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One of the nice things about meditation is that we don't need to know very much – we are not filling the mind with knowledge and technique but rather unlearning, emptying the mind entirely. Meditation is entering into the energising silence, inner peace and expansive happiness of the soul.
Find a corner of your room or a small space that feels right – set up a low table with a clean cloth over it and place there a candle in a holder and a flower or two in a vase. The New Zealand Sri Chinmoy Centres offer free meditation classes in various cities throughout the country. Karate Meditation: turn up the chanting, burn a mystic for Christ, we are about to leave our bodies. Back in the 1970s I was working on my  black belt in karate, and I was frustrated with this horse meditation exercise we did. I floated over my mortal body, the world brilliant and forever, the source of immortality revealed. Here’s another great article on karate meditation: Using Martial Arts Meditation to have the Strongest Mind in the World!
Nor is there any dogma or belief system required – you only need to feel that you yourself can blossom into something more, that the nice qualities in your nature or the moments of peace in your life can be greatly multiplied. But to reach this inner plane, you need to create the necessary conditions in your outer life which will support this self-discovery.

Add one or two personal items if you wish – a photo of a spiritual master, some prayer beads, a meditation statue, whatever connects you to the feeling of spirit. Oooo, floating motes of awareness, able to float through walls and into bank vaults everywhere! The out of body experience I am referring to happens because of something called Kima Chasie, or, Horse meditation. We would assume a horse stance, one hand in a high block, the other hand in a horizontal beak hand. I had heard the stories of guys who could hold the stance for over two hours, and I wanted to be superhuman like them. My body began to shake,  entertained dire thoughts of having my legs disfigured for all time. I had succeeded in using the karate meditation exercise to realize that I was a spirit, that I was immortal, and that bodies were temporary things that you put on or take off as simply as one puts on a coat, or takes it off, or pants, they go on or off, too, and shoes, and socks, and…I was myself.
The first secret here is sincerity – no matter how busy or demanding your outer life may be you need to commit to a regular daily time to practice and create a focal place at home where this practice can become established. And it is all possible through a martial arts exercise, common in systems of Karate and Kung Fu. In this bit of writing I am going to tell you exactly what happened, which will also tell you exactly how to do it.

We would focus our attention on our clenched fingertips until our legs shook and perspiration burst forth upon our innocent brows. I would stand in horse meditation until the pain overwhelmed me, and then break, and know that I had once again failed. Like a plant growing in the sunlight, your special place and special time will be sunlight to the soul. I decided I should get back into my body, so I did, and I lost control, I fell forward, and I couldn’t figure out how to move my body quickly enough, and I fell right, smack dab, square…on my face.
Find some incense that you like as well – this creates a special feeling and adds a little of the ritual and the sacred to your practice. Simple, meditative music – a bamboo flute, a single voice singing a slow, peaceful song – can also surround us in an atmosphere of tranquility that quietens the mind, opens the heart.

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