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De naam Softonic en het bijbehorende logo zijn gedeponeerde merken van SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A. We maken gebruik van eigen cookies en cookies van derden om de kwaliteit van onze service en uw ervaring te verbeteren. At 8pm local time on January 8th, 2013, Nintendo held a small Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan.
By around 7:18 in the video above, Nintendo switched focus to announce a brand new step in the Pokemon series.

Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy.
This game keeps everyone from 6-90 years old entertained through the entire game, even the non-football fans. Dit is onder meer om advertenties te personaliseren, social media-functies aan te bieden en ons webpaginaverkeer te analyseren. Thank you for providing a great service and product for the success of my event!" -Rebecca H.

Ook delen wij gegevens over uw gebruik van onze site met onze social media-, advertentie- en analysepartners. You can watch the entire thing in English above (find just the new trailer at the base of this post).

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