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A study was performed by Social TV provider SimulTV to identify the 25 YouTube channels that engaged most of the audience. It can be seen that the social engagement of the channel is not increased by the number of subscribers, vlogger, gamers, and webisode creators that have accumulated over 354 million likes and over 20 million viewers. Of these channels, most of them post new contents twice every week which reflects the vision of the poster. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. We’ve heard of different music charts like the Billboard Top 200, Ultimate Chart, MTV’s Music Meter and We Are Hunted.
The top 10 of the YouTube’s music charts, are similar to that of Ultimate Chart and Billboard. According to what YouTube executives told this week, YouTube can make as much money for labels as paid services, following a massive, 200-to-300 percent increase in the revenue it generates for copyright holders over the past year. The difference between offering music for free and charging for it has a special resonance as music is increasingly delivered by apps running on smartphones, computers and eventually televisions and car stereos.
Last week, we took YouTube to task for potentially damaging the music industry by providing users and app developers with a free, on-demand alternative to subscription services such as MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody or Spotify. Songza, Muziic, and other services crossed those lines in years past, after which YouTube denied or threatened to deny them access to its API.
Ultimately, the real beneficiary of the revelation that free and paid music can generate equivalent revenues could be Spotify, or even Google itself. Farhi noted Spotify’s success on the Facebook platform in Europe, where users embed Spotify songs within their feeds that anyone can hear (the free version plays up to 20 hours of music per month).
Spotify has long maintained that its allure lies in being able to monetize the free listening that some people are always going to engage in, through advertising, while those who are eventually willing to pay for extra features (smartphone apps, offline playback, higher sound quality, and no ads) can do so without switching to a new music service and losing all of their playlist, ratings, and friends. In the early days of popular internet culture, your website was on the bleeding edge if it had something as cool as an animated Quake logo. A recent ComScore survey let us know which sites proved to be the most popular throughout March 2009. A mere eighteen months old, Hulu is a relative newcomer with its bevy of ad-supported movies and TV shows. As the News Corporation’s digital arm, Fox Interactive Media is not only responsible for delivering the popular broadcast network’s shows to the internet; it also oversees sites like IGN and, of course, MySpace. Actor and Hollywood prankster Ashton Kutcher became the most popular dude on Twitter in a recent competition with CNN to see which Twitter account would receive their millionth follower first. The contest ended on Friday, April 17th with Kutcher streaming video on the web and Anderson Cooper on CNN, each promoting their accounts.
The contest represented a win (or, if you believe some doomsayers, the end) for Twitter as well. If email seems a little clunky and outdated to you, there’s a good reason for that—it actually predates the internet. Surprisingly, at least to me, Google’s Gmail service falls far behind the big two with only 91.6 million accounts.
Social networking sites have come a long way since they were first introduced to the internet. Until recently, the world’s most popular social networking site was MySpace, a site well known for its music scene. Because I don’t value my sanity at all, I have decided to watch and tell you about the most popular YouTube videos of all time. Leona Lewis and her crack team of multiracial stripper neighbors have terrible luck with men.
I think the title means “Daddy Left Because Mommy Never Gets Off The Phone.” I’m not sure—I used a screwdriver to forcefully remove any Spanish I didn’t forget immediately after high school.
The video is described as “The funniest 6 minutes you will ever see!” Honestly, I think it’s more likely that 98.9 million people are hot for the balding comedian in the pink shirt.

Whoever decided to mix punk rock and cheerleading is a marketing genius who needs to be shot, strangled and tried for crimes against humanity. With the different abundance of video sharing and video streaming websites such as Yahoo Video, Google’s recent purchase, YouTube, and many many others, it may be hard to find the most popular video. If you are looking for the most popular video on the the internet, you might want to start at the most popular video sites on the web. A blog, the shortened version of weblog, is a publication on the web usually consisting of personally written articles listed in reverse chronological order. Blogs generally use content management or publishing systems which allow for adding new articles and pages to the website with ease. Technorati measures the most popular blogs by counting the unique links in the last six months. TTLB’s Blog Ecosystem measures links from blogs which it tracks to other weblogs which are being tracked. Internet search engines are programs designed to help users find web pages related to a specific search term. The four most popular search players, Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL have maintained the same rankings in the past half year very little change in market share.
A web site is a collection of addresses and the corresponding pages common to a particular internet domain name. This rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As 2013 comes to a close, YouTube looks back on the most watched videos on its platform this year. Pingback: TechCrunch en francais » Comment devenir celebre sur YouTube sans aucun talent ? Speaking as an online video viewer, your book explains a lot of what the YouTube stars are doing to hold my attention. Question, what say you about those oh-so-tempting sub for sub channels, is it good to do that or just stay away? Pingback: Will Video for Food » How Will The Mainstream Laggard Audience Navigate Online Video? I just got done reading your book after a recent inexplicable interest in creating youtube videos. Gaming channels comprise about 40% of the top 25 engaged while Justin Bieber and Pink were the other two vevo channels that made it to the top 25. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. That’s mainly because of mainstream popularity of these 4 artists : Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Small developers unable to negotiate their own licenses with the labels, but who nonetheless wish to integrate full-track playback into their apps, face a stark choice. As broadband internet service became de rigueur, though, delivering video content became increasingly feasible. Already a joint venture between NBC Universal and the News Corporation, a recent partnership with ABC Enterprises means the site is supported by three of the four major broadcast networks.
At 2:13 AM ET, Kutcher broke 1,000,000 followers and, a mere minute later, CNN humbly conceded with a congratulatory tweet. This could be attributed to the fact that Gmail, unlike Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, has been accessible by the general public for only two years. Mark Zuckerberg’s notorious social networking site was exclusive to Harvard students until 2004. After all, I have no better way to spend my time than sifting through the internet’s landfill.
I’m going to go throw up what’s left of my brain and then maybe I’ll spend the rest of my days in a monastery where I’ll never, ever have to see anything like this again.

It's hard to believe the "Harlem Shake" meme came onto the scene last winter, or that Miley's jaw-dropping VMA performance took place in August.
Most of them use links directly related to their social media account while majority of them use playlists extensively.
They can either integrate YouTube videos for free (Discovr), or integrate a subscription service that limits non-subscriber listens to 30 seconds (MusicMapper).
In the United States, however, Facebook users overwhelmingly prefer YouTube for embedding music, as any U.S.
Nowadays, with amateur videos far outnumbering their professional counterparts, internet video is just a fact of life. The behemoth of video sharing had a bit of a head start; YouTube went live in February 2005 and was purchased by Google, Inc. Someone has to provide those email addresses, though, and they’re usually doing it free of charge. That’s considerably more than AOL who, despite their seniority in the email market, have only 48.9 million users. Of course, no one remembers those sites now, but most readers will be intimately familiar with the most popular social networking sites in the world. I like to think that, had the video continued another 10 minutes or so, we would see Rihanna getting the clap in a dingy bathroom. Luckily for them and us, African-American Stripper set the building on fire and they won’t be whining anymore. If you post the PDF on your own blog or website, please keep that title, and my name and URL.
Pewdiepie is a gaming channel with about 7.5 million viewers and 41 million positive reviews. But there are 2 major differences between YouTube Top 100 Music Video chart and other online music charts. You could probably guess the most popular video site on the net, but who else reigns in the realm of video?
The site was later opened to high school students, employees of large companies and, finally, anyone over the age of thirteen.
The “Most Shared” section shows videos that have been shared the most on Twitter and Facebook in the past 24 hours while the “Most Viewed” section has a list of videos that were uploaded in the last 28 days and have been watched the maximum number of times in the past 24 hours. You might want to list this post’s permalink, since it will point to future downloadable versions.
Machinimarespawn is another gaming channel with about 2.54 million viewes and 17 million positive reviews.
Firstly, the video music chart contains user-generated and viral music, like (in)famous Rebecca Black, who is present in the top 10 of the same. Add to this the fact that, unlike Hulu or Fox, YouTube is a platform for user-generated (and, in most cases, short) videos and you can see why YouTube holds over 40% of the market share of videos watched in March.
Secondly, YouTube music chart focuses on video while others focus on the music, with videos (if offered) being supplementary. You may also use the charts page to learn about videos that have got the most comments or ones that have favorited the maximum number of times on YouTube.
But the presence of 8 music videos in the top 10 YouTube videos of all time, is a proof that YouTube targets music.
He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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