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The key to mind exercises is to rely on simple principles of association, organization and imagination. Organizing your brain, giving it an internal structure much the same way a CPU or RAM module is organized into memory blocks, designating pointers to such blocks and associating pointers and memory blocks will help you keep diverse matters organized and compartmentalized for easy recall when you need it. Another way to exercise the mind is through gymnastics, yoga or tai-chi, physical actions that involve mind-body coordination as well as focus that can also be relaxing at the same time.
With more people choosing to hold on to their older computers for a longer period of time, the question of increasing the cache memory on a system sometimes appears. In order to understand how to increase cache memory, it is important to know how the cache works. The size of the cache is determined by the configuration of the central processing unit, also known as a CPU or the processor. With some of the older desktop and laptop computer designs, it is possible to increase cache memory by upgrading what is known as the cache chip. Question: cache is smallest memory and when we bring any application from hard disk then how can it store current data from that application if data size of that application is larger than cache memory size? Now, I knew it’s possible to move apps to SD-card, the so called apps2sd procedure which offers very limited functionality to move some of the application data to the SD-card.
And now after some days playing around with all that usefull tipps from the internet, for example this thread: What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?
You’ve said that you partitioned before installing link2sd but not before installing data2sd.
Try going to Settings -> Apps -> Sort by data size and see which apps are on top and try clearing their data. Virtual Memory is one of the vital factor for your system's performance.In this article I am going to tell you how to increase your virtual memory size which can result in increasing performance. How to increase Virtual Memory sizeIf your computer is slower then one of the most vital causes is the installed RAM.
Related ArticlesHow to resolve "System Process - Out of Virtual Memory" System Process - Out of Virtual Memory or your system is running low on virtual memory is the error message that we generally get on the daily using computers. CommentsGuest Author: Balaji04 Mar 2015Thanks for sharing such useful links with screenshot. This simple batch file launches Minecraft, but with the amount of memory specified in the batch file, not at the default 1GB amount. If this does not work for you, edit the batch file to show the appropriate location and version of Java on your computer.

Rosemary is an amazing  multi-purpose herb.  Its leaves have been used in traditional medicine  for centuries.
Studies have found that rosemary contains carnosic acid, which fights off free radical damage to the brain. In a series of tests rosemary essential oil from the herb increased the chances of remembering to do things in the future, by 60-75 per cent compared with people who had not been exposed to the oil. A study published in the Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology suggests that the chemical compound 1,8-cineole is responsible for improved memory function. Your brain is capable of diverse activities such as mathematical computations, intuiting, deciding what-ifs, solving puzzles, imagination, creativity as in music and painting or writing or combing all three when you pen the song and music and plenty more. Associate the item you wish to imprint in your memory with something colorful, vivid or something that has a lasting impact, usually associated with sensory organs such as touch, feel, smell, sight and sound. Imagination is a wonderful way of mind exercises, going beyond the horizon and mentally creating what if situations or scenarios. I know there are a lot of threads like this on the internet, but I want to go a bit deeper. Anyways after moving every possible data to SD the internal memory was still full and the phone unusable. I reformatted my SD-card (14 GB FAT32 and 2GB ext4) and installed Link2SD on my phone as described here. In my custom ROM I’ve to open terminal and type a2sd install and supply option y,n,y.
I use SD Maid app, and use these functions: corpsefinder, systemcleaner, appcleaner, duplicates, biggest files. If your RAM size is small and you are running more applications at a time, then you may face different problems. This helps eliminate the ?Out of Memory’ issues and other issues using high definition texture packs. To adjust the amount of RAM used, Xms is the minimum amount while Xmx is the maximum amount. Rosemary (here) has been known for improving memory.  In ancient Greece, the students would often put rosemary sprigs in their hair when studying for exams.
Rosemary contains  natural acids that help in protecting the body`s cells and DNA from free radical damage. According to the study, subjects inhaled rosemary extract before performing certain tasks while their stress levels, mood, speed and accuracy were tested.

It is appreciated by people who matter most such as friends, business associates or your superiors in office.
The trouble is most people use their brains only for routine applications much the same way as people use computers to browse the internet and nothing else. The brain can operate mathematically with precise computational power and it can just as well handle fuzzy logic delving into improbabilities to come up with answers.
Learning a language or learning to play a musical instrument brings other parts of your brain into play. The AOKP-ROM was working pretty well and stable, but installing Data2SD simply did not work in combination with Jelly Bean (SD-card formatting: 11 GB FAT23, 4GB ext4 and 256 MB Swap). I was able to move additional data and apps to my SD-card and could link some apps to the card. Both next-gen consoles have created quite a buzz in the market ever since they have launched.
It uses the concepts applied by server wrappers to manage jar files while providing a relatively smooth experience for the end user. The compounds in rosemary herb are said to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is a chemical that induces the brain cells that are responsible for memory and reasoning to communicate with one another. Some are naturally gifted with power of memory while others have to work to increase memory retention through one of the many mnemonic techniques. Solving riddles and puzzles is another way to keep your mind smoothly oiled and in top gear all the time. Dabble in graphic arts on your computer simply as a way to let your mind loose itself into the realms of imagination though you may not come up with anything brilliant.
Like a pack of cards, keep shuffling important items by setting aside a few minutes each day to review and recall important matters to keep your brain exercised. Go beyond simple mathematical calculations and, just for fun, take up some involved and intricate mathematic computations, doing it manually, just so your mind power is used to the maximum, a sure way to increase memory. These and other mnemonics techniques are a great way to let your mind train your mind to retain that which is important for instant recall precisely when you want.

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