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Girl Talk is a fun, faith-based mentoring program for middle school girls designed to build self-worth and promote wise choices. Helen Forgasz received funding from the Australian Research Council for the research project reported in this article. The National Centre for Women in Information Technology (IT) reported in 2012 on the lack of interest girls show in IT and how they are less likely to pursue a career in IT than boys. To address this we developed a one-semester teaching curriculum designed to excite girls' interest in technology, improve their confidence and encourage them to study IT further. For example, the girls made movies from writing stages through to editing, created logos for the program (called Digital Divas), using a range of software, and used design skills for menus and recipes at a fitness club. The program ran for four years as an elective for 14 to 16-year-old girls in nine Victorian state secondary schools and one NSW independent school. Over the four years we collected data from the girls through surveys before (265 responses) and after (199 responses) the program, from pre- and post-program focus groups and interviews with all the teachers.
We also ran focus groups involving 33 girls 12 to 24 months after they completed the program. The girls said the classroom atmosphere was more conducive to learning without boys, particularly because they were not dealing with boys disrupting the class. The girls felt they could talk to each other about their work and the other girls would understand.
Compared to a maths class, or a science class, there’s boys that keep on talking and talking, and the teacher doesn’t focus on you.
The teachers found they could do things differently, the atmosphere in the class was better, they were more selective about what they taught and could focus more on what engaged the girls. I think that they found that they could try to achieve more things because there weren’t boys in the room. The girls were more aware of IT as a good career for women and were less likely to believe it to be a geeky, solitary profession.
Overall we have been able to demonstrate that an exciting curriculum designed around girls’ interests taught in an all-girl environment can improve the confidence of girls’ with IT and change their perception of IT. A young girl from Kenya’s Pokot tribe weeps as she’s led away from her home by her future husband’s family. I can see women on the ellipticals and treadmills behind my reflection. Their thighs do not rub together like mine as they exercise. I catch myself comparing my body to theirs, no longer as confident as Meghan Trainor shaking it in her pretty pastel outfits. It is in those single moments, the moments where I can feel my muscles working, see them take shape that I believe in their power.

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Amanda Reed wishes she could be a student for life and will start graduate school in Fall 2015 for a masters in American and British Literature. For a long time, Arjanellis Velazquez didn't share her thoughts or feelings with her father. But every since the Bloomfield girl, now 9, started going to camp through the help of the Greater Newark Fresh Air Fund, her dad says he's seen a big change.
For Velazquez, who works long hours as a truck driver to support his child, the Fund provides his daughter with a safe, fun place to be during the hot summer days, while allowing him to keep his job and save the $130 per week he would otherwise have to spend on a babysitter.
Thanks to camp, she said she isn't afraid of heights any more, not since she successfully completed the camp's adventure climbing course. Snakes don't bug her either, not since a camp instructor helped her pet a snake, and even let it slither up her arm. Echoing his daughter, Velazquez said the fact that camp allows his daughter to keep learning through the summer is another reason he's grateful she will have the opportunity to go. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need!
Age-by-Age Guide to Helping Your Shy Child Thriveby Erin DowerNot every person is cut out to be a social butterfly.
Should I Worry About My Child's Shyness"Shyness is the tendency to feel awkward, worried, or tense during social encounters, especially with unfamiliar people," according to the American Psychological Association.
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Our research found one reason for this is the curriculum and the way girls are taught with and about technology. The results from the text responses from the post-program survey and focus groups showed that the all-girl classes were valuable for a number of reasons. Of the seven co-educational schools, five teachers commented on the value of the all-girl class.
We asked girls before they undertook the Digital Divas class how confident they were with computers and how confident they were after the class.
Afterwards, girls’ interest in IT had increased and their interest in studying IT also increased further.
In the pre-program survey 43% of girls said IT was a boring job and 21% said they would not like a job in IT.

Their tight pants do not highlight any cellulite and their small shirts betray no love handles. I also see a woman bigger than I am, working hard and seeming to pay no attention to the others. I know I will have moments where I am not confident in the body that I have, where I get discouraged and want to give up. She goes to school, and does real good," he said, adding his goal is for Arjanellis to go to college. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, shyness that becomes debilitating may be a sign of an anxiety disorder, which may require help from a mental health professional. This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten. The schools were required to run the program as an all-girl class and all participating schools did. The boys, the girls believe, put them down when they are trying to do something or to express an idea.
They reflected on the fact that they did not have to deal with as many behavioural issues, which enabled them to spend more time with the girls and extend their knowledge and skills. The results indicate that the girls' confidence with IT overall improved and they were more likely to try new things with technology. She loves weaving lanyards, and having new friends sign her T-shirt at the end of her camp session.
Some people are born with a timid temperament, and others seem to develop a shy personality along the way. As the hugely popular TED Talk called "The power of introverts" points out, not everyone has a boisterous personality, and quiet people have important gifts to share with the world. In any case, avoid labeling your child as shy, because he may feel trapped by the label or may hide behind it to avoid developing socially. In the post-program survey, 76% of girls indicated they were more confident and were less likely to panic if something went wrong. Whether your child is a mildly timid toddler or a highly introverted teen, find tips for helping him succeed and feel comfortable in school and social situations at any age.

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