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To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Along with built-in support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 1Password has also been updated with improved Touch ID and PIN functionality.
Now get this: with my current usage of 1password the AgileBits guys can be hacked as many times as it pleases the hackers. So the fact that you are saying that the "Lastpass people got hacked, but hey, the hackers could not access the encrypted data" is actually very scary! It is good to trust in the implementation and the actual encryption algorithm, it is better not to tempt any person to actually try to hack it (by not allowing access at all!
It is actually noteworthy what you say here: on the one hand you admit that Lastpass has been hacked and the hackers got access to the encrypted passwords. On the other hand there is no known case of people having actually hacked iCloud or Dropbox! But even so: on the other hand you don't recognise that the 1password file is also encrypted! So we have a known case of hacking with Lastpass, and you completely trust their encryption, and we have no known case of hacking into neither iCloud or Dropbox (in order to access 1password files anyway) and all of a sudden that becomes "ridiculously insecure"?
I bought 1Password about a year ago to easily save my website username and passwords, and credit card info, across devices. Now that Apple has iCloud Keychain that saves usernames and passwords to Safari, and it can also save credit card info, and with Touch ID integration, I haven't used 1Password anymore.

Earlier this week rumors suggested that an Apple Music overhaul is being prepared for a worldwide reveal at WWDC this June, with a launch in the fall within iOS 10. Although it is adequately secure, you may want to change it to something more memorable. Typically a couple of memorable words containing numbers and upper and lower case letters help make your password more secure. He posted a status saying that if you typed your facebook password anywhere on facebook and posted it, facebook would automatically replace your password with asterisks. With native support for the two new devices, the app is no longer zoomed in and is now able to display more information on the screen. Before the update, it was unclear why the Master Password would often be requested when Touch ID integration was enabled, but the Auto-Lock settings have now been retuned to remove confusion.
What the user was previously saying is that your data can stay on your devices and sync locally via wifi, bypassing the need to store your data in a cloud storage solution. The hackers most likely now have the encrypted passwords, and who knows when a flaw in the implementation of Lastpass encryption will be found. And NO, the celeb photo case doesn't count, as the passwords and security questions have been guessed! Lastpass is synced with all devices that are logged into Lastpass through any network connection. Do you want me to enumerate all my devices which are synced among each other with 1password?

All cover the basics if that is what you need, but the former are far more sophisticated and powerful than the latter. Ia€™ve added all the logins, software licences, banking details, Wi-Fi passwords, encryption keys (hard drives, FileVault, etc.), and other kind of secure data to 1Password and use it to manage everything, not just my website logins. They're trusted by many and I would not simply use another password app that seems to be mostly promoted by new members.
This is completely false but some idiots on facebook believed it and tried it out for themselves on his status. 1Password 5.1 has been updated to give you a beautiful experience on these new devices with 3x images and improved rich icons. It was hacked once, and no ones data was was compromised, becauese not even Lastpass has access to the data it stores. The iPhone 6 is my first TouchID device and I love not having to type in my 15 character password each time. For those that are cloud adverse you have the option of wifi sync, which will be getting even more awesome in the next Mac update (free update for all existing Mac users).
I use the security audits to check whether I should update my passwords and Ia€™ve become a big fan of tagging and smart folders to arrange everything.

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