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If you are thinking within few days you can speak English language then you are wrong because this things will take your time so day by day you can see improvements. English Grammar is base on English language so try to grip your base on English Grammar after this part you can take English speaking classes. Verb , passive is very important for English language speaker so take different classes and understand parts of speech and indirect or direct speech.
Well, I have to say there is no easy answer to this question; learning any skill takes time and dedication. The reason why I say this is that to become fluent, you need to be able to speak without pausing to think of the correct words and sentence construction.
You may be familiar with a large range of vocabulary, but are probably not able to create fluid conversation (natural flowing speech). What you then need to do is NOT to ask them to explain grammar rules, but to listen and take note of the many phrases they will use during your conversations. Ana is a fan of giving away free and useful materials both for English learners and teachers. How to speak English fluently is more a question of the psychology of English speaking than it’s that of your knowledge of the language. How to speak English fluently requires you to be ready to spontaneously speak wrong English (and discover you never went wrong!) if you really want to be fluent at whatever level you presently are as far as speaking English is concerned. Moreover, you are a victim to the complex that using uncommon complex words gets you more prestige than when you use the most common word in order to express the content of your thought.
The real problem as far as how to speak English fluently is concerned lies in the way you try to increase your vocabulary.

The problem is that one word has ten meanings depending on the context and all those ten meanings have ten more different words for them, all of them supposed to be used differently in different contexts.
How to speak English fluently requires you to build up your vocabulary through interaction alone! English language speaking problem is very big issue for Asian countries people included Pakistani People. However, if you want to become fluent in English conversation, then you should try to learn English without thinking about grammar too much. This could be because you fail to recognise the differences between spoken and written English, one of which is that when speaking, people use phrases instead of sentences.
The best thing is to find native English speakers you can converse with, either in person or on the Net. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. Fluency comes from the cultural familiarity with the language or, in other words, being at home with the culture of the language at the level of having verbally interacted enough to one or more of those who are fluent enough to induce the same fluency in your speaking pattern through interaction with them. You are not at home with the very basic syntax of the language, so you need time to structure your next sentence before you speak it out. You are not at home with the cultural idiom of the language so you need to structure your sentences based on the rules of the syntactic grammar, which obviously never gets done on the spur of the moment as you are in the middle of speaking out the content of thought in your mind.
You think twice because you are psychologically apprehensive about your command over the language, but you don’t really want to give this impression to the person you are speaking to.
You try to do so through cramming the words (the most complex ones for that matter!) with their suggested usage.

But how would you know this if you haven’t built up your vocabulary organically through interaction with the people who know how to use those words in their right contexts, rather you have done so artificially through trying to cram the words with their crude meanings alone without feeling the subtle sense-differences that they all allude to. As a result you go more passionate about what you are speaking (or else you only speak what you are passionate about!) and you speak the same in a perfect flow even if the structures of your speech may have many flaws in them, but they just don’t affect your fluency in a negative way at all. This is a reality if any person native language is not English then yes English speaking major issue but according to my personal experience and short deep research through batter English language environment, you can speak English fluently.  In Pakistani different private school are giving quality educations through English speaking environment that is the reason private school students can speak in English fluently.
Being a victim to the social status syndrome in the third world commonwealth countries, you feel you are a lesser human being if you don’t have a ready repertoire of all the complex words at your disposal on the tip of your tongue.
And then you try to fit the same in your speaking structures whether they fit in that particular context or not. Since we are not really passionate about those topics, we naturally would not only be lacking content to speak about them but also the spirit to be curious about them. You will not be bothered about cramming vocabulary in an artificial manner anymore, and you will have real content to speak about.
It not only makes you think twice, it also makes you go nervous in case you are not able to cope with the pressure of speaking GOOD English fluently AND correctly. Once you have the content, you certainly will have the passion to share it with the person you are speaking to, which will not only automatically take care of your speaking fluently but also go on improving the same considerably as you go on sharing your content with all your passion into it with more and more people around. It all ends up in your speaking not only much less fluently but also much worse in quality than you technically could have done if you were not under such a psychological pressure. You just fail to know how to speak English fluently and execute the same into action.

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