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Increase Your Brain Power - Improve Your Mind PowerKeeping your mind strong and mentally fit is just as importantas keeping your body strong and physically fit. Our brains have extraordinary capacities, but we have to continueto give them the mental training they need each day.
When you know that every day is going to be an uneventful carbon copy of the one before, life gets stale and so does your mind. Finding new things to do, meeting new people, and testing yourself to go beyond your expectations will help keep your mind fresh and active. The important thing is to stop telling yourself your going to do something newone day and start doing something new right now.
Processing new information, seeing new sights, and performing unfamiliar tasks creates a host of new neural connections in the brain.
If you latch on to the concept that your brain thrives on the new, over time you can make real improvements.
Increase Your Brain Power - Improve Your Mind PowerThe empires of the mind are the empires of the future. If you want to live a long, successful, and aware life, you need to keep your mind active and keep pushing and testing yourself to greater heights. Just as easy physical training doesn't give your heart the good work-out it needs, easy mental exercises do very little to increase mind power.
If you can do something without really thinking about it, then you are running your brain on already well established neural circuits. If you want to expand your mind, you've got to push yourself to continually create new brain circuits. Playing mind challenging games and puzzles appears on just about everyone's list of brain enhancing suggestions. One method for breaking yourself out of routine is to mix up your morning as much as possible. Topics of conversation outside of work are not hard to find if you ask specific questions: Do you have any hobbies?
The more you work at this, the easier it will become; and soon the prevailing question in your mind will be: Am I doing something new or am I stuck in routine again?
ABOUT USWe are VitFit specialized laboratory for the study of your potential, happiness, health and success. I blamed her ineptitude on the fact that she d spent most of her life confined to a small kennel because her previous owners couldn t control her. IQ tests date back to 1905 when Alfred Benit, a French psychologist began to “test” children of different mental capabilities.
IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of relative intelligence determined by a standardized test. Attention Thinkers: Did you know that people all over the world are using a revolutionary brain training technology breakthrough to spark phenomenal intelligence, creativity, happiness and genius-level activity in their own brains?
Science has proven that the human brain is the most complex and powerful computing machine we have ever seen.  But are we really using all that computing power?
That began to change in 2003, when I discovered a short-cut to rapidly unlock the brain’s amazing potential without having to meditate all day long. Wouldn't it be amazing if you absolutely knew that you could learn anything easily and quickly?
That is called Super Learning, and it’s really just the start of the fantastic brain improvements you can experience with Genius Brain Power. While that approach does eventually work, wouldn’t you rather skip all of that suffering and get straight to the rewards?

Brainwave Entrainment guides the brain into a specific frequency using computer generated rhythmic pulses of sound.
By guiding the brain into deeper (slower) frequency brainwave patterns, you can induce a profoundly deep state of relaxation and meditation with almost no effort. The highly advanced entrainment technology used in the Genius Brain Power system is far more effective than offerings in much higher priced products, mainly because other companies use a very old type of Brainwave Entrainment that was discovered 150 years ago, called binaural beats. That’s why I use a far superior, much more modern brainwave entrainment technology in Genius Brain Power. The main thing you should remember here is that rhythm is one of the most basic functions in the human brain, so everyone's brain responds to rhythm, including yours. It’s a good thing I started young, because it took me a lifetime of meditation, Yoga, spiritual studies, focused personal evolution and learning technological skills to be able to create the incredibly transformational Genius Brain Power MP3 audio recordings for you.
I went on to study other mental, emotional and spiritual disciplines, eventually honing my abilities to a point where I was able to help others raise their own consciousness.
I knew Brainwave Entrainment had amazing potential, but instead of following someone else’s pre-determined, over-priced program, I decided to keep doing research to find a better brainwave entrainment option for my clients.
Through intensive testing of pulsed tones for brainwave entrainment, I knew I had finally found the solution! Because the brain doesn’t adapt to these rhythmic tones and ignore them like it does with binaural beats. In fact, all of my research, testing and feedback from customers has shown that the brain responds better to the rhythmic brainwave entrainment pulses in Genius Brain Power the more often they are used! With these brainwave entrainment meditations I have enjoyed wonderful, restorative sleep at night. I have now moved into a whole new way of calmly loving life and it seems as if I have found endlessly more time.
I felt compelled to write and tell you that your entrainment audios were such an awesome addition to my library. The selected background music is perfect, and I have found that the daily IQ is the perfect touch to my morning routine. When each of the tracks finish, I am vividly aware of the existence my brain and its place in the Universe at that moment. I have been experiencing consistently amazing thoughts and feelings since using the entrainment tracks.
At night I usually listen to the deep delta selection and it calms my thoughts and prepares me for sleep. I like to start every day with IQ increase after eating breakfast, then use Laser Focus & Creative Ambition while I work.
When you first start meditating with Genius Brain Power, begin with Alpha Light Meditation. I can make such a bold guarantee because I have seen that every single person who uses the Genius Brain Power system experiences a wide variety of amazing results, unique to each individual's needs.
I know that I don't have to wait days to receive my audios via snail mail but I can download all the audios instantly to listen to them on any PC, mac, mp3 player or iPod. I realize that the price is going to go up soon, so I am acting FAST and locking in the special price of just $47! I understand that I have a full 180 day money-back guarantee to exploit these audios to their full potential. If you're serious about upgrading your brain so you can have the best life possible, then you owe it to yourself to try these phenomenal entrainment audios. The fact is, most people will never learn what it REALLY feels like to have their brains operating at a high capacity.

It's a survival necessity - being attuned to the unusual and unfamiliar in the environment. Sameness and boredom, on the other hand, stifle imagination and crush your motivation to learn and expand your mind.
An important extention of doing something new is being on guard against falling into excessive routine.
Your brain works hard following conversations and coming up with interesting things to say on the spot. Change your routine often enough and one day you may find you have become a different person. Imagine the things you could accomplish with all of that knowledge integrated into your mind. This means GBP will continue to give you results for years, so you can keep improving your brain without having to buy more products. In my early 20s, I studied Kundalini Yoga which helped me transcend mind chatter and experience ultra deep, rapturous meditative states. I am free now of all the biggest fears and dramas in my life, and my consciousness expands and expands every day! I have used many other entrainment programs but I have never received so much and so quickly as I have from yours. I have utilized binaural beats in the past, through other offerings and institutions, and really loved them. Before I used to put on music to work through the morning, but now I use the daily IQ Increase and it has made such an incredible impact and has really helped me focus. While I'm working at my computer I've noticed I am very focused and time can fly by without distractions while I am totally task-oriented.
I find along with making me smarter, it helps me get more work done in less time while feeling energized yet relaxed the whole time.
If you want to extend your Alpha meditation session, Theta Deep Meditation picks up at the frequency point where the Alpha track leaves off, giving you a wonderful 60 minute meditation experience.
Order right now and begin experiencing the amazing benefits of this incredibly powerful brainwave entrainment package.
I want more motivation, energy, focus, creativity and much more all from simply listening to your powerful audio recordings.
And, if I'm not satisfied in any way, I'll receive a full and courteous refund of my purchase price. Your order is securely processed by ClickBank, the largest internet retailer of digitally delivered goods.
They'll haphazardly try a few things, wonder why nothing is working, then go back to their mundane existence. There is no easier and faster way to empower your brain so that you can come alive with more energy, learn quicker, think more creatively, focus on your work like never before and also eliminate stress with amazingly deep states of relaxation and meditation. Remember, your investment in Genius Brain Power is completely risk free, because you have a full 180 days to experience the tremendous power of the best brainwave entrainment package on the planet.
I have achieved AMAZING meditative states that I would have never achieved without years of practice.

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