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It goes without saying that many Christians, even the world, cares deeply about the history and teachings of Jesus; after all, he did significantly change the course of humanity. And yet for all his influence, for all our knowledge of him, we are still left with a gnawing question: who was he, and what did he believe?
Including those that subscribe to a very different set of beliefs from those of Christianity: the Hindus and Buddhists. Many people don’t realize that lots of Hindus and Buddhists believe Jesus studied eastern teachings- and even taught them to his disciples.
This was corroborated (with lots of controversy) by a man named Nicholas Notovich who read ancient Hemis historical manuscripts while he healed from a broken leg in the early 1900’s. If Jesus did go to India, it’s very possible he taught his disciples all sorts of eastern teachings- including meditation.

This verse in particular is something that many people point to as proof that he did in fact, meditate.
In eastern teachings, the spot between the eyebrows is known as the spiritual eye, or the ajna chakra. Often, when it does open, the practitioner feels as though they are being filled with light. Matt is the Senior Editor of the Sivana blog, and an enthusiastic Yoga teacher and life voyager.
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