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When you’ve been through some difficult challenges in life, you may feel like your confidence has vanished. Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. You might be thinking that once you have your new dental implants, that is the end of worrying about your dental health. The minimal maintenance required for dental implants is better than that of dentures or braces, but you still need to keep them clean – just as you would any other tooth!
Your dentist will always advise that, after you have your implants secured, you should purchase a TePe brush. Simply brushing around and between the implants will help your dental implant Glasgow be clear of plaque. Much like the reasons as to why you should use a TePe interdental brush, using dental floss to clean between teeth is essential. 30% of the surface of your tooth is directly touching another tooth, harbouring plenty of space for bacteria to fester and multiply against the surface and in against the gum. It is not only the teeth you should be brushing when ensuring that you are caring for your dental implants. It is not uncommon for people who do not take care of their dental implants Glasgow at all to suffer from damage which can mean they are unable to continue wearing them.
Above all, you should aim to keep a far healthier diet in mind when trying to protect your dental implants. If you would like more information about dental implants Glasgow or any of our other dental procedures, contact the Berkeley Clinic today.

You’ll be stunned at the difference it will make in your life when you speak to yourself in a positive manner.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the author. While you may not necessarily need to ‘worry’, you should be concerned enough to keep up a good oral hygiene routine in order to keep your remaining teeth and gums healthy.
This guide should help you on the road to healthier gums while enjoying your dental implants to their fullest. These are small, interdental brushes that can reach between the teeth where a regular toothbrush may be unable. Flossing keeps your natural teeth healthy, and also serves to ensure your gums and jaw are protected beside your implants. As the implants themselves are less prone to damage than your gums, you should pay more attention to the gum.
The bone of the jaw can be damaged by periodontal diseases if left untreated, and should not be left as such. Not only will this benefit your oral health, but it will help you to keep your body in a much healthier and fitter state. When you reconnect with the person you are deep down, your confidence will begin to rise once again.
You don’t have to be the same as anyone else to see the positive attributes you possess. If not, you could run a serious risk of contracting periodontal diseases, meaning potential for further damage to your teeth and jaw.

Brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste is fine, but you should always use a TePe brush to follow.
Build-ups of plaque are the main reason as to why many people with implants end up with gum diseases.
Your gums will be prone to a lot of damage if the proper care is not taken, and in some cases this can be irreversible.
Why let bacteria build up only for your mouth to be susceptible to an infection that could result in the loss of your dental implants? Be gentle when brushing your gums and ensure that your TePe brush continues to improve your dental health.
Keep your gums and implants clean and protected while fuelling your body with healthy, sugar-free or reduced foods and enjoy a new lease of life! You’ll experience deep feelings of satisfaction and confidence as you put your efforts toward things that matter to you. They are entirely preventable if you use a TePe brush regularly to clean between the teeth.
They are relatively cheap to purchase and can be found in any local chemist or sometimes supermarkets.

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