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According to the science of Spirituality, we do not need a special time and place to chant the Name of God. Both the Universe and time have been created by God and hence the God principle is present in both of them all the time. We also gain access to Goda€™s Divine energy (Shakti)A  when we chant His Name regardless of the time we chant it. Chanting when performing daily activities is superior to chanting done seated in one place or at only a given time.
According to the science of Spirituality, this is true, however by doing so it increases the Sattva component within us only by .0001%.
The reason behind this statement is that, when we chant the Name of God while performing worldly activities, continuity of spiritual practiceA (sadhana)A is maintained. The reason being theA Sattva component in the atmosphere is relatively higher than at any other time of the day and therefore it makes it easier to chant. It is more advisable for a seeker of God to choose a time and place as per his temperament when his chanting will occur at its best.

The power of mantra meditation is it focuses our mind so that it is no longer cluttered with distracting thoughts. This is believed to be the sound that was made at the start of the universe or what we would call the big bang.
But, generally it is best to practice mantra meditation in the morning just after working or in the afternoon between the hours of four and six o’clock. However, it is recommended that you choose somewhere that is quiet and that you won’t be disturbed.
As a result, with the continued spiritual practice of chanting the Name, one maintains communion with God in all circumstances. Hence if one is not used to getting up early it is not necessary that one should force oneself to get up at dawn to chant. It is normal to get distracted or for your mind to wander when performing mantra meditation. The only thing you have to do is bring your mind back to the mantra when you noticed that you have become distracted.

Below you can find a step-by-step guide to the best way to practice medicine mantra meditation and your own home. That you are not able to keep with your word or phrase the entire time does not mean that you’re a bad meditator. In order to be successful with mantra meditation is simply need to notice when your mind is wandering and bring your attention back to your mantra.
If you have other people in the house, such as family members, then you might want a select a time such as first thing in the morning or late in the evening when everyone else is in bed.
It is better to get started with a simple mantra as suggested above then spend a lot of time selecting the right one.

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