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So, in the inner game we are losing, because our conscious self is so busy giving us instructions, our poor old subconscious mind has forgotten how to do what comes naturally.
In life, we play two games, the inner game of mental causes and an outer game of physical effects. I have a problem with sweeping statements about being confident as, in my experience, this is pretty difficult for most people!
As soon as we reflect, deliberate and conceptualize, the original unconsciousness is lost and a thought interferes….Man is a thinking reed but his great works are done when he is not calculating and thinking. Gallwey actually worked on focusing the mind, partly by distracting the critical voice, but also by allowing the subconscious mind to get the upper hand. This quote reflects what many who have connected to their subconscious have understood; that you need silence first, in order to hear.
Now, I am not advocating we all return to caveman days and act purely on instinct but more that you do not let your outside world define you. My Happiness First program is not a set of rules to achieve happiness; it is a process of opening yourself up to your subconscious mind, living in and understanding the present moment and ridding yourself of those negative, self -limiting beliefs. If you would like me to help you to access your subconscious mind and find your happiness,  Go ahead and book a free 25 minute consultation to find out exactly how I can help you. You’ll immediately get my Happiness First Visualization- Your Key to Happiness E book, my 5 minute Guided Meditation for Peace and Clarity and my beautifully illustrated Happiness Quotes Book. Be Coached by Lorane"I have taught thousands of people to live their life with happiness, health, love, inner peace and wealth. I wanted to write a longer post than usual about the concept of tapping into and trusting your subconscious mind.
It could be seen as the first sports psychology book to be taken seriously by mainstream athletes and coaches. Self 2 is the unconscious, intuitive physical self- the one that learned how to walk without being told! The inner game consists of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have; our values, attitudes and beliefs. However, as with any formula, to improve the left hand side (performance) we have to work on the right hand side, either increase potential (the positive) or decrease the interference (the negative). We read and listen to complicated information about how to do things, all the time worrying that we will not manage it and lo and behold, we crash and burn!

If you start from the idea that your subconscious mind probably knows you better than you do, it becomes simple.
Our innate abilities have been swamped by what we think is expected of us, not what we are truly capable of doing, instinctively, if we follow our subconscious mind. By so doing, we create a pattern in our minds, we tell ourselves we must not, should not, cannot.
You need to quiet those clamoring thoughts to discover your true purpose, your own inner game.
She is also a contributing author to the best seller, "Conversations That Make a Difference".
You'll learn to manifest with her proven inspirational coaching and teachings to create a more fulfilling life utilizing present moment awareness, manifestation ann the Law of Attraction techniques. After experiencing a devastating life changing event, I had to learn a new way, an even better way. Our conscious minds sometimes complicate matters and we lose sight of what is true, simple, honest and clear.
We tell ourselves that if we do this, then that and keep at it, happiness will be the result. In the tennis example, Self 2, the subconscious mind,  actually knows how to hit a tennis ball but Self 1 keeps reminding it that last time the ball missed the line, went into the net.
Now, in no way do I mean that you cannot learn new things through instruction- tennis does require certain techniques for example.
You need to distract the negative thinking when you are trying to overcome a challenge, achieve a positive outcome or simply trying to find happiness.
There was an interesting study done on skiing, watching very small children take to the slopes without instruction and mastering the apparently complex art of skiing without fear or worry. It can be difficult to relax and tap into your inner self, but that is where your true desires and feelings live. Your body responds to the music, it lifts your heart or sometimes it makes you cry; it taps into your emotion, that is the beauty of music. Thoughts sometimes muddy the process of feeling and responding and our bodies tense with the effort of it all! Certainly its principles can be applied to many areas of life and I would argue it is a great approach to getting your mind out of the way and helping  you to achieve happiness.

However, we have become so determined to succeed sometimes, we forget to trust our own instincts and abilities. Have you ever walked down the road, seen a beautiful flower, or something lovely has caught your eye and you wanted to stop?
In contrast, novice adults were having a terrible time, constantly falling over and clumsily bumping into each other while the tiny tots whizzed by them! It is more that you understand what your true motivation is and that your source of happiness comes from within. So, today I wanted to quiet my own voice and give you some guidance in finding the voice within you that can guide you towards happiness. The adults heads were full of instructions from well meaning teachers which were at odds with their bodies. Your starting point is, “what do you really want?” Do you know the answer to that question? Your subconscious mind has great power if you can just silence that loud and bossy self 1 that is telling you how to act all the time. You need to distract these thoughts sometimes to enable the subconscious mind to act instinctively and achieve what you truly want.
The children were experimenting and allowing their bodies to find the comfortable natural way to master the art. I would argue that your subconscious mind already knows what makes you happy; you need to tap into that.
There is nothing wrong with asking for help in this after all a good coach can guide you towards more effectively accessing your subconscious. But, Self 2 does not need bossy old critical Self 1 telling it HOW to be happy,do this, do that, follow the rules.

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