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This morning in Studio C at the Chelsea Piers in Mahattan, Nelson Dellis, the twice-crowned and reigning USA Memory Champion shared some of his secrets to memorization.
Although he can memorize the order of a full deck of shuffled cards in 63 seconds and more than 300 numbers in just five minutes, Dellis claims he has no special or photographic inherent memory. While Dellis provided us with extremely entertaining descriptions of the image pairings, and even earlier when he was describing the steps of brain training, we were also treated to the engaging talents of Nora Herting, a graphic recorder from “ImageThink” who, as a graphic recorder, listens, synthesizes the information for key themes and main ideas, and then translates that into words and pictures. This memorization technique can be applied to a grocery list, learning the Presidents names. You can watch Nelson Dellis defend his title of USA Memory Champion 2012 this Saturday, March 16th at the USA Memory Championships held in the Con Ed building in Manhattan. ONE FINAL NOTE…when he’s not competing in memory championships, Dellis climbs mountains to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research. According to the latest neuroscience, the human brain usesA neuronsA in the left visual cortex to process written words as whole word units. Analytical thinking is the process of remembering words and putting their meanings into context. The words you habitually use when you're thinking (and then expressing those thoughts) mold how you see the world. More important, when you write and speak more clearly, youA increase your positive influenceA on your team.
Conversely, if you habitually use fuzzy, ill-defined words crammed into long and convoluted sentences, you're training your brain a€” and the brains of your team members a€” to thinkA lessA clearly. While most business buzzwords are simply annoying (like saying "utilize" rather than "use"), some are so fuzzy and vague that they automatically lead to confused thinking. The worst offenders are: alignment, best of breed, client-centric, core competency, crystallize, customer-centric, diversity, empowerment, holistic, leading, leverage, generation, paradigm, robust, seamless, stakeholder, sustainability, and synergy. In business, though,A synergyA generally pops up when disparate organizations are combined, as in a merger, acquisition, or corporate restructuring. Rather than ask difficult questions and think things thoroughly through, decision makers unconsciously use the wordA synergyA to make problematic deals seem more palatable, like slathering ketchup over rancid meatloaf.
Mentally editing out the fuzzy, vague buzzwords when you are talking, speaking, listening, or reading gradually clears your mind of the confusion they create, thereby making you smarter. If you find yourself writing or reading long, complex sentences at work, edit and reedit them so that they express the gist inA fewer words. Leveraging XYZ technology and compliance expertise can give your business an important competitive advantage. While that paragraph is grammatically correct, it's using a lot of words to waltz around a fairly simple concept. Simplifying biz-blab to the fewest number of words doesn't just make your writing crisper, it also habituates your mind to seek the simple essence of needlessly complex concepts. This exercise trains your brain to use smaller, easier-to-understand words rather than complex ones. While this kind of writing and speaking doesn't result in anything you'd actually use in a business discussion, the mental effort of oversimplifying accustoms your brain to reach for the small words rather than the overly complex ones. Since complex words tend to "complexify" your thoughts (and your expression of them), habitually using common words leads toward clearer thinking.
It’s been discussed many times, and is a known fact, that there are many benefits that you can bring to your brain when you exercise regularly.
In the past, when you needed yourself or your team to do exceptionally well, the techniques involved were visualization, self-talk, and motivational speeches.
A sports training company, Axon Sports, uses computer games that aim to improve soccer players’ cognitive skills, reaction times, and anticipation skills in the hopes of bettering their game on the field.
In the past few years, there have been many upcoming companies with similar vision and ideologies. A long time ago, it took a lot of sweat, dedication, and hours of practice to get an athlete at the top of his game.  However, these findings might point that another solution, although not necessarily better, might be able to challenge the notions of the past.
Thus to admit that your Brain needs training at all, is to admit to some deficiency or weakness in . The curious goal of having your own brain try to train itself, is a paradox I call: Einstein's Mind Bind.
This subtle insight flies over the heads (and over the brains) of most people, especially those who are deeply committed to Positive Thinking.

According to the PMA Paradigm, as you reinforce a thought long enough, by repeating it over and over in your Head, that positive thought becomes a belief. But trying to convince yourself that You are amazingly successful and that You can accomplish anything, still does not change this fact: Certain mortal realities are beyond your control, and all the PMA in the world will not prevent them from happening.
Job of the Old Testament found himself in a tragic circumstance where his family was killed, his home and his cattle were destroyed, and the health his body was momentarily taken away. This means, You will be using your old mind, the one that has led you into your current condition, and you will be using that old mind to train the same old mind to have positive thoughts? Let's assume that the person who will be training his own brain, while using that same lame brain to do the training, is presently lacking in maturity and experience — he's gullible. Compared to Positive Self-Talk and chanting Affirmations, sincere prayer can change your path in life much more profoundly. Consider how mortal beings can die, and without a physical brain, the immortal spirit continues to think and perceive and live. But how does a person acquire a Mind-Set, a Way of Thinking, that is oriented towards seeing the good in everything?
What it means to be human is to see life from particular perspectives that are not just positive or negative.
It is YOU who is trying to program your own Brain (or Mind) with positive affirmations; yet, YOU cannot escape YOU.
For this reason, a person who dwells in darkness cannot become a different person, a Being of Light and Love, simply by chanting certain words over and over. Admitting one's mistakes and humbly repairing them is an essential part of living in the Light. In contrast, the literature of popular psychology says that optimism and motivation is primarily a matter of attitude, a matter of self-programmed positive mind-set — that you can simply psych yourself into a motivated state of optimism, is an assumption that is simply wrong. The person who dwells in darkness by doing dark deeds, or by failing to do good deeds, cannot SEE the Light and cannot SEE the Love and the Goodness of Life.
When you cannot control your thoughts or your behaviors, and habitually fall into obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors — this means you're addicted in some form or fashion.
For all of this focus on managing stress, still, nearly 80 percent of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress while nearly 75 percent experience stress-related psychological symptoms.
Here’s how to train your brain to avoid creating this psychological and physical set of maladies, and enjoy the holidays, while staying sexy, fit and healthy.
It’s been observed that you can eat everything you want on the buffet table, or you can stay thin, fit and healthy. Use in conjunction with an intense daily exercise program and a balanced diet including an adequate caloric intake.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The brain combines these words and their stored meanings to remember and understand information. For example, people who habituallyA think (and speak and write) the word "hate" tend to find an ever-increasing number of things to hate. When you train yourself to speak and write using clearly defined words arranged into concise sentences, you're training your brain to thinkA moreA clearly. Due to their mirror neurons, they'll begin to imitate your clarity inA their own thought processes.
In physics,A synergyA describes the creation of a whole that's greater than the arithmetic sum of its parts.
Do this repeatedly and over time you'll automatically accustom your brain to shorter, clearer wordings. XYZ can help you manage the 'people side' of your businesses more effectively, avoiding compliance pitfalls and creating key benefits for the businesses and your employees, while simultaneously freeing up time for owners and executives to concentrate on growing their businesses by focusing on operations, strategy, and innovation. Brain efficiency optimizes and prioritizes attention and energy away from basic movements, and more into the more complicated things happening. Axon Sports claim that this provides more of a mental challenge than their practice sessions, and is actually more beneficial for in-game excellence. We are not affiliated in any way with the manufacturers of these products, and the reviews herein are based upon the opinions of our team, and those who contact us with their reports.
Now if your Brain were smart enough to train itself, why would such a competent, smart Brain need to be trained in the first place?

You see, Einstein's observation actually undercuts the premise of Positive Mental Attitude. Enduring his dire conditions was never a matter of chanting positive self-affirmations and programming his brain; instead, the way through his devastating adversity was to express faith in God, and pray for the Lord's healing and redemption. Here's another positive suggestion that I found floating in cyber-space: Train Your Mind To See The Positive In Every Situation. So your old mind, the one that was somewhat blind to seeing the positive in every situation, this mangled mind will be training the same messed-up mind to .
Thus it is the immortal spirit that enables conscious awareness and thought, and the brain connects this consciousness to the physical senses and to body movements.
Instead, the more fundamental question is whether you will see Life with eyes of Light, or with eyes of Darkness. Truth is, the Talking-To-Youself approach to Self-Improvement is also called Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It, and faking-it, pretending to be someone you are not, is fundamentally dishonest. And this life of integrity is the most fruitful source of your personal happiness, your joyful optimism, and your inner motivation.
This Darkened Perspective tends to perpetuate itself; which explains why people get trapped in addictive thinking and behavior. And how does a person become free from this Prison of Addiction, free from this Jail of Obsessive Compulsive Thinking? So the KEY to fixing the old mind that was blind to seeing the beauties of Life, is to receive a New Heart, which will in turn naturally create a New Mind capable of joyful optimism. A Change that You do not control, nor can you create with your positive thinking or determined will power; instead, the Change of Heart only happens by humbly yielding to the redeeming power of Heaven.
People carry so many self-sabotaging, stress-inventing thoughts about eating, weight management, exercise and holiday party food. It will help you keep focused and be mindful of finding ways to move more throughout the day. You can create any positive mood you want, regardless of your actual time schedule, financial situation or even the weather — any mood you want, REGARDLESS of your actual life situation. Like how a basketball player is never consciously dribbling the ball, but rather, has more of his focus on the players around him, and where he is in relation to the opponent’s hoop. Because prayer to the Father in the name of Christ is the very Source from which you and I are inspired to positive thoughts that have lasting impact. Minding is Conscious Awareness of your world; it is an awareness that continue uninterrupted after the mortal body dies. So the crucial question, and choice, is about Light or Darkness, Good or Evil, and the degree to which you choose to embrace one, or the other. This means, people who embrace the Light will tend to choose more Light; in contrast, people who dwell in darkness, will tend to choose more darkness. We are not free to choose options of which we are unaware; thus, we cannot choose a Truth that we do not yet know. That means avoid socializing at the buffet, use the smaller plates for your main choices that your host provides for desserts, stay far away from the chips aisle at the grocery store, and continue driving past your favorite bakery. If there’s a hiccup along the way, the brain recalculates the move, and creates an alternate strategy – all in a matter of seconds. We accept no responsibility, or liability for any health issues you may encounter as a result of taking any of the supplements reviewed on this site. Make a party invitation an autopilot trip-wire for a planned trip to the gym before the party.
The difference between us athletes and us normal folk is the fact that their brain is more precise and quicker at initiating and correcting these actions. We advise you seek the advice of your qualified physician before taking any dietary supplement reviewed, or mentioned on this website. It is also an important structural component of heart tissue and naturally found in breastmilk.

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