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Though meditation is usually recognized as a largely spiritual practice, it also has many health benefits.
Meditation is proved to scientifically combat tension and stress as well as diseases related to stress such as  high blood pressure, heart diseases and insomnia.
Meditation is a very well-known technique that is used both in alternative and complementary medicine. How to meditate properly involves various relaxation exercises which will help your body to release the tension before the beginning of the meditation. As you perform the above steps, release your tension and repeat this kind of exercise several times. If you want to know how to meditate properly, you need to observe all the aforementioned exercises as well as find the right places where you can perform the routine. Proper meditation will provide you various benefits not just for your body but also for your general well-being. On the other hand, if you learn how to meditate properly, your physiological aspects will benefit also. The most common technique to learn how to meditate properly for beginners is the focused breathing method.  The practitioners are seated or lying comfortably while focusing on the sound of his breath. Second thing you have to remember in order to be successful on how to meditate properly is setting the time.
If you are seated on cushion, you should ensure that cushion’s back is slightly higher than the front. Beginners may find it a little awkward at first when trying to learn how to meditate properly.
If you want to learn how to meditate properly, be prepared to face frustration and confusion. After trying the basic techniques, meditation allows you to connect to your inner self on a higher state, which you should integrate and use in your daily life in your actions or decisions. There are types of meditation wherein you are taught to clear your mind and focus on one thing; most likely, it is your breathing. While meditation can bring your soul to a new level of consciousness, there’s no intense preparation needed for you to be able to learn how to meditate properly.
Meditation has been exercised and performed ritually in India and in other parts of the world for centuries. If you are planning to meditate at home, here are some of the steps that can help you on how to meditate properly. It is strongly advised for beginners to start with a serious course in meditation in a centre or group under the guidance of an experienced teacher first before trying how to meditate properly at home on your own. Before you start to learn how to meditate properly, make sure you are not too tired or hungry. In doing meditation, you get into a certain state of stability in which you are able to improve on your concentration skills. The benefits of meditation include complete stress relief, slows down heart rate and breathing, and normalizing blood pressure.
I was asked recently how to meditate properly and what I thought about adding a mantra to the meditation technique. But if you use a mantra, the mind-body connection is broken and all you’re left with is a relaxation technique. Because there are memories, thoughts, and experiences in your mind – some good, some bad – some close to the surface and some buried more deeply. And these thoughts have to be “allowed” to come up for review while you’re in an aware state. And, when you get lost in some memory or fantasy, pulling yourself back to the present moment. And you have to do this continuously until, eventually your mind becomes still and clear, like the surface of a lake on a windless day. Because you’ll be “relaxed” (on the surface) but all those hidden thoughts, emotions and motivations will still be there – hiding like virus in your body. Guess would depend on the level of concentration you require, as there are some that can get the stillness by use if mantra, just like concentrating on your thumbs and fingers. Because constantly focusing on and repeating the mantra-sound, tends to block all thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories. And these thoughts, which may be unpleasant or painful, are things that we should be paying attention to.
Although meditating with a mantra may bring you relief from stress for a while, it won’t help you resolve the underlying problem. Hello Mike, just a question while doing meditaion without mantra , do you see or find something in your body? First let me say that everyone has to find the method of meditative practice that they feel comfortable with and which is in tune with what they want to accomplish.
It is true that when we use words, mantras or prayers they carry a certain frequency and can raise our vibration and even vibrate certain parts of our brain – temporarily. As long as we continue to operate out of the frontal lobes, regardless of the elevated frequency of a mantra or prayers, we are still using the part of the brain which, by it’s very nature creates duality.

Mindfulness meditation automatically retrains, rewires and redirects the neuro-pathways and energy to the mid brain area. Learning how to meditate properly can lead a person to success, happiness as well as enjoy  inner peace. If you don’t have any prior knowledge on how to meditate properly, start by enrolling in a serious course in meditation or join a group wherein you are supervised by an experienced teacher. Learning how to meditate properly helps improve the mind from the unhealthy condition suffered by most people.
Traffic jams,  family squabbles, work related irritations, and other similar situations can induce stress to our body, mind and soul on a regular basis.
By learning how to meditate properly, it helps soon-to-be moms connect with their unborn child as well as maintain their bodies healthy and stress-free for their babies. If you learned how to meditate properly, you will be able to get back on track to what you have missed or set aside prior to your pregnancy. Hi, I'm Debbie and this is my site to educate you with the importance of how to meditate properly.
If you know how to meditate properly, it will increase your physical relaxation and your feeling of calmness. Psychological benefits of proper meditation include increasing your level of self-esteem and self-confidence.
However, without executing them accordingly, you might end up suffering from serious negative side effects.
For years, learning how to meditate properly has been proven to bring wondrous health benefits including regularization of blood circulation, ability to sleep more soundly, being able to stay in focus, and learning how to breathe properly. If you want to learn how to meditate properly, you have to follow the correct sitting posture. The human mind is a very conscious organ and very busy that it may seem impossible to put to rest. In other forms of meditation, you are asked to clear your mind and let yourself ‘experience’ your surroundings. Actually, it is slowly becoming a trend for anybody who wants to free themselves of the stress and tension brought about by work and fast paced lifestyle. Make an entire room particularly for deep mind meditation, or you can meditate in your bedroom or at the garden. There are two usually positions that you can try in order to execute how to meditate properly. This is where you will reflect the meaning of a Dharma instruction (teaching of the Buddha). It offers so many health benefits that can change a person’s life, solve problems and attain a greater level of life relieve and satisfaction.
If you learn how to meditate properly, the adrenal glands will produce less cortisol; and the immune system will improve.
It is to be kept in mind Meditation is not concentration because concentration itself is tension and how can you drowned into your self in tension. If a mantra comes from the sacred world it puts us in touch with higher thought, feeling and memory. I have been experimenting with different types of meditation, but haven’t given just silent mediation a try yet.
Yes, the use of a mantra is simply a relaxation method which may be suitable for some people, although I’d rather not use it. It has slowly become a trend and the premier solution to relieve the stress and tension brought about by work and fast paced lifestyle.
Your ability to concentrate is strengthened and improved especially if you perform it on a regular basis. However, eventually, you will slowly learn how to execute this effectively and completely relieve your mind of stress. There are two popular positions that you can try to learn how to meditate properly: sitting position and lying position. While it is okay to self-study, people who indulge in this are most likely to fail in actually reaching the goal of meditation.
From celebrities to athletes, learning how to meditate properly has become very popular to relieve stress, tension and achieve overall inner peace. In the busy world we live in today, it seems quite impossible to have a clear, relaxed mind.
And we shall remain in a perpetual state of stress unless we learn how to meditate properly. As for the spiritual aspect of your life, proper meditation will help you view important things with the right perspective. It is important in learning how to meditate properly to clear your mind of any thoughts and worries. It is not required to sit in cross-legged, however it is better to be used to sitting in this position as Buddha Vairochana. Some people find it difficult to focus their thoughts onto one specific object or just plainly let go of their consciousness and listen to the world.

It is one of the most efficient ways to relieve stress, regularize a person’s breathing pattern, and achieve inner peace.
By learning how to meditate properly, you’ll be able to increase calmness and physical relaxation, enhance overall health and well-being. The place you pick is clean and uncluttered, as environment can have an effect on your meditation. The ideal time to meditate is during the mornings  as well as in the evening, before dinner. Many have tried to self-study but they are most likely to fail in reaching the goal of meditation.
Lastly, make sure your seat is comfortable for you to be able to do the steps on how to meditate properly. By learning how to meditate properly, it can help you overcome stress and maintain focus on other tasks.
When you learn how to meditate properly, you’ll learn how to place your thoughts on silence. It lets you achieve the inner peace you needed especially in today’s hectic, fast paced lifestyle. Expect that you will fail but after several practice, and making it a regular routine, you’ll be able to know how to meditate properly. As you sit down and start meditating, remind yourself that you will not think about anything for the next few minutes. By learning how to meditate properly, you’ll be able to reach mental and physical calmness and physical relaxation.
After a few weeks of learning how to meditate properly, you will notice an improvement in your focus on work and other tasks.
We are constantly distracted by outside factors that may or may not affect our survival.  Aside from work and family, we find ourselves stressed out over clothes, trends, gadgets, entertainment and even in religious beliefs. Meditation makes you relaxed and relieved of stress as it makes your mind calmer and more focused.
Whether you do it for minutes or an hour, the important thing is to be clear of outside distractions.
But with practice, and regular involvement to meditation, you can easily move from level 1 to the next and learn how to meditate properly. But what’s most important in learning how to meditate properly is its ability to train a person on focus and concentration. When your mind is completely quiet, you’ll begin to look into your soul and discover your true self. You can also take a shower first before meditating.Wear loose cotton clothes to make you  feel comfortable.
Find a sitting position that you are comfortable in since you’ll be in this position for several minutes. It is important for you to stay at ease when meditating so always wear loose comfortable clothing when learning how to meditate properly. It keeps us going and going without realizing what adverse effects it may have in our body and in our minds. Before doing proper meditation, you need to find a quiet place with very few distractions.  After this, you need to find out your comfortable posture. A 10 or 15 minutes of breathing meditation can help you overcome your stress and find inner peace and balance.
In the long run, you will find yourself enjoying the benefits of learning how to meditate properly. If you are not really used to meditating, meditation done in a lying position can make you feel sleepy. Some people also use music or listen to recordings of waves breaking, waterfalls or others to keep them from hearing outside noises. Sit comfortably and make sure you are at ease since you’re going to be in that position for quite a few minutes.
The fastest way to leave a new impression within the synaptic connections of the brain is to encorporate body, speech, and mind. However, it is better to ask a meditation expert’s advice first before taking it up a notch.
These are just a few of the many things you will gain if you will learn how to meditate properly. This is why Tibetan Buddhist meditation employs mantra (sacred seed syllables, which do have meaning), visualisation, and mudra (actions, usually specific, symbolic hand gestures). Long-time Tibetan Buddhist meditators, such as Matthieu Ricard, have been extensively tested in Western scientific labs: their mind control and emanations (especially gamma rays) are astounding.

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