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These types of relationships can cause great injury to our personal life and most of all our spiritual life, which we should all be aspiring to improve everyday.
Of course, we are Kal Jugee Jeev (mortals of this age) and we are bound to get lustful thoughts at sometime (some people may not, due to karam) but we must suppress these feelings out of our system. In fact, do not fight with the mind, you will end up loosing, recognise what is there (in this case lust) and replace it with Waheguru.
These relationships drain out our spirituality because firstly, it is simply not in the Sikh Rehat Maryaadaa to do such things and secondly we have not done Anand Kaaraj in front of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. What does Sikhi say about the Darwins theory does it believe in the concept of how the human came to the world? You are invited this Friday by the Women’s Film Club for nest film screening event taking place at the White Space, Lagos. Gentlemen get ready to party all night long this Friday at Club Paper, Victoria Island, Lagos for its themed Boyfriends Friday. Are you looking to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, improve your coordination or simply boost your mood, then Zumba Dance Fitness may be the right choice for you.
Come interact with Remi Babalola as he shares his business and life experiences this Saturday at the Bogobiri House, Lagos. Remi Babalola is the founder and Chairman of Alternative Capital Partners Limited (ACAP), an advisory and portfolio management firm with focus on private equity and principal investments. You are cordially invited this Tuesday to the White House, Lagos for a special prayer for Nollywood practitioners as well as a requim service for Peter Eneh, Enebeli Elebuwa and Bisi Komolafe.
George Leonard, author of Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfilment, points out that we currently live in a society that is at war with the proper understanding of mastery.

Some people say it takes an average of 10,000 hours of dedicated persistence in a field to achieve greatness. The most important point to remember is that mastery isn’t a destination but the journey. Perhaps, we see no shame in these things, it is the age of Kal (darkness) we are standing on one leg.
One may think that they are committed enough in this relationship, but one is only committed when they are committed to Naam, then everything will shine out and you will be able to discern right from wrong. The movie to be screened is Christophe Homore‘s Dans Paris starring Ramain Duris, Louis Garrel, Guy Marchand, Marie-France Pisier and Joanna Preiss. Be sure to attend to learn about his entrepreneurial drive at this month’s 90 Minutes Speaker Series. This edition tagged, January Freshness promises to be fun with some of Lagos’ finest poets in attendance. Themed, Nollywood Weep No More, the event will see in attendance guest pastor, Apostle Kevin Moses as well as gospel band Hero B.
You need to have enough will power  in order to overcome any obstacle that may be present along the way. We are conditioned to believe – through TV, movies and society – that life is a continuous succession of successful escalation and climaxes, without consideration of the effort and setbacks that people will encounter on their path to being great at something.
But while doing so–and this is the inexorable–fact of the journey–you also have to be willing to spend most of your time on a plateau, to keep practising even when you seem to be getting nowhere.”  (Mastery, p.

Where most people quit is when they reach a plateau and think that what they’re doing isn’t worth the time and effort as they’re seeing no improvement. Find out who the top are at the field you want to master, whether it is writing, painting or even basket weaving. There are a lot more things to do in life other than make such worldly entanglements, think about your Parents and repay them for what they have done for you, think about Naam 24 hours 7 days a week and you will fall into love with the greatest thing around, ever and ever.
The only way to keep persevering is to have enough passion for the thing you want to master. We are ingrained to believe in getting rich quick, losing weight quickly or anything else that has “quickly” dragging afterwards.
Improvement happens in rapid successions, where a breakthrough is achieved after a period of intense practising with little to no improvement. The love and satisfaction from doing something is the drive on the mastery path, and the better you get the more joy and satisfaction you’ll receive.
The enjoyment of it is the reason you do it, so by trying to reach an “end” goal you’ve missed the point of it.
No need on achieving an immediate outcome, but for the knowing in you that it will take you to mastery if you just keep practising.

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