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To call attention to the Tell, I used Google Earth's elevation readout along with its Add Path function to create elevation contours spaced at 25 feet intervals.
Tell Madaba Archaeological Project (TMAP) area of interest is identified by the dark-red square. Subsolar point is the position on the Earth’s surface where the Sun is directly overhead at noon.
The IsatHub iSavi Global Satellite Hotspot is Broadband 384 Kbps Internet and phone for smartphones, tablets and laptops. The iSavi uses the Inmarsat IsatHub network for global connectivity for any smart device or laptop.
The feature list is long so we recommend reading the IsatHub Documentation for more information.
Internet speeds are comparable to cellular networks at up to 384 Kbps down, and 240 Kbps up.
IsatHub Voice is another free app available from Apple or Google Play that enables you to use your smart device to make and receive voice calls through iSavi's satellite phone number. Since all Apps on your smart device will be supported, you don't need to change any settings to check and receive your mail using your mail client app. Service for the iSavi is less than traditional BGAN services from $2.79 to $5 per Megabyte transferred. The IsatHub iSavi is a lightweight portable satellite terminal for broadband Internet and phone service to your smartphone, as well as any tablet or laptop. The IsatHub battery shown here, may be disconnected with a button push and a simple twist. On top of the IsatHub iSavi are two indicators that visually display where to point the terminal to find the Inmarsat satellite. In direct sunlight, press the button on the side (next to the LEDs) for the audible tone pointer. The IsatHub Control App provides real-time feedback of signal strength to help you point the terminal with the highest signal strength possible.

From any web browser, you may connect to the iSavi web interface and review past usage of the iSavi terminal. The iSavi terminal has shown to operate on the open ocean as long as the waters are fairly calm and the boat is not turning.
Pressing the small button on the battery displays the power level remaining indicator (3 out of 4 LEDs means the remaining power is at approximated at 75% from fully charged). On the front of the IsatHub is an elevation indicator, which is not necessary to use, however, the pointing assist screens inside the web interface or control app will show you what elevation to set the stand at (if you are placing iSavi on perfectly level ground). Simply point the iSavi toward one of the three satellites using the intuitive pointing lights, and the iSavi connects with the Inmarsat network and starts a Wi-Fi network for your smart devices to connect to. SMS Messaging is also available in the IsatHub Voice App using your new satellite phone number.
The two buttons shown above are for power (left) and audible signal tone (right, for pointing assist while in sunlight). So long as there is line-of-sight to a satellite, the terminal may be located indoors pointing out a door or window. Extra and extended power batteries will soon be available for those that need longer service times. These two indicators (elevation and azimuth directions) allow for quick and easy pointing of the terminal by anyone. A connection from a cruise ship balcony does require line-of-sight to a stationary satellite, so it may require going to a top deck. According to the Google Earth Digital Elevation Model (GE DEM) the highest elevation on the mound is 2624 feet (800 meters). If the vertical rays of the Sun and the latitude in question are in opposite hemispheres, add both latitudes together to determine the arc distance.
All of your applications installed on your laptop or smart devices may connect at broadband speeds to the Internet. You have the option of adding a local phone number to your iSavi IsatHub so anyone can call you.

Stationary satellites are great for maintaining a connection and avoiding disconnections that are prevalent in moving satellite services such as Iridium. On the image below, the mound is coincident with the ovoid contour line in the center of the black one-mile-square box.
If both are in the same hemisphere, subtract the smaller from the larger latitude to determine the arc distance. This new ultra-portable satellite technology uses the new less expensive IsatHub service to create a global WiFi Hotspot from most anywhere on the planet.
You can also forward your cell number to this local number when you know you will be out of cellular coverage.
To calculate the solar altitude on September 22nd or March 20th in San Francisco, first determine the arc distance. Use the tick marks at the top of the dish mast, and rotate dish to the right one tick mark at a time, pausing for three to five seconds at each mark.
If you do not hear the tone, start again, but rotate the dish to the left until the tone is heard.
Turn up the volume or ask someone to stand by the TV and relay information to you about strength levels. However, the quality of your television picture is no less when the strength is as low as 60. If you have a multisatellite system, it is strongly recommended you hire a professional installer. Our editorial staff presents breaking news, in-depth analysis and cutting-edge content around the clock.

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