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Once you get to sit at morning tea with the cool kids, then sometimes you get to hang out at lunch and then after school as well. Well, yes if I wrote a post on how to truly enjoy Instagram – then the content would vary from the point of this post.
Why would you bother clicking on a post and reading the whole thing if being popular wasn’t something that appealed to you? Hi to all,The tips in the blog is very informative and effective one.Keep update plenty of new things in the blog.
Your ability to share Information is a talent and very appreciated.Thanks for another Timely Post. I’ve never really been popular at anything, but with instagram I feel kind of amazed by the people liking my pictures.
Hi, I used to hare my pics in Instagram and I have seen many followers for certain pics and users. You make a good point about how being featured on the explore page isn’t as great as it initially seems. If you want to get on Instagram popular page you should make your photos more awesome and increase your followers! I guess that’s why they created Instagram direct, so you can communicate directly with the people you want to. Instagram is unlike any other social media out there, if you understand how to use it correctly to find and connect with the people you want to!
If you go to Websta and look at your photos, it has a POP next to the ones that made it to the popular page. While it takes a lot of work to get thousands of followers, and your own goals might be different, I can tell you that Instagram gets a lot more fun when more people are following you! So let’s take a look at the three steps you need to take in order to quickly get popular on Instagram. If you want other people to follow you, the first thing you should do is upload about 15 – 20 really good photos. If your goal is to showcase your photography, it’s absolutely essential that the photos you post are of great quality. If you take photos with your iPhone, definitely check out my free video revealing 7 little-known tricks for taking incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores.
Taking some time to improve your photography will more than pay off when you try to get popular on Instagram. To give you an example, this sunset reflection photo got more likes than a lot of my other photo that I’ve posted on Instagram. However, if you want to get popular on Instagram, it’s important that you post the kind of photos your followers want to see, which is why I often share beach photos. Once again, it’s absolutely essential that you only post your best photos, even if it means only posting a few times per week. Now, before you go to the next step, please make sure that your Instagram account is public.
And finally, take a moment to write a profile description that would motivate people to follow you. First, you should start off with reaching out to your existing friends and followers from other social networks.
If you have a large following on another social network such as Twitter and Facebook, you can cross-post your Instagram photos to these social networks. The keyword here is relevant since there’s really no need to spam your posts with dozens of irrelevant hashtags (that will only make you look like a spammer).
You’ll get better results if you also comment on the photos of the people you start following. If following many other people is too impractical, you can also get a lot of exposure by leaving meaningful comments on the photos of other people. When you leave a thoughtful and positive comment, there’s a good chance that the author of that photo will become curious to check out your profile. However, commenting on the iPhone is slow and tedious, and you’ll get much faster if you use an Instagram web service such as IconoSquare that allows you to quickly and systematically leave comments from your computer.
Your commenting should be targeted, meaning that you should only leave comments to people who have a high chance of becoming your followers. So if you’re a landscape photographer, you could search for hashtags such as #landscape, #mountains and #outdoors because the people posting photos with these hashtags are far more likely to enjoy your profile and thus become your followers. You can quickly browse through photos that were submitted to a particular hashtag using the search function of IconoSquare.
While everyone gets obsessed with the number of followers, keeping your followers happy and engaged is equally important if you want to build a relationship with them and get the most out of your Instagram experience.
You’re right that people with fewer likes or followers will appreciate your likes or comments way more than those who are already popular. I’d like to thank you for your advice on getting followers and building a trusted account. For a niche company like yours I would recommend leaving thoughtful comments on the photos of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Leave as many thoughtful comments as possible on photos that already have interesting coins in them as such people are more likely to be interested in your Instagram account and ultimately becoming your customers. If you want to make new friends and broadcast your personality, I might not be the right person to ask. Im a 14 year old guy and I have no idea what to post on instagram afraid that someone might think wrongly of me so its kinda weird.
Whatever you choose to post, keep in mind that the anyone in the world could potentially see it. This is a useful article with insightful information echoing much of what I know to be true and some things I didn’t yet know. Being a woman in the world with many interests, among them making my art, traveling, photography, and portraits of my daughter – it has been both a pleasure and a difficulty for me to find the balance to have IG be as honed as the most successful accounts are.

The downside is that unless you’re someone famous, only people who know you will be motivated to learn about your life in so much detail.
I wouldn’t delete old photos as long as the last 20 or so are more or less consistent. I have taken your advice back onboard and it has helped me gain many followers on my instagram account! I deleted my Facebook to get rid of the negative shout outs I can see in each and every morning and started instagram. But if your goal is to get ego boost or street cred, you probably shouldn’t be getting obsessed with the number of followers you have.
Always remember that the relationship you have with your audience is far more important than the number of people following you! The trick is to reach out to people who are already interested in what you post, do you’d reach out to people you find in hashtags like #football, etc. May 01, 2014 · The new 2014 3D Active Shutter Glasses will make watching all of your content easy and comfortable. Getting Started Guide CONNECTING THE DEVICE Use the network diagram above and instructions below to connect set up SSG 5 device protect your network. When the "Dragon Ball" story ended in 1997 with the "Dragon Ball GT" arc, fans were hoping that a new story would unfold featuring their most beloved "Dragon Ball" characters. Already confirmed for a July 5 debut, the new anime series is titled "Dragon Ball Super." The story immediately follows events after the defeat of Majin Buu, and will pick up where "Dragon Ball Z Kai" left off. In addition, hardcore fans who are worrying that the new anime series will deviate from what they have loved in the "Dragon Ball" story will be pleased to know that the story and plot in the upcoming series have the blessing of Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the "Dragon Ball" world.
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But then my opinion probably doesn’t count for much, as I cannot bring myself to like very much of what I see on Instagram, because all I see when I look at its content is the world presented through Instagram filters which are as boring and passe as all of those old Cokin filtered images of the 1980s… which I doubt that many of the readers of this post are old enough to remember, let alone remember with a cringe! Those who usually like my photos are my IG friends and having all these non-friends like my photos made me a bit uncomfortable so I don't use it anymore. All we can ever do when trying to get better at things is read around and pick and chose what appeals to us.
I know it might be a bit shallow, but one of my goals in life is to reach the Popular Page if only just once! Have you checked on Webstagram to make sure it definitely didn’t make the popular page?
I don’t ever want to be inthat steriotypical popular group but I love the acknowledgement for something I’ve done!
Your post on getting popular page in Instagram is so useful and thanks dudes for this useful tips…. It gives good inside on someone who is always on the popular page and is sharing on how you can get in too which is rare. I would love to be featured and feel like audiences would respond well to my photos but I would hate not being able to interact with my actual friends on Instagram. If you want to get a lot of new likes, comments and followers, you should be doing the same for others.
I feel like it is the most amazing cycle of amazing people inspiring me to be better at what I do (I have a yoga blog), and me then being able to inspire countless others to do the same. Just wondering how did you find out how many times you were featured on the popular page, I’ve been told I was on there a few times but I never knew about it when it happened, Thanks! I like to be inspired, hang with my beautiful girls, laugh at my husband {I mean WITH my husband}, explore, sing car karaoke {not very well} and don't tell anyone, but I have a rather unhealthy Real Housewives addiction . From my experience beach photos, interesting reflection photos and sunset photos tend to get the most likes on Instagram. Portrait photos generally get fewer likes.
While I think this is a great photo, I have other less popular photos that I think are better.
If you want to get more followers on Instagram, it’s always a good idea to post the kind of photos that get more likes.
Nobody wants their Instagram feed to be flooded with subpar photos from people they don’t know. You don’t need to overcomplicate this step, just describe yourself in a meaningful way. There are several ways you can do it, and I’m going to discuss all of them in this section of this article.
That way you’ll be building your Instagram following while sharing interesting photos with people who want to see them anyway! That way your photos will show up in the hashtag feeds, which is a good way to get your photos in front of more people.
Instagram users generally don’t like ghost followers because scam artists use this strategy to promote their fake profiles. Remember that quality always beats quantity, and it’s far better to share only great photos, even if that means posting less often.
However, I feel that people appreciate comments even more, so it’s probably a good idea to both like and comment on their photos. Just keep your password safe and unique, only use reputable third party services, and you’ll be fine. They will help you get the attention of opposite sex and your friends will like them, but they’re not good for building a quality audience that you could share your photography with.
It’s interesting how quickly social media is changing the game for individuals, not to mention businesses and companies.
If you want to build an audience for your photography, simply share your best and most interesting photos that have aesthetic and artistic value.

My best guess is that you should share fun snippets of your everyday life, like the things you do with friends, the places you go to, etc. I use my Instagram to share my best photography and to organize a weekly photo contest, but for you that will likely be different. About your Instagram, why don’t you stop posting text notes and offering people to trade likes and follows?
What are your thoughts about editing my existing account (deleting photos) that in retrospect are clearly not in alignment with where my focus is now? If your goal is to build a large audience, focusing on great photography will probably work better. Very few people will scroll down more than that, and it’s good to keep them so that your account becomes a chronicle of your life through photography. But then I realised the more I study instagram- the more I realise the greediness of the people to have solo many followers.
Everyone reading this article should take a second to stop and think why they actually want to get more followers.
In general, Instagram doesn’t really like people who follow everyone just to get their attention. I actually went around on various hashtags, chose pictures I genuinely liked, and posted nice comments and now I have 205 followers instead of 180! I checked out your App Report for the best iPhone picture-editing apps and I was happy to see Snapseed on there.
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This serialization will be penned by Toyotaro, who previously drew the 3-chapter adaptation of the released "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'" movie.
To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. You can do this by doing things like my Photo A Day challenges, commenting on other people’s photos, following other people and getting involved in other hashtags. And you’ll never be able to use your news feed again {the feed only goes so far and if someone tags me now I never get to see it}.
As I said in my last paragraph it’s better to have fun and enjoy Instagram, in my opinion. I have been an instagram addict for some time now and haven’t had a photo on the popular page yet.
I think she is doing us or whoever is interested a favor, you will never hear a wealthy person tell a poor person how to get wealthy right? I also call bullshit on their explanation that they try to give everyone a shot at being featured, I think that’s their version of telling kids to be good cause Santa is watching.
Even my best photos were getting only a few likes, and I wasn’t getting any feedback for my photos. All you need to do is search for people who do the same kind of photography as you do using relevant hashtags.
In my case it was getting feedback for my photography, promoting this blog, and starting a weekly photo contest.
I’m not interested in getting a lot of followers, but I want people to see my work and for it to be appreciated. For so many reasons ^^ Even if it's Kame, I can't help but feeling 'meeeh' coz Kame had a drama in October. Sometimes the cool kids didn’t want to have anything to do with other people, they snubbed their nose at other kids. Getting on the popular page is exciting, but I what I really enjoy about Instagram is the visual sharing of photos, the challenges and being part of a pretty darn cool community. So i think this little article is very helpful and should be appreciated instead of being hated upon. Sure there are countless people that use it in not so awesome of ways, but it CAN BE one of the most powerful of social media if you want it to be!
There’s nothing more rewarding than building lasting relationships with your Instagram followers! Unfortunately this cap at 49 followers per hour really damaged my experience on the network. There are so many people that post about fashion which makes it very competitive and hard to stand out. I REMEMBER I WAS FOLLOWING ABOUT 5000 BUT THEN I START UNFOLLOW A LOT OF THEM AND NOW I JUST FOLLOW ABOUT 1200 BUT WHEN TRYING TO FOLLOW MORE PEOPLE I JUST CAN’T IT DOES NOT LET ME DO IT.
But sometimes they acknowledged other kids, letting them come and sit with them at morning tea time.
I liked it back when it was simple and not overtaken by the vultures and spammers of social media. Using the techniques that you’ll discover in this article, I was able to get over 88,000 real Instagram followers, and today all my photos get hundreds of likes and dozens of comments.
If you take pictures of cool or funny things that you see on your day to day activities but add a twist (ie taking the shot from a cool angle, adding something to it, lighting etc) then people will be interested in what you are posting. I think all the highly processed and the dslr photos are a bit of over kill for this type of forum. I try to pick ones who not many people have liked (the person appreciates it more) and if the pic is really good I will go to their profile and like a few more.
A lot of the time, when they log back in and see the same person liked more than one of their pictures they follow up by checking out my profile.

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