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Of course, all the songs here will stay up for your enjoyment – some might even be made into videos in the near future. Thanks to Rachelle for the mini-commission to get this Intergalactic piano part written out. I think you should write a song about a man ordering a burrito and being extremely intimidated by the size of it.
Oh, and we found out about her first meeting with her friend Kim Kardashian's baby North West. Generally, when I’m traveling with my son he travels with me everywhere so its not about me being comfortable its about him being comfortable so I have an iPad, a DS, fruit snacks, fruit, anything to keep him occupied. Only when he was younger just because you know with newborns he's tired and cranky and you can’t calm him down and I feel for parents now when everyone is giving them dirty looks.

Baggage Claim hits theaters September 27th.  Part 2 of our Advice From Married Women featurette will be posted tomorrow with LaLa's co-star Paula Patton!
Things are getting bigger and better and I hope you’ll stay on this magic carpet ride with me forever!
The music should be Celtic techno, or any other blend of two genres that would not be caught eating a burrito together. Poor kid sitting on a plane for five or six hours is a long time and we travel often between LA and New York. If you could write a song about her with her beautiful light blue eyes, long brown hair, and great athletic body, that would be awesome.
Most of the times, the best relationships are based on friendships I would look for a guy that is my best friend that I could be my true self with, that I can strip it all down and be comfortable with.

We’ve managed to figure out our schedules and Kiyan is traveling with one of us at all times and I just like it how it is right now. I also find an airplane is a time for us to really talk and there’s no interruptions and just really have fun with each other.
So i feel like if me and him were traveling, me and him would laugh at everyone and anything the entire time. It could be the simplest thing -- sending texts just constantly making the person you’re with feel good.

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