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Confidence is an important aspect of our personality and we must possess it in order to be successful in life. If you are someone who lacks it and is looking to improve, there are many options for you as you can certainly gain all the confidence that you are looking for. Dressing can play an important role in your confidence and if you are dressed well and you feel good, your confidence will increase. Make sure that you maintain a good posture as it does add to the confidence particularly when you are upright. When in discussion, do not be scared of speaking your mind and be open and willing to engage in a progressive discussion. Do physical work as it has been proven to not only improve your health but also add to your confidence. Ita€™s important, with all this negativity surrounding you, that you take control of yourself and your life (just like the peacock), you learn to improve your self image and respect yourself, rather than going the way of the large majority of people who never take steps needed to build self confidence and make a success of themselves.
Whether you are feeling a bout of the full blown nervous or simply a little bit of jitters, you too can have confidence when you are dating simply by knowing what to focus on and being prepared.
You are not preparing for a battle, you are prepping up for a date so familiarize yourself with possible topics of conversation.
The statement “Dress to Impress” sounds all too familiar and it may just be applicable on a first date. You can do this by reminding yourself of your past achievements or the battles you have triumphed. If you are completing your tasks amicably, you will feel better and you will gain confidence as well as a part of the process.
The people in front of you are same as you and those who boast more to demean others are often scared of the other inside.

Another very common reason for a low self image is that anything you might have achieved in your life time may have been criticised, ridiculed or even been put down by those closest to you, your parents, teachers or friends.
Yes, I know, that may sound strange and even alien to you, but we all have egos, and when this is crushed, so is our confidence. How you look on the outside will have a huge bearing on how you feel and see yourself on the inside, and it will effect how you act and behave. If you can learn to build all of these into your everyday life then your mind-set becomes such that you can see yourself in a more positive light, and confidence grows.
I’m not saying you have to channel your inner James Bond with a coat and a tie, always prioritize comfort over style, wear something decent and suitable that makes you comfortable or else your date will notice any discomfort on your part. As much as possible focus on affirmative and engaging conversations and don’t forget to smile because a smile goes a long way, it’s friendly, warm and inviting. Stop thinking about the outcome because you’ll lose focus and you’ll end up doubting yourself and be pessimistic about everything. This will help you find solutions on your own and provide you with a quiet confidence in yourself.
If you have a low self image of yourself then it stands to reason that your confidence will be pretty low. To the person with low self esteem, anything can seem trivial, be it a remark or even a condescending look. You dona€™t need to be egotistical or arrogant, but you do need to realise that you are special and that you are great, and that there is only one of you, you are unique.
Believe it or not, common courtesy and politeness help hugely in improving your self image, it gives you a measure of self worth, and by being polite you are showing others that they are important. Don’t force yourself into wanting something you don’t or pretending you agree with your date even if you don’t.

Instead, enjoy the experience because as what they say, it’s not all about the destination, it’s about the journey. In general we are all the same, we all like to get along with others, enjoy othera€™s company and work along side other people. Not many people will tell you how great you are, so sometimes you just need to tell yourself! Someone has been killed, lots of people have been killed, someone has gone to prison, and so it goes on. If we turn this theory on its head, it may be that the people who have put you down are actually the ones with the issue, and not you.
Soap operas are also real culprits for this negative environment, almost making it the norm to take drugs, become pregnant at 12 and anything else you would care to consider negative. The more you succeed, whether ita€™s doing a piece of work, or playing some sport, or even cooking something new, the more you will realise that you can achieve. Therefore, learning how to improve self image can and will help you to build your self confidence. And once you realise you can achieve, then your self confidence naturally improves and you'll find that you naturally improve self image.

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