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My first born, brilliant, hardworking (full time college, good grades, working 12+ hours per week, attends church, all around good kid), 19 year old daughter has ADHD. How do I (first born mom) help her with strategies for tackling this issue without damaging our relationship. It is hard enough working and cleaning around my adhd husband who is also not a throw-it-awayer. The next session is on Activity Trap. If you have a question or thought regarding this topic, please leave us a voicemail for the next session. 150-How Do I Get My Kids to Share My Values and Faith?Do you look at your kid sometimes and wonder how they could ever be related to you?
It must be under 30 seconds for the podcast. We reserve the right to use your question on the podcast. Have you ever wondered why one of your children loves school and the other one is the class clown, or why your sister is so organized but you can’t find anything?Have A New Kid By FridayWant a kid without the attitude? Things were far from perfect, but compared to the home I grew up in the situation was pretty good.Then my wife and I had an argument.

Without the behavior that makes you slink away in the grocery store and pretend you\'re not the parent. The book is written to women, but many men have written to say how much my story has helped them understand themselves. My wife noticed this tendency early in our marriage, so she began managing my relationships and conversations for me.For example, any time I spoke to her parents she would serve as a translator, smoothing out and clarifying my words.
Before I spoke to relatives on the phone she would coach me with what to say and how to say it. She would manage my conversations at church, quickly re-interpreting my words if she thought they had the potential to offend. They came to her to find out what I was thinking, and I would go to her to find out what they were thinking. After a few years of having my relationships professionally managed, they began to atrophy. I began to go silent in social situations and let my wife do all the talking, since she was just going to rephrase everything I said anyway.You would think that I’d be angry about this.

People were afraid to approach you, even at church.”A few weeks later, Gina and I underwent joint counseling, and we both saw for the first time what was really happening. This irritated me on a subconscious level – and I was fighting back by clamming up.In Gina’s defense, she had no idea she was doing this.
She was simply playing the role she had seen her mother play dozens of times: smoothing feathers ruffled by her outspoken husband. The smile is back on my face – and our marriage has never been stronger.Men retreat when they feel unwanted or unneeded.

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