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Be sure to subscribe to the Crunchify newsletter and get regular updates about awesome posts just like this one and more! Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. How Do I Stop or Disable Scheduler if I've found a possible PermGen memory leak with Tomcat and Akka? Is changing your passport a good strategy for removing a pejorative immigration history in Schengen? Why do some mobile apps have mute buttons when the device has physical mute & volume switches? When you have more than one active process model, each one needs its own audit trail database.
Database to be used drop-down box is used to select the audit trail matching the active project. The Manage existing Audit trail databases link allows you to add or delete databases as needed. A database schema for the audit trail is created automatically with the default name carnot.

Pivotal and VMware are partnering to deliver well-managed, agile and secure data and application infrastructure for VMware environments across public, private and hybrid clouds. Modern applications are web-oriented, data-intensive, and deployed in virtualized and cloud environments. Pivotal GemFire delivers speed and dynamic scalability without compromising enterprise-class capabilities supporting high availability, reliability, and manageability. Pivotal GemFire is a distributed data management platform providing dynamic scalability, high performance, and database-like persistence. Get the elasticity your business applications require through dynamic data partitioning, distributed application functionality, automatic data rebalancing, and continuous client load-balancing.
Pivotal GemFire’s APIs and integration with the popular Spring framework combine to greatly speed and simplify the development and support of scalable, transactional enterprise applications. Pivotal tc Server, VMware's enterprise version of Tomcat optimized for Java Spring users, and other application servers. However I can see your permgen is stablished at 75 MB, this should be enough for very small applications and testing purposes, but you should increase it when bringing to production enviroments.. Therefore you need to define the server and audit trail database as described in the following sections.

Pivotal GemFire is designed for many diverse data management situations, but is especially useful for high-volume, latency-sensitive, mission-critical, transactional systems. Traditional databases are becoming performance bottlenecks when they can't supply the high-speed performance required, and are unable to scale elastically with demand. Combining that with an equally unique disk logging algorithm, you get exceptionally high throughput for your data. Pivotal GemFire manages large sessions with proven high availability and scalability - an especially beneficial capability for web apps that need to scale out to meet demand. Pivotal GemFire manages multiple copies of data on disk with minimal impact on performance. Pivotal GemFire also provides fast, scalable, and distributed second level (L2) caching for Hibernate, for dramatically superior performance and reduced network traffic. And thanks to the sophisticated recovery mechanism, disk or single-node failures will not compromise data consistency.

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