vigilance and self-awareness to notice the lies and to have the presence of mind to challenge them.
I’ve read this thoughtful comment twice and am still at a a loss for words on how to add to it. The inner critic or even the ego does all of that to perhaps give us the illusion of control in this world. But once you can forget your past and say yes I can do it and I will and start working on yourself loveing your self been honest you see the difference and the light when you love yourself you will be able to accept love ! I’ve been conflicted all day with an ongoing issue in my life and this article really connected with me. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.

Striving to unlock talents of human resources & promote leadership development in youth.
Confidence is a belief in your ability to master your body, behavior and the challenges you encounter in the world. It might seem like odd advice, but knowing how to properly address a person, shake hands or even set a table can give your child a kick-start to building self-confidence.
How they live will also depend on whether we have been able to rise above our own stress and anxiety as well as our urge to control our children. If you can love yourself deeply and truly, you will generate plenty of love for the world around you, and you will start to see yourself as entirely worthy of love in return.
Can we walk into a new light, no matter what our past may have been and what our current circumstances suggest?
Sometimes it just seems so much easier to accept them…But what a sad, lonely and confined life that would be.
You know, for me, it has been really challenging to come face-to-face with what you explain here because my belief system was so flawed, so harsh, so unkind to the self. I practice a lot of yoga and letting go in every yoga pose ironically brings us close to where we want to be … so perhaps at their base, there are parallels among all things that are good for us. Or rather, my hubby notices me saying something rubbish to myself and reminds me of what I know – the gap between what we know and what we do, right?
I know deep down that I am blocking my happiness because I seem to reach a peak during the week and by weekend, I’ve completely talked myself out of it. This is getting into me like some angel whispering to my ears!  Sorry, don’t get me wrong but I just want to tell you how much this gave me a dose of hope. It’s scary to shut those voices up though because once they do, you don’t know what to do with your life! If our children believe in themselves, they will take more risks in life, accomplish their goals and achieve great things. In fact, if we tell children they are exceptionally smart and talented, they are easily discouraged when something is too difficult for them. As a parent, you need to guide your children in their problem-solving efforts, but do not do the task for them. While each child is different, if parents follow these general guidelines, it will help to build their child's confidence. Nobody has to give them permission so they can live out their dreams and make waves in their own life and many around them.
Try this: Make your body tall and open with your shoulders down, back straight and head up. If we do not overly praise our children, they will be more motivated to work harder when faced with challenges.
Sometimes, when they are facing frustrations, it can be an excellent opportunity for them to develop feelings of confidence, competence and mastery.
Parents can help improve a child's self-confidence by giving their children many opportunities to practice and master their skills.
This helps them feel more valuable and channels their energy into desirable behaviour and teaching skills. Let them make mistakes and be there to boost their spirits so they keep trying, even if they sometimes fail. Your child must think of himself as being someone who can make things happen and who is worthy of love.
Stand by and be helpful but keep your hands to yourself except to give appropriate encouragement. I think that story really made this blog click for me because your situation as a child was a little more intense than my own childhood, but it made me realize that regardless of where you live or what you are told as a child, you’re innocent and words stick with you in a profound way. If you don't know where to start, here are the most effective ways to help your children become happy, self-assured, and successful.

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