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Losing iPhone backup files seems to be an ordinary scene in daily life, and one that really drives you crazy.
When you deleted iPhone backup files( .plist files ) or lost it like what I described at the beginning of this article, you need first find back iPhone backup files with a data recovery program. Data Recovery Professional is a highly recommended software tool by CNET and millions of users. Data Recovery helps you recover iPhone backup files that you deleted or formatted, however, they are still not readable. In this article, I showed you how to recover deleted iPhone contacts, photos without backup in two ways.
Other issues may include FaceTime activation problems, Bluetooth connectivity issues and freezing of Parallax. If you've synced the iPhone with iTunes, which most Apple users do, you can use the backup restoration process. You didn't encrypt backup files but it is locked and you can't restore your new iPhone when it's stuck in Apple logo.
With 3 unique decryption ways -- optional Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, and advanced Dictionary Attack, you can accurately get back your iPhone backup password. Brute-force Attack: If you forgot the password completely, this type of attack will try all possible characters combination randomly. Brute-force with Mask Attack: You can use this attack if you still remember part of your password, such as password length, character set, etc.
Dictionary Attack: This attack is intended to seek the possible password based on a dictionary. Remove Password: You can easily remove the encrypted iTunes bakcup password by clicking "Decrpt", which iTunes can't do when you want to delete your backup password.
For importing, iPhone Backup Unlocker will automatically detect the Backup Key Container File which should be utilized if you need to decrypt backup password. During the process of unlocking iPhone Backup, you are allowed to quit the recovery temporarily, save and import the previous attack results to resume recovery without re-attacking. Obviously, this user needs to recover his iPhone 6s deleted contacts and he is unlucky to get no backup for those deleted contacts.
It is very common that you lose the iPhone backup password, because password is usually set at the first time when we backup iPhone, so it is easily to be forgotten after a long time or you are just confused with the password.
If the method above can’t unlock your iPhone backup, you may need a third-party software such as iPhone Backup Unlocker from Tenorshare to help you. When I found that I had forgot my password after iOS 8.3 update, I tried to do some guesses.
Have you ever went to iTunes to restore iPhone from backup, only to discover the backup files have been encrypted and you cannot use it without the password? The problem with a forgotten password of iTunes backup is that you can no longer restore the backup to your iPhone.
If all the above methods are not working for you, you can try paid professional iTunes backup unlocker. Required Tool: computer with the encrypted backup, iPhone Backup Unlocker (Note it is designed for Windows especially and if you are using a Mac, you need to copy the encrypted backup from Mac to a Windows PC).
Note that it is different from the iTunes store password or the passcode you used to lock the screen on daily basis.
On Windows PC, except trying possible passwords for a fortune, you can go to iTunes and check the “Encrypt the Backup” option again. If you didn’t find the password from keychain, also try the recommended iPhone backup unlocker.
After you get the lost or forgotten password, you can go to restore your iPhone from backup now. When you want to access the backup file for restoration, only to be asked the encryption password by iTunes again and again, you may get angry, aha~ You forgot your iTunes backup password! Brute-force Attack is a kind of attack that will try every possible combination of password. If you remember something about the password, say, the length of the password, you could choose Brute-force with Mask Attack.
If the iTunes backup password is one of your frequently used password and you are not sure which it is, choose Dictionary Attack.
Note: In order to improve the decryption efficiency, you had better choose a right type accordingly. Every day, there are lots of iPhone users ask for solution online to help them get lost iPhone backup encryption! As a matter of fact, when you download and install iPhone backup unlocker, you can see all the steps are listed in the left of the interface for reference.
After download and installation, you can see that there is an “Open” button in the main interface.

Note: commonly, the tool will navigate to the backup file automatically, if you are out of luck and failed to automatically find the back file, please refer to the iTunes backup location and then import the backups manually. Before using this paid software to unlock your iPhone backup password, what can you do to have a fortune to get your password back?
Though there is a little chance that you can try the right password by chance, it is not the most reliable method.
If the cracking operation is continuous, within several minutes or seconds, the password is displayed in the Fie Opening Password Box. The password to unlock and restore the backup for my iPhone 4S ended up being a password that I used to encrypt my HTC screen about a year ago. In order to the convenient usage of iPhone in the future, we had better know some common sense about iTunes backup. I’ve been asked by a lot of unfortunate iPhone users to help them restore data from their iTunes backups. That’s the reason why so many people say they 100% positive that they did not set an encrypted password yet iTunes still keeps asking for a password. Now that you have lost your iPhone backup password now, and the above advice doesn’t work for you.
It will help you find the backup password before restoration or other cases to use the backup file. Note: In the first step, usually the iPhone Backup Unlocker will detect the backup file directory automatically.
And when all the password recovery is done, the password will display in the File Opening Password Box.
Step 1: You should sync your locked iPhone with your computer firstly to make all data backup in iTunes. Except the above two methos you may have a try, at the same time, there are various unworkable solutions searched via Internet to support unlock or override the locked password.
Reinstall your operating system and lose all data including iPhone backup files that stored in hard disk drive C. It is a complete data recovery software tool that can help you recover lost, deleted or formatted iPhone backup files from hard drive C.
After download and install Data Recovery Professional, scan your hard drive C (this is the place where your iPhone backup files originally stored) to find files you want to recover. It is easier than ever to find lost photos, contacts, SMS, voice memos, reminders, call history, SMS attachments or even Safari bookmarks. As far as I am concerned, it's more efficient to apply the second way to recover deleted iPhone photos without backup, except that you can use the first method even you lost your iPhone. The problem is that iCloud syncs your contacts from the iPhone, and sometimes the contacts get replaced without the knowledge of the user.
Then you want to restore from your iPhone backup file but just find your iPhone backup password is forgotten. The latest generation of GPU acceleration technology supports unlimited numbers of ATI or NVIDIA boards. Now, after scanning, you can pick out those deleted contacts and then, click Recover to Device to end the recovery process. If you don’t have a correct password you have set before, you can’t back up your data or setting from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s.
Launch the iPhone Backup Unlocker on your computer, then press “open” and after several clicks you can import the directory of the Key Container File on the software.
There are totally three types of attacks: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. However, it will be a big trouble that you forget or remember a wrong iTunes backup password when you need to restore data in iOS update, jailbreak, or other circumstances.
And I can remember some words in password, so I set them in this program, decrytion will be faster.
Or maybe you’ve never set the password yourself but iTunes still asking for the password to restore? Here are a few tips to help you get the password unlocked without losing valuable information on iPhone. Whenever you access the backup to restore lost iPhone lost data, you need to enter the password. You can recall it carefully from the passwords you used frequently, you may have a fortune to meet the right password. It is designed to run on Windows, so you need to transfer your encrypted backup from Mac to Windows PC. Choose this attack when you have no clue what the password may be, and there’s no setting for this attack. You could set a text file with all possible passwords and import this text file to the program.

The above measure may be known for many Apple iDevice users, but it may not work for all users! It is Tenorshre iPhone Backup Unlocker which can find the lost password in a few clicks and simple operations.
But what if you lost password of your iPhone backup file than you can’t recover files with the use of that backup file. Maybe try all the possible passwords that used frequently or used on other event is a supposed solution. During the process, you are allowed to stop by pressing the “Stop” button, and then you can save the project to continue next time or to end the project.
I was extremely worried because so much precious data housed in my iPhone 4S, and somewhat angry by my fool behavior! This is easy when they are unencrypted, but not when they are encrypted, if the password is known, that’s easy, enter the password and then proceed on. So if you didn’t disable the option, the backup might be encrypted by default when you sync your iPhone with the iTunes.
Because we have so much have-to-set password such as Apple ID, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. Now you can operate iPhone backup password reset or remove by entering the password recovered by the iPhone Backup Unlocker just now. While, if you do as the normal restoring steps, you will failed with its asking for password that you can’t remember.
The older iOS version had a bug that allowed you to sneak in by making a fake emergency call.
If there is tool to help reset or remove forgotten iPhone password, it still does not work.
Since you've changed the location of the backup files after recover them with Data Recovery Professional, you need to select these files that you just recovered manually after launch the program.
Recover these files to readable(Excel files, HTML files) contacts, call history, messages and other files. Here, I have a method to help you recover deleted contacts from iPhone 6s without any backup, just get back those deleted contacts from iPhone 6s directly. Please connect your iPhone 6s to the computer so as to scan and transfer deleted contacts back to it.
I think you ever faced to this kind of trouble and know less about how to decrypt forgotten iTunes backup password. If you select it, iTunes will ask you to set up a password for your backup to prevent others from using your backup files illegally. However, if you have tried all possible passwords, still to no avail, try some other methods.
The backup file is OS based, you can transfer it from one computer to another regardless of password. Along with this text file, there will be a default dictionary, both of which are for the reference of the program. In this article, I will take iPhone 5 as an example to illustrate how you can get the lost  iTunes backup password back. To recover lost iPhone backup password, you can use iPhone backup password unlocker software.
I’m a lazy people and don’t want to take much time to catch the operation by a long manual when using a tool.
However, it seems a little complicated to use two tools altogether, is there any other way to do the recovery? Plus, the mainly compelling feature of iFonebox is that it supports to recover deleted contacts and notes back to your iPhone 6s directly, really cool and amazing. I will list some possible ways provided by iPhone geek and 3rd party utility for reference in the below. When done with this software, your right password for iPhone backup will be displayed in a so-called File Opening Password Box.
Then in the main interface, when you select the iTunes backup file in the right directory, press “Open” button to complete the encrypted backup file importing. Yet I think this iPhone Backup Unlocker is so fit for me, without any hard-to-understand instruction and complex operation.
How to reset iPhone backup password has become the question asked frequently by the unfortunate people. An easier way to restore deleted iPhone contacts without backup is to ask help from iPhone Data Recovery.

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