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4) If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard, but if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy. 9) In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Facebook Covers InformationCheck out the it's a good day to turn your life around facebook covers that our user has made. Pranic healers say that chakras are twelve, and they’re all in the body (not above and beyond).
All of your physical and psychological issues are connected to one or more chakra dysfunction.
Your sacral chakra (the second chakra for the Indian tradition) is functional to your creativity, your sexuality, and the fun part of your life.
Working with your chakras opens you up to learning a lot about yourself, charges you with a previously unknown amount of energy and will change your life forever. To make a long story short, I was jobless, my boyfriend of the time was under house arrest and I had just left my new life in London behind to go back to my hometown. As fate had it, the enrolment for Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic was open during that very month.
Something had clearly shifted within a few weeks and it started a process that is still going on today.
I worked on healing my chakras every day for over six months during Belinda’s course, and then all kind of techniques, books, spiritual masters and friends started to pour into my life. The best part is that once you went through Level 1 you can either decide to go to Level 2 (and work with your higher chakras), repeat Level 1 for a very low fee, or go separate ways. Ok, if you have never heard about chakras you might be a bit confused about all this stuff. Disclaimer: please note that the links to the School of the Modern Mystic course are affiliate links.
Narrator: During an era where countless people, businesses, and organizations are feeling the pinch, running out of time, running out of money, losing confidence, feeling as if life is unfair, praying for another chance and unless something is done, life is going to pass them by.
Fortunately, in the nick of time, there is now a place where the ignored, underestimated and unknown steps to producing results and making life work are revealed.
Matt: Welcome to Your Do Over, the place where once a week, you will hear, learn and take action on the ignored, underestimated and unknown steps to producing results. This is the show where I show people dissatisfied with their current situation how to start over and begin a new life, setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest easier, faster, smarter. To get a head start and lay a solid foundation for a better life – there’s always room for improvement, right?
So if this is your first time here, you probably have no idea as to what I’m talking about. This whole situation gave me an opportunity to practice what I preach, which I guess is never a bad thing.
Just by redirecting your focus in that way, you start thinking differently, you start speaking differently, and you start taking different actions. The way I redirect that focus is through the use of questions; specifically the questions that I ask myself. Whatever it may be, you’re always making these evaluations and those evaluations are questions that you ask yourself. That has to do with whether you are asking questions of someone else or if you’re asking questions of yourself. I’ve come to know and trust that my brain, and yours – I know most of us, we’ve probably never met – but I trust that your brain will remarkably answer any question asked of it. But if you ignore the irreverent and cheeky tone that often accompanies the question, you’ll notice it almost always evokes an answer where there wasn’t one before. I don’t really understand how this mocking question, “If you did know, what would your answer be?” stimulates the brain to answer, but it does almost every single time. So what the question demonstrates is that the brain will provide an answer with relative ease in the face of no answer. You see, the pitfall most people fall into is that they fail to ask another question after the response, “I don’t know.” They stop. So if you find yourself saying, “I don’t know,” ask yourself, “If I did know, what would the answer be? The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world, and you own one free and clear, and it will answer any question you ask it.
If you ask yourself, “Why does this happen to me?” the brain is going to answer it and it’s not going to give you really good, positive answers. These types of questions elicit a negative answer that will undoubtedly inspire negative thinking, and we know where that leads. You’ll find with a little bit of attention and intention that answers to what afflicts you will come to the forefront of your thinking easier and more quickly than you ever thought possible.
Once your brain has revealed an answer or two, and there will be multiple answers if you keep asking, the key is to focus on the answers and then act. These are the types of questions I ask myself after I discovered iTunes removed all of my episodes. My subscribers just accumulated so fast, I never seemed to have felt the need to look for podcast promotions. So if you know somebody that would benefit from this podcast, maybe you can suggest it to them. Here’s an opportunity to pick up my production schedule and maybe catch the eye of someone at iTunes. And as you can see, by asking a more empowering question, where’s the opportunity in iTunes removing my podcast? For example, when experiencing a lull in my direct sales business a couple years ago, I had to ask myself, “Am I doing everything I know to do?
If a relationship is suffering, am I doing everything I know to do to create good relationships?
But now that you’re conscious of it and you’re conscious of what can be created by asking these questions with intent and not just letting your brain run on autopilot, you can make a significant difference.

So when first setting out to implement the practice of asking yourself these empowering questions, it can be difficult to, one, stop yourself before asking a disempowering question, and two, formulating consistently, effective empowering questions. So knowing that, from experience, my own personal experience, I’ve assembled a list of 25 empowering questions that I have found useful in getting me out of potentially sticky situations. So until you get the hang of formulating the most effective and empowering questions for your yourself, feel free to use, modify, and share some of mine.
But by asking yourself empowering questions, you can start transforming your life into the life that you really want it to be.
You find yourself, “I’m just bored,” or “I don’t know what to do.” Ask yourself a question like, “What can I do right now that would move me at least one step closer to my goals?” Or when faced with adversity, “How can I minimize the impact of this problem?” or “How can I minimize the possibility of this problem reoccurring?” Empowering questions are going to give you great, great answers. If you take these questions and you add that to the end “and enjoy the process,” you’re going to get very different answers. If you put that “and enjoy the process” at the end of your questions, your brain is going to answer whatever you ask of it.
What that is is creating a vision of your future that has you spring out of bed in the morning touched, moved, and inspired to take action in your Do Over. So if you could do me a favor and go back to iTunes and recreate those comments for me, maybe they’re better, maybe you’ve got some more criticism for me.
What that does is it helps build my credibility inside of iTunes, and I come up more often and it increases my visibility. Narrator: Thank you for tuning in to Your Do Over, where the ignored, underestimated, and unknown steps to producing results and making life work are revealed. The success coach that shows people how to start over setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest. We litterally have thousands of facebook covers for you to browse and hundreds of it's a good day to turn your life around covers as well. Our site is the largest covers site on the internet and we have many Turn Your Life Around facebook profile covers for you to use on your facebook timeline profile..
Mostly, the chakras you hear people talk about are the same of the Hindu tradition, so if you start with those main seven chakras you’ll be fine. Chakras can be made bigger, they can be healed and they can be energized through various techniques.
There are a huge number of chakras in our body, but we usually work with the main seven chakras.
For example, problems with your legs, your large intestine, your spine and your structure in general, are because of an unbalanced base chakra. I remember going through maybe the worst period of my life when I first started to be interested in modern spirituality.
I constantly visited her blog trying to understand if she was trustworthy or not; I got her guided chakra meditation and I started doing it daily. Belinda’s course helped me a lot, holding my hand through all of the issues that came to the surface during the time of the course (six months). Homework involved various activities that helped in growing your chakra energy, charging it and balancing it. These are personifications of each chakra that help you on your journey to healing yourself and your chakras. This was crucial because a tutor will always be there to help you with any obstacle you may find along the way and with any help you might need. Share it with your friends using the buttons below and leave a comment if you have any question on chakras or the School of the Modern Mystic: I’ll be happy to answer! But unfortunately (here’s the bad news), I lost all of my subscribers in the process and I have to start over. I have no way of getting back in touch with them, so if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it. One of those things I always preach is whenever you’re faced with adversity – I coach other people in doing this and I even coach myself, and that command I make to myself is “Stop focusing on what’s happening.
Quality questions create a quality life and successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.
Right now, you’re probably asking, “Do I ask myself questions all day long?” Well, there’s another question.
Just awareness of that is empowering and it allows you to use those questions to keep your life, keep you on track, moving towards whatever it is you aspire. This illustrates it so perfectly, and I use this with others, I use it with myself, all the time.
Many of you listening to this have heard this question asked, and likely, multiple times from various people and various environments. Actually, any question stimulates an answer, but I’m using this specific question because it shows there’s an answer where one might not be so obvious.
Like I said, of all the personal development information I’ve injected into my mind, this one concept quite possibly has had the greatest impact on my success. Well, based on the commonality that most people do not ask themselves empowering questions, perhaps it’s easier to illustrate the answer by giving you some examples of disempowering questions. Some of my biggest results have been produced by getting real with myself, answering my questions honestly and completely. Am I doing what I know to do to the best of my ability?” and you take responsibility for your own actions, for your own experience, you can move mountains with those answers. I’m going to ask you some questions and I just want you to answer them in your brain; answer them in your head.
So if part of the criteria to that answer is enjoying the process, you’re going to get different answers.
Getting out of bed every day like it were Christmas, what would a life like that look like, like every day were a Saturday or every day was the first day of summer vacation? Along with losing all of my subscribers, I also lost all of the great comments you provided. What is one way I could change how I conduct my business that would cause me to enjoy it even more? What type of income would I have to be earning on a monthly basis to have the type of freedom to do that right now?

Keep them handy as they all have a time in place where they have a tendency to moving you toward what it is that you aspire. Make sure to view them all and check back often as we always are adding facebook covers for your facebook timeline.
We update our Turn Your Life Around covers on a daily basis so make sure to check backn for new FB covers!. This is my experience, and this is how I have turned my life around healing my chakras and how a guided chakra meditation started me on my path to happiness and healing. The most common theory is the Hindu: the main chakras are seven and they start from your tailbone and go up to the top of your head, through your spine.
These points are the centers where our body exchanges energy with the outside world, and they also are responsible for the energetic balance in our body and mind. A weak base chakra also causes you to feel out of place, to feel like you haven’t found your home, to live from paycheck to paycheck.
My first approach was with (of course) The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but I wasn’t quite convinced by the whole thing. One day I was lurking the internet when I came across a post that talked about this lady, Belinda Davidson. I'm a modern conscious 28 years old wanderer, freedom lifestyle advocate and spiritual enthusiast. It’s a 55-minute mp3 audio program that I made just for you with three specific steps on how to get success as you start over. Well, I’ve had a little bit of a challenge with iTunes for reasons unknown to me, and after further investigation, unknown to iTunes as well. That’s six months of work that’s not necessarily down the drain, because I’ve had a great time doing this and it’s been an amazing learning experience. I know you have so many options out there for your entertainment, and for your education and for your recreational time. If you know somebody, however, that was a subscriber or a listener, let them know that I’m still here; I’m just in a different place. The use of properly-asked questions is one of your most valuable tools in getting to where you want to go. It oftentimes is received as a flippant, and sarcastic or maybe even in a jesting response. So here’s an opportunity to investigate some podcast promotions to get my subscribers back, to rebuild that list.
I got some great answers by going through this exercise and I’ll be implementing everything I came up with. So do yourself a favor and check in with yourself every once in a while with those two questions.
As we’ll see in the next paragraphs, many think that in the last decades other five chakras have become accessible to humans and they go up from the top of your head upwards.
I knew there must be more about life than just wanting something and focus to make it happen. I’m in a loving and relaxed relationship, I am getting to know much more than I thought existed in this world and my life is filled with love.
I’m still in the Facebook group and I still love interacting with the other modern mystics! Yogi say that yoga is not a sport, nor a religion or a spiritual practice: it is a science. They’re going to have to log back into iTunes and hit that subscribe button again and they’ll be back in communication with me. I’ve had multiple Do Overs in my world of entrepreneurship and oftentimes, I’ve felt like that. If we have to do it, sometimes we put it off, sometimes we procrastinate – maybe more times than others.
I’m going to pick up right from here, and together, we’re going to start creating a compelling future for you to live in, too.
It’s going to cause you to stop and look at your life of what’s not enviable in your life, what’s not pretty, what’s not attractive, what’s mediocre in your life. Start asking yourself these questions during the day, during when you’re faced with adversity, when you’re faced with challenges and problems. If you’re not getting value from this podcast, let me know how I can provide even more value for you. You will suffer a lot when you will remember things and feelings you thought were cleared from your conscience. In this episode, Matt shows you how to shift your focus, take control of this pattern and turn your life around in an instant so that you’re always getting closer to your goals.
As soon as I hung up the phone I enrolled in School of the Modern Mystic on the last hours before enrolment closed. I wouldn’t know that healing energy exists and that it permeates everything within and without us.
It’s a long process of cleansing and cleansing goes through presenting you with all the things you need to cleanse.
She has worked as a medical intuitive for a long time and she’s always been a psychic. Get from where you are to where you want to be, faster and with greater ease than you ever thought possible.  Say hello to Your Do Over.
I started searching more about Belinda and I found a lot of people who benefited from her work with the White Light.
You can sign up for the free Monday White Light Healing sessions to start feeling the energy she channels for you: those are powerful moments, and Monday evenings are just a taste of what happens on White Light Retreats (the three days White Light healing retreats. We even got a free third one after we were done with last year Level 1, because Belinda is nice like that!).

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