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Alec Baldwin was arrested Tuesday after riding a bicycle the wrong way on a New York street, police said. Alec Baldwin, 56, was issued two summonses and arrested after he allegedly rode his bike the wrong direction down Fifth Avenue. The actor allegedly became angry and started yelling at police after they asked him for identification to give him a summons, police said. Alec Baldwin allegedly refused to provide his identification to the officers, which prompted them to arrest him and take him to a nearby precinct, according to the Associated Press. Apparently upset that he was arrested, Alec Baldwin tweeted the arresting officer’s name and badge number, and then lambasted New York City.
Alec Baldwin was stopped for riding a bicycle the wrong way on Fifth Avenue and 16th Street, police said. Ireland Baldwin shared a photo of herself spending time with her adorable half-sister, baby Carmen. Alec Baldwin defended Martin Bashir on Twitter late Wednesday and had some harsh words for MSNBC after the journalist’s resignation. Martin Bashir resigned from the network Wednesday following flap over comments he made on air criticizing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Up Late With Alec Baldwin has been cancelled, weeks after it was suspended following reports the actor had used an anti-gay slur.
The show was suspended for two weeks when Alec Baldwin was caught on video, apparently insulting a photographer using a homophobic epithet. Alec Baldwin disputed using the term, claiming the audio was unclear, but he nonetheless posted an apology on the MSNBC website.
Up Late With Alec Baldwin, which had dropped considerably in the ratings since its mid-October debut, was due to return on Friday. Alec Baldwin, who is currently filming with Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe in Hawaii, frequently attracts press coverage with his incendiary remarks.
Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin has been convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin and sentenced to six months in jail. Genevieve Sabourin, 41, was found guilty of stalking, attempted aggravated harassment, harassment and attempted contempt of court.
The judgement in New York came a day after Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced to 30 days in prison for contempt of court. Alec Baldwin, 55, testified during the trial that Genevieve Sabourin had besieged him with unwanted phone calls and emails. Alec Baldwin testified that he had met Genevieve Sabourin over lunch with a mutual friend in 2000 when he was filming in Montreal.
He said he had met her again in 2010 to offer her career advice – a meeting Genevieve Sabourin claimed had ended as a romantic relationship. Genevieve Sabourin said she had merely wanted him to explain why he did not want to see her anymore following their alleged brief romance.
Judge Thomas Mandelbaum said on Thursday that Genevieve Sabourin had no right to pursue contact with Alec Baldwin that she knew would be unwelcome. The 55-year-old 30 Rock star was speaking ahead of the release of his documentary about the film industry, Seduced and Abandoned. Capital One Purchase Eraser commercial features Alec Baldwin pretending to be a secret agent and a smoking hot woman rolling up on him on a motorcycle asking if he needs backup.
The yoga instructor proudly shared their baby news on Twitter, writing: “We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter Carmen Gabriela. Alec Baldwin, 55, was early spotted arriving the hospital carrying several heavy bags ahead of the birth. His daughter Ireland, from his marriage to Kim Basinger, also took to Twitter to share her joy. Hilaria Baldwin previously revealed plans for a natural childbirth, although she admitted she could choose an epidural if the pain got too bad. Before settling on Carmen, Hilaria Baldwin said she wanted a name that reflected the child’s American and Spanish heritage.
In a recent interview for the September issue of ELLE magazine, Ireland Baldwin reveals she became a model to boost her confidence. Ireland Baldwin, 17, insists she never thought of herself as pretty and her mother, actress Kim Basinger, convinced her to become a model in order to help her self esteem.
Kim Basinger, 59, started off her career as a model before turning to acting and Ireland hopes she ages as well as her mother. Ireland Baldwin posted some pictures showing how her boyfriend Slater Trout has been welcomed with open arms by her famous family. Ireland Baldwin, 17, had a blast leaping off a boat as part of a family vacation in The Hamptons with father Alec Baldwin and her boyfriend Slater Trout.

She proved she was no fish out of water as she shared a tweet of herself airborne while wearing a blue strapless bikini top decorated with fringe and red bikini bottoms. She reached up into the air with her arms and her legs curled beneath her in anticipation of water contact.
And on her left father Alec Baldwin, wearing black swimming trunks, put on a look of feigned shock.
Ireland Baldwin has previously spoken of how her father “approves” of her choice of boyfriend. Earlier in the day Ireland was in a more relaxed mood as she shared a glamorous photo of herself posing with Alec Baldwin’s pregnant wife Hilaria Thomas. Ireland Baldwin lives with her mother Kim Basinger in Los Angeles, but frequently makes room for visits with her father on the East Coast. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin took to Twitter during James Gandolfini’s funeral service on Thursday. Hilaria Baldwin’s messages included a request for ideas about wedding anniversary presents and promotional notes about her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray show. Hilaria Baldwin barely skipped a beat before changing the tone, writing: “What did you do for your first wedding anniversary?
During the time of the service, she re-tweeted a post from the Rachael Ray show, promoting one of her own recipes of a summer smoothie.
She also re-tweeted a “cute” Us Weekly article about herself, which saw her throwing a baby show for “Military moms-to-be”. Sources close to Hilaria Baldwin insist to that the couple left the ceremony early through a side exit because she was feeling “faint” in the heat and she tweeted from her car on the way home. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin appeared to promote a new movie titled Dirty Wars, posting a link just a short time before he honored James Gandolfini. Eventually, Alec Baldwin, 55, tweeted: “The end of The Sopranos has a different meaning to me now. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin were among the throngs of stars who turned out at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York to say goodbye to the beloved actor. The first family member to speak, Deborah Lin described James Gandolfini as someone who “cared more about others than himself” and said she enjoyed watching him be a wonderful father to his two children. The other week I was reading The Daily Mail website (I know it's full of trash and I hate those kinds of press but I can't help myself!) and came across an article on Katie Waissel, if you don't know who she is, she was a contestant on the UK xfactor a few years ago! I was having a discussion on twitter with a few people about this and I still don't understand why people think it's okay!
Although it's hard to miss the front covers of magazine with cover lines like "*name of celebrity* has BALLOONED to a SIZE 12!!" Ballooned? He also said photographers were “once again” outside his home, and that they’d scared his daughter. Yes, in our culture the thinner you are, the more "beautiful" you seem to be considered so people tend to feel like it's okay to say negative things, but surely you wouldn't write "oh my gosh, she's so fat! Even if you disagree with anything I have said, please leave a comment as I love knowing other peoples opinions!
But if it does get to the point where I am screaming for the epidural, I have no problems with that. Former X Factor star Katie Waissel shows off her super-toned figure as she gets to grips with LA lifestyle" I clicked on it as I was curious. I'm pretty sure they still count as "real women." I've always found that term really odd and I feel like although people focus on the negative comments bigger people get, they ignore the fact that so many people are downright horrible to slimmer people. I have always been under the impression that a size 12 was small, my Mum is a size 12 and is skinny but she's just quite tall.
When she was on the xfactor there was a lot of controversy going on as to why she was picked to go through to live shows. I have known people get shouted at in the street and called an "anorexic bitch." I've had friends tell me I need to gain weight, (Although I'm not saying I am "skinny" or anything close to that!) I personally don't feel like my weight or anyone else's for that matter should be judged by anyone other than themselves!
I did watch xfactor at the time and I personally didn't care that she got through but so many people HATED her and still hate her!
I am so glad you wrote this because its literally what I always wanted to say!I am very slim and its genetically. And if you are size 12, 14 etc that's completely fine and by no means makes you over weight! It may seem like no number of compliments, kind gestures or reassurances from you are helping -- she simply rolls her eyes or contests everything you say with negative self-talk.
While your girlfriend's insecurity is a hurdle she must overcome from within, it's useful to understand why some girls experience these negative emotions and what you can do to help her cope.
Insecurity, naturally, is the opposite of self-esteem -- a fear of failure and being unable to recognize your positive qualities.

I've tried to stop buying magazines as much as I can now, and relying on blogs instead to get fashion and beauty news because they just make me feel bad. Some are insecure about their bodies, while others believe they are bad at certain school subjects or their jobs. Sometimes, insecurity may only occur sporadically, but when it's chronic, insecurity can be a symptom of a deeper problem like a mood disorder, eating disorder or even a symptom of abuse. This phase in our lives shapes self-perception, and this is when we are the most susceptible to peer pressure, which has a huge impact on self-esteem. You wouldn't ask an overweight person if people ask them if they are obese because they look it! If someone we admire tells us that we constantly do something wrong, it's common to start believing those criticisms. People seem to think it's okay to be rude to slimmer people but if you said mean things to overweight people it would be unacceptable.
Society also tells women of all ages that they should look a certain way, and that pressure takes its toll on ladies at a young age. I agree that people should just focus on themselves and not others so much and not be rude or mean to anyone about their weight. Additionally, during your girlfriend's menstrual period and the week or two leading up to it, she may suffer a hormonal imbalances that can lead to temporary feelings of insecurity. Im currently attempting to write one similar!I cant even count the amount of times I've been called anorexic and told my legs are like twigs. Comment on her strong traits and talents and direct her focus away from the things she perceives as weaknesses. Getting her out of the house to go have fun is also a great way to help her forget about the problems that are plaguing her -- and trying something new, or doing something she's passionate or knowledgeable about, will help to boost her confidence.
The endorphins and sense of accomplishment from exercise can work wonders to reduce stress. If you suspect your girlfriend has a psychological disorder or has unresolved issues from abuse in her past, mention your concerns to a school counselor, member of the clergy or another trusted adult. You may also suggest that your girlfriend find an online community to chat with about her problems -- but know that there is no replacement for professional help. I do wish that I was smaller because I feel people who are thinner get better thought of and are accepted in todays society.
View Article Emotionally Connect to Your Clothes Create balance and growth throughout your wardrobe. View Article References Vanderbilt University: What is the Relationship Between Low Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders?Teens Health: How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem? People easily forget whether big or smaller that each person is made differently and there is nothing wrong with either side!
Some of my dearest friends are very thin and beautiful women who absolutely hate it when their family or someone tells them to eat more. I spend plenty of time with them and know that they eat as much as any normal person, their bodies are just different! If everyone could get to a place where they are confident with themselves and just take steps to be healthy and not judge one another. Not everyone should be the same size and weight because each body type is completely different! How to Tell Someone You Really Love Them How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is a Manipulator Quizzes: Test Your Knowledge Smart Shopping: Can You Navigate the Makeup Aisle?
I understand that skinnier women do have problems with people commenting to them about their size- I get it. I have had my family straight up restrict my diet to nearly nothing because they say i'm too fat.
I've had students at my school call me a whale every time I eat- even though I already practically eat nothing. Skinny girls don't have to drive an hour out of town just to find a store that sells things in their size.
I simply stated that people think it is okay to insult skinny people in the same way that people insult larger people and that they think it's okay to do this for some strange reason. I'm not trying to attack you at all, I just did not say that larger girls never get comments.

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