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VISHNUVARDHANRAO DONGER - PERSONALA I am a self disciplined and highly devotional and duty minded person and totally dependent on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba' grace and blessings.
When I am in Hyderbad I do not miss this important service as part of my Personal Sadhana and to keep health in good condition. This had influenced me and I started doing this (not the needle and water cup) and not wasting a single grain (rice) while eating and I do not remember the date but I have been doing this and while eating I do not waste a single rice grain.A 2)A  2) Once in Brisbane I attended Shivaratri Bhajan (it was from 6 pm to 12 am) and two Shiva Lingams were placed on both ladies and gents side (one each side) and everyone had to go and do Milk Abhishekam and place Bilwa leaves and while Youth (some Swami Students) were chanting a€?Rudra Gayathria€? in the form of a Bhajan with music etc.

La mejor meditacion guiada para dormir -Combate el insomnio, estres y ansiedad - Martin Laplace.
Nagara Sankeertana is a self-sadhana and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba talked many times about the importance of this early morning service.By Bhagawan immense grace and blessings I completed 90 days of Nagara Sankeertan and this is posted only to share with Sai brothers and sisters and encourage others to take up this service.
That is all-I was simply attracted and when I landed in Hyderabad, I discussed with my family and immediately staterd this.

We start Radio Sai at around 8 am and listen Vedam, Bhajan and when Harathi is offered, we all join in House to offer Harathi to beloved Bhagawan.i»?Copyright 2012 VISHNUVARDHANRAO DONGER.

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